Apple’s WWDC 2013 banners: ‘Where a whole new world is developing’

“With WWDC 2013 kicking off in San Francisco on Monday, Apple has today started decorating Moscone West for its five-day event,” MacStories reports.

“So far, banners put up by Apple at Moscone West are showing the same colorful graphics of the official WWDC 2013 logo that Apple unveiled in late April,” MacStories reports. “While much has been said about whether the WWDC logo may hint at a visual refresh in the next versions of iOS and OS X, the shape used by Apple is simply reminiscent of iOS app icons — something that Apple has often used for WWDC banners.”

MacStories reports, “This year, Apple is using the ‘Where a whole new world is developing’ tagline for the initial set of banners.”

An Apple WWDC MMXIII banner hangs in San Francisco’s Moscone West (photo: MacStories)

Many more photos in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It ain’t happening until there are banners and banner articles. Yay!


  1. So, in your face – now a logo of Tim Cook’s lie: “we’ve got some great products in the pipeline.” Looks like they are going to memorialize it, say it over and over until it doesn’t look like a like any more. Pathetic.

  2. Mr. Morrison:

    You can’t possibly know if Tim Cook lied about Apple’s product pipeline until after this fall when they finally are released, and even then their quality will be a matter of opinion. Stop the Apple hyperbole and just wait to see what “develops”.

    1. Mr. HD Boy… it’s not me that first called out the CEO – investors by the millions and consumers by the millions don’t believe him. All are tired of promises not delivered and the execs trying to sell us that tweaked gadgets with new point names are something to get excited about. They are not. Even if we get a watch next week, few expect that to matter.

      1. Jay, you seem upset that Apple isn’t keeping to an agenda that everyone ELSE is trying to set.

        Is that the way your life is, jumping through hoops that others hold up for you? And Apple doesn’t have the decency to run their company the same way? No wonder you sound so angry.

      2. Must not feed the troll.
        Must not feed the troll.
        Must not feed the troll.
        Must not feed the troll.

        Oh hell….

        Mr. Morrison,

        So you can point to one or more scientifically accurate poll that shows that “investors by the millions and consumers by the millions don’t believe him”? Show the scientifically accurate data or shut up.

        There is absolutely no evidence anywhere that small investors are fleeing AAPL. Institutional investors and hedge funds left AAPL because idiot analysts have found a different way to get money out of AAPL than talking it up as a growth stock. Unfortunately, institutional investors are prone to listen to these analysts — or suffer the consequences if something does go badly. Thus the analysts predictions become a self-fulfilling prophecy. This has absolutely nothing — absolutely nothing — to do with investors (even institutional investors) thinking that Cook is lying about Apple’s future.

        True, Apple’s sales growth has slowed. But only its old iPod line has shown any statistically significant downturn in unit sales or sales revenue — and that’s in the saturated market. Even the slight downturn in Mac sales (for a single quarter) is not statistically significant compared with an absolutely significant downturn in overall PC sales. So, where are the customers not believing Cook? Is your premise really that many millions of customers think Cook is lying but are still buying more and more of Apple’s products? Your premise is irrational.

        Cook has been reciting the Apple line. This has been the Apple line since the late 90s. “We’ve got lots of great new products in the pipeline.” “The coming year’s product line is the best we’ve ever had.” “We have amazing new products we’ll introduce in the coming year.”

        Sometimes the coming year has amazing, industry changing products (iMac, OS X, iTunes, iPod, iPhone, iPad) and sometimes not. But in Apple’s marketing parlance (which must always be taken with a grain of salt), Apple’s upcoming products are always going to be amazing and game changers.

        Bottom line: your premises and statements are wrong. Call me a fanboi all you want (I’m actually typing this response on a Dell box which is my main [but NOT only] work system.) but you’d be wrong about that too.

        1. As for declining sales evidence, just Google the question and you get your answer. As for investors fleeing AAPL, let’s see… once was $700, now is $400. What else do you need to come to reality? BTW… I’m not a troll. I’m a huge consumer of all things Apple and an investor in the company. As such, I demand new leadership for the company that simply not what it once was and never will be again under the failed leadership of Tim Cook!

          1. Ah yes, Google is the answer. Definitely a scientifically accurate accounting supporting your premise.

            I already gave the reason for the sell off. Did you bother to read it? Clearly not. The sell off had absolutely nothing to do with your premise. It had to do with institutional investors and NOT “investors by the millions”. Care to try again?

            Your posts are purely negative about Apple and are not backed up by any facts. The closest thing to any real backing, even in this latest post is with gross generalizations which could support, or negate, virtually any premise with regard to Apple. How is this not trolling?

            Give us specific facts, both good and bad. Give us logic based upon those specific facts that point out both good and bad things about Apple. Then maybe you’ll lose that tag.

  3. While it may have multiple meanings simultaneously, I think there’s a hint in the words “world … developing”. Perhaps indicative of a focus on the “developing world” and a confirmation that less expensive device options will be available in countries like India and China??

    1. It’s a developers conference and the “new world” is the Post-PC world mainly being lead by iOS. So, given the iOS icon “shapes”, I’m going to guess there’s nothing hidden in the tagline.

    1. Ok, ready, the opening line of the vid clip is the answer 😉

      “Do you trust me?”

      Apple iWallet payment system with Authentec (sp) “multi finger” user accounts on ipad, and more that I just can’t say !!!

  4. Ok, ready, the opening line of the vid clip is the answer

    “Do you trust me?”

    Apple iWallet payment system with Authentec (sp) “multi finger” user accounts on ipad, and more that I just can’t say !!!

    Oh … Alright, I’ll tell …..

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