Analyst: Expectations ‘appropriately tempered’ for WWDC 2013; big Apple news coming this autumn

“As Apple fans gear up for the company’s big summer conference next week, it feels like there might not be any surprises in store for WWDC 2013,” Zach Epstein writes for BGR.

“We already know plenty about iOS 7, the next version of OS X will be shown off, incremental updates to Apple’s MacBook Pro and MacBook Air lines are expected, iCloud and Siri updates are likely coming, and iRadio may finally make its debut,” Epstein writes. “The only real wild card, perhaps, is whether or not Apple will finally open up its Apple TV platform to third-party developers as it prepares to expand its TV efforts sometime in the future (Apple’s ‘Where A Whole New World’s Developing’ signage at Moscone could certainly point to a big new opportunity for developers).”

Epstein writes, “According to RBC Capital Markets analyst Amit Daryanani, investors’ expectations are ‘appropriately tempered’ and the big product news from Apple isn’t expected until this coming fall.”

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    1. It’s even subtler than that. When the products are introduced, many of that gang are underwhelmed or disappointed because of excessive speculation to the point of exhaustion. But when people actually get their hands on the products the surprise emerges in a natural way. That’s the essence of Apple design; not just technology that’s “conceivable” to the gang, but something crafted with profound attention to innate human needs and wants.

  1. We know NOTHING about IOS7. All I hear is flat design which tells me nothing. I have not seen 1 screen shot or any proof that we know anything about IOS7. No features, no specs, nothing. So how does this person write we know what IOS7 will bring?
    I wish people would collect facts before writing such things.

    1. There aren’t any facts to report. So, to meet their Apple-headline quotas, they’ll recycle each other’s rumours, and if necessary make up new ones.

  2. Pardon my French, but they don’t know fuck all about OS 7. If they think knowing that the UI scheme will change counts as knowing something substantial, then that’s just another indication of how shallow these putative analysts and tech pundits actually are…

  3. Typical stupid wall streret reporting. All they care about are iOS gadgets. So to them any announcement that’s not a new iPhone, iPad or new device like iWatch is boring.

    Right now we know absolutely nothing about WWDC other than new versions of iOS and OSX will be announced. We haven’t seen one screen shot of either OS so unless Apple chooses to leak something before Monday everything at WWDC will be a surprise. Based on Tim Cook’s comments at ATD 11 I suspect there won’t be any leaks prior to Monday (at least not screen shots).

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