Microsoft among decliners in weak tech action

“Mild gains came from Inc. Wednesday, but the overall tech sector remained in the red as Deustche Bank cut its view on Microsoft Corp. and several other software companies,” Rex Crum reports for MarketWatch.

“Microsoft was among the decliners, giving up almost 1%, to trade at $34.74, as Deutsche Bank cut its rating on the company to hold from buy,” Crum reports. “VMware Inc. shares shed 1% to $67.80. Intuit Inc. was also down slightly, at $57.42 a share, as Deutsche Bank also cut the ratings on the software companies to hold from buy.”

Crum reports, “Losses also came from Apple Inc., IBM Corp., Hewlett-Packard Co., Yahoo Inc., eBay Inc. and Intel Corp. The Nasdaq Composite Index fell 13 points to 3,422, while the Philadelphia Semiconductor Index gave up almost 1%.”

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  1. People don’t realize the sure and steady decline of Microsoft over the years because the decline has been so gradual. Just like the Windows experience.

    Windows “health” starts to decline when you first turn on. And degrades ever so slowly that most people don’t realize how slow their PC is until they use a Mac.

    1. I think like a sudden earthquake there are precipitous drops coming up in Microsoft’s future where double digit drops will accelerate. Well I can dream can’t I? I would love for Windows to be at a 3% market share to get a proverbial taste.

      1. Then please join me in expressing my strong displeasure that Cook, unlike Jobs, has done practically nothing to expand Mac sales compared to Wintel machines. Despite all of Microsofts, mis-steps, Cook hasn’t lifted a finger to sell more Macs. Recently, Apple hasn’t upgraded its Mac hardware in a timely fashion, has done practically nothing whatsoever to improve its Pro-level Mac software, hasn’t offered significant Mac sales campaigns, or even aired any compelling Mac advertisements.

        If we want the Mac to beat Windows, we need to see some action from company headquarters. I am not alone in my impatience at Cook’s slow underwhelming support for the Mac platform.

  2. As I have posted in many other threads here @ MDN, Microsoft’s future looks extremely grim unless there is a complete corporate culture and management overhaul (I doubt it’s even possible)…

    Even Microsoft’s two big cash cows – Windows and Office’s market share is eroding at an accelerating rate. Sooner or late, there will be no more or less quality milk coming out from cash cows’ tits.

    my 2 cents…

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