Windows 8 continues to flop hard

“The real take-away from Net Applications’ May 2013 release of NetMarketShare monthly operating system statistics is that, as PC sales continue to collapse, Microsoft’s Windows 8 could be a factor behind the plunge,” Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols reports for ZDNet.

“Windows 8 continues to fall behind Microsoft’s previous top operating system failure, Vista, and Windows is no longer the dominant end-user operating system when PCs, smartphones and tablets are considered,” Vaughan-Nichols reports. “Windows 8’s month-over-month growth rate is lagging further and further behind Vista’s dreadful 2007 adoption numbers. When comparing the operating systems when they were first launched, Windows 8’s adoption rate in its first month trailed Vista by just over half-a-percent among PC buyers. Now, in their 8th month out, Vista’s market-share numbers now lead Windows 8 by 3.64 percent.”

Vaughan-Nichols reports, “NetMarketShare’s mobile operating system statistics show Apple iOS holding the lead with a strong 59.49-percent, followed by Android with 24.4-percent. Java ME, with 10.2-percent and Symbian with 2.06-percent, which aren’t even smartphone operating systems bring up the rear. Below these we find the once mighty Blackberry OS, with a mere 2.06-percent, and all combined versions of Windows Phone with a tiny 1.21-percent. Microsoft’s mobile operating system share is actually worse than it appears. None of its most recent smartphone/tablet operating systems, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 or RT. even breaks the 0.01-percent mark on NetMarketShare’s mobile/tablet operating system market share chart.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Who’da thunk it? “Windows 8ista” was a compliment!


    1. It’s the typical long-time Windows user who probably feels like that “fish out of water”…

      Amazingly, the latest version of Mac OS X makes traditional Windows users feel more “at home” than the latest version of Windows.

  1. Bringing back the Start button to W8 and/or Sr. Executives “realignment” are just windows dressing which will neither wow-back defected customers nor bring in new customers, what Microsoft needs now is a complete overhaul (It’ll be next to impossible) of its corporate culture.

    Microsoft continue milking its Windows OS and Office products to fund other revenue losing products such as Bing, XBox…etc. I doubt this practice is sustainable.

    Hey Microsoft, perhaps you neglect to notice that keep printing out Windows/Office licenses stickers are not a good way to keep business afloat.

    my 2 cents…

    1. The Famous Windows Start Button…
      how foolish, I mean, I flick the switch to power on the machine, the system boots usually. I figure, the damn thing has already started, doh. What the hell is this Button got to do with anything. Retarded Redmond.

    1. “You say you want evolutionnnnn…
      Well-ell you knnoow-oohh
      iOS X is the way to go!”

      “But if you go talking about
      Chairman Ballmer.
      His products will end up
      with an embalmer!”

      “Don’t you know it’s gonna be, Apple…
      Don’t you know it’s gonna be, Apple…
      Don’t you know it’s gonna be, Apple…”

      guitar rift insert here…

  2. This is where the PC industry’s reliance on Microsoft has led. To a dead end, where they have no viable option other than offering more expensive less efficient PCs, with an OS that no one wants.

    Meanwhile, Apple provides Windows users with not one but TWO “detours” around the Windows wreckage, toward the future of “personal computing.”

  3. To get this low a ranking, people buying the new Windows PC boxes must be clearing and reformatting the NEW PC boxes and installing an old Windows OS. This is really funnier that you think.

    Keep up the good work Microsoft and Ballmer. Ever think about trying to buy Apple’s OS and get the box to boot up with your screen? Never know. It could work and Samsung can help you with that copying if you do not want to tell Apple about what you are doing.

    1. HP, Dell, and others are still offering many of their PCs with Windows 7.

      Microsoft needs to take the hint and offer Windows 7.1, instead of 8.1. Transition Windows 8 into a tablet-only OS, and don’t even call it “Windows” anymore.

    1. Yes, Windows 8 DOES “suck” more than Vista. Not in terms of initial bugs, but in terms of intentional design. You can fix bugs; you cannot fix the overall design of the OS, without releasing a whole new version.

      Windows 8 makes touching the screen an integral part of using the computer, by design. That’s fine for a tablet, but it burdens the majority of PCs being sold (laptops and desktops) with the need to have a touchscreen to be fully functional.

      Customers who want a tablet are going for iPad. Customers who use a “regular” (non-touch) laptop or desktop computer are staying with their existing computers as long as possible, because Windows 8 does not offering anything new or compelling for them. Or they are considering a Mac more and more, as their next “PC.”

      1. Um, that’s a tough question.

        From a practical standpoint, at least Windows 8 is usable if you’re willing and able to deal with the infliction of the Metro (‘Modern’) GUI into your computer usage.

        On the other hand, Vista was painful to the point of being UNUSABLE unless you were willing to waste hours overcoming the incredible problems. Vista had a seriously dire HATE-Factor from users. Microsoft also contributed to the problems by LYING to users about Vista compatible hardware.

        Then again, the Microsoft inflicted hardware requirement of UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) for Windows 8 compatible computers is ticking off a lot of potential users. So…

    2. For most people a Windows UI that’s different, is one that’s worse.

      Most people don’t “use Windows”, they use a computer that happens to run Windows. They don’t love the thing, they grudgingly learn how to use it.

      Microsoft somehow thought the problem with Vista was technical. But most people hated it because it changed stuff. Windows 8 changed even more stuff. Average people hate it even more.

  4. You have to wonder, is it Windows 8 or is it really cheaper mobile devices that you can take with you in your pocket? Why buy a new Windows 8 machine when you can do it all on your iPhone and/or iPad or . Balmer’s biggest mess up has always been letting Apple steal the smartphone and tablet market away.

    1. Certainly ipads and mobile are taking sales but Windows 8 is also to blame.

      The OS is such a PITA to use that any company other than MS would have killed it off in the QA lab.

      Every other windows release has to take a bullet for the next release. Its been this way since v1.0!

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