Apple’s WWDC 2013 app hits App Store: A glimpse of iOS 7 interface changes?

Writing that “the evolution of this app shows which way the UI design wind is blowing,” Daring Fireball‘s John Gruber points to a tweet from Juice (@yuixe) comparing the evolution of Apple’s WWDC app from 2011-2013.

The changes show flatter buttons, subtle or no gradients, cleaner icons, larger color-coded flags, cleaner icon selections, larger fonts for locations and times, and more:

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Ellis D.” for the heads up.]


        1. I dont think it’s a done deal what iOS7 will look like.

          But it might be good if Apple allows ‘flavors’ of ‘icons’ that will appeal to old school MacOS/OS X types and those raised on touchscreens.

          That would help make everyone happy… flat and shiny people united. But if not… there are bigger problems in the world than the look of this OS. Just as long as it works

  1. blue bubbles, blue notifications,
    blue icons, blue buttons, blue sliders
    etc etc

    BLUE use to be a message from the SYSTEM
    in need of a response from the user.

    Grey icons, on black backgrounds were done to blend into the Black bezel of iPhone. This helped to simulate those icons were apart of the phone function.

    Flat, black and white, need to be taken back much further ives, screen back those features if you want a clean interface… look at the power and weight the chat bubble has there… far too much emphases over maps. If you really are doing a good job, key-line the chat bubble not reverse it.

  2. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button in Apple’s iOS design model. They started out with a fully fledged OS which was easy on the eyes and are now devolving into monochromatic ugliness, and I mean UGLY.

    I’m waiting for the day when it devolves into a single celled organism when the screen is in a fully blank state and you have figure out what’s on it.

    That’s a dumb move in my opinion.

  3. In terms of design, Jonathan Ive is the younger Steve Jobs. The original Mac’s OS was monochrome (while the Apple IIe and IIgs were very colorful). Even on early System 6 Macs that had color screens, color was more of an afterthought than an integral part of the OS. Early versions of the NeXT computer and interface were also grayscale, by design. But when older Steve Jobs returned to Apple, everything became “colorful,” including the first iMacs and early versions of the Mac OS X “Aqua” interface.

  4. I like how they’re doing an app for the WWDC using the latest guidelines, yet they still don’t have enough resources to release a native Apple Store app for the iPad…after what, two years?

    1. Obviously because the iPad is fully capable of running the safari version of the apple store and they don’t want to encourage people to download an app for something that safari can be used for.

  5. I don’t think Apple would be stupid enough to give a preview of the interface in the WWDC app of all places! The only hint we ever get is in the invitation – and that screams colour (or should I say color, well Jony is English too so I’ll stick with colour!) I just downloaded the WWDC app to take a look; the icon’s deep purple colour is beautiful. I think Jony will be looking for what looks most beautiful on the incredible retina displays that he has to work with and use vibrant colours, like those used in the logo on the invitation to the event and the app. Lots of Android phones over saturate colours which give users the impression that the screens are better when they’re not. White balance (as Cook likes to remind us) is also far superior on the iPhone. I can’t see (arguably) the world’s best living designer giving us flat grey and blue.

    1. “I can’t see (arguably) the world’s best living designer giving us flat grey and blue.”

      I can’t see it either. But with modern art designers in charge, who knows, this is what we may be force fed.

      Have a better idea.

      Offer both a modern art look (flat spartan) and a classic representational look (skeuomorphism). Toggle switch option at iOS 7 upgrade time.

      Certainly the tech giant in the history of the planet, with billions in idle cash, can achieve this option without breaking a sweat.

      Then everybody wins … 🙂

        1. In my informal reading of past MDN comments regarding skeuomorphism stories, most are FOR it.

          Flat art much like liberalism is the minority in the U.S. Age old game, the media, the elite intellectuals and the administration flaks would have us all believe THEY are in the majority. Certainly agree in high-profile media NOISE.

          The rest of us know the difference.

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