Why Apple will repeat history and plunge into the abyss or something

“As we have seen earlier, Apple is accumulating record sales for its products. However, these records are attributable to Jobs [sic] efforts,” Stephan Dube writes for Seeking Alpha. “Nothing new is coming from its pipeline. The iPhone5S [sic] and the iPad Mini [sic] aren’t new products. Therefore, no excitement will come out from these releases for Apple’s fanatics. These updated devices are only new versions of already well-known products.”

“Thirst for new engineering features has driven its technical audience in the past,” Dube writes. “However, for the common man, without a captivating feature that will sell the product by itself, it will not splash the world like it did in the past, mitigating its success.”

Dube writes, “Apple is instrumental in controlling its prices. Its products sell in so many places without any difference in price. The price you pay is the price set by Apple. You will not see a discounted price on any of its products. At least, customers are expecting to pay the full price every time, everywhere… Mac computers work great but the reliability is declining. Subcontractors’ supplies are not top notch anymore, then cheaper components keep the profit margin high.”

“The insistence on selling fully integrated hardware and software devices instead of focusing on low-cost, widely distributed software has hurt Apple in the past and still hurts the company today,” Dube writes. “Thus, its scrutiny for being an absolute domineering control freak on secretly undermining its competitors is well documented (see the Google Voice incident)… If Apple cannot adapt to that reality quickly by offering the competitive market, cheaper devices and fix the compatibility issue of its product lines, it appears that the company will lose its substantial market share once again. Therefore, investors should expect a 25-30% drop of the stock’s value in the next two years if the trend persists.”

Full thing here.

MacDailyNews Take: Sometimes we just put up articles to amuse ourselves.

It’s always rather amazing to us that someone who possesses no knowledge whatsoever about a certain subject, still decides to write a lengthy treatise about said subject and then slaps it online, especially when they can’t even compose two coherent sentences in a row.

This article is only posted here so that we can use certain quotes from it in order to further emasculate the total buffoon from whence these gems were excreted and hopefully convince this poor fool to turn his attention to something a bit more up his alley – like bagging groceries or asking the lard-assed herds of impending heart attacks if they want fries with that.

This poor bastage makes Rob Enderle look like Albert Einstein.

BTW: iPhone was released 5 years, 7 months, and 19 days after iPod. iPad was released 2 years, 9 months, and 5 days after iPhone. Tim Cook has been Apple CEO for 1 year, 9 months, 5 days.


  1. Just more Anti-Apple FUD. Why do people even bother? Tim Cook is doing his best! Give him time! So many people act like the 2010s decade is just going to be another 1990s for Apple. Why should it? As long they innovate and make great products, they will be fine.

  2. Apple does distribute low-cost software to a wide audience: Most of its iPad/iPhone apps are free or inexpensive, such as Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. The iWork suite is also inexpensive on OS X, and iTunes and Safari are on Macs and Windows PCs around the world.

    A product like the iPhone which absolutely changes the way we use a product (the telephone) is rare. It may be 20 years before Apple or any other company develops something that will profoundly change how we work, play, and interact with one another as the iPhone did. Even Apple will be very hard pressed to one-up the iPhone.

    It’s just so laughable that these analysts/bloggers really think that Apple just invents revolutionary stuff every 1-3 years. And that Steve Jobs was responsible for all of it; that no one else at Apple could have possibly done something similar. Sure, Jobs was the driving force and had a wonderfully unique ability to meld technology, usability, and aesthetics into an affordable and game-changing product, but that doesn’t mean that the folks in Apple can’t do it again or something even better.

    1. This. Even OS X is very inexpensive and widely distributed, and has forced MS to follow (somewhat) their lead instead of being able to sell Windows for $250. It’s hack has no clue that there’s actually greener pastures over the Dell.

  3. Hold your horses people, Tim Cook will present a new innovative devices @WWDC on June 10-14.

    Apple must keep secret or else Samsung’s going to infringe Apple’s new products.

  4. The basic premise of the article is right, and I’m a Mac geek.

    Apple has to compete with the others based on Apple basically teaching them how to build great phones – Samsung. Google stole the OS no doubt but are innovating into the core OS for it’s Google all in apps.

    Apple must announce some serious and better functionality of iCloud into the iOS. And into the Mac. Changing how iOS looks ain’t it.

    Apple truly did help create its biggest competitors. This coming conference is going to be a defining moment for Apple – let alone Cook

    1. You would have a point if most Google and Android applications steal our likes, our dislikes, our credit card numbers, our pain in the ass daily Ads and, quite possibly, our souls.

    1. Yup. Anyone who repeats the idiotic trope that Apple “stole” from Xerox needs to stop writing about Apple and STFU. There are far too many resources in this instantaneously connectible world to excuse the continued repetition of flat out stupidity.

  5. There must be a more fitting vocation for this moron ( and no I don’t mean to insult all morons in general just this one). Please don’t let him mess with my fries or break my eggs at the grocery store. With the quality of his writing skills, he could help write the tax code. Then we could throw the whole book out and start over with a clean FLAT tax code. Jony knows best.

  6. Most “opinions” that people hold are surprisingly lacking in logical, factual, support. This has always been the case but what’s different today is that these opinions are now widely published and few people care whether there is any factual support for an opinion they like.

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