Samsung Galaxy phone ‘explodes’ as man sleeps

“Shocking photos show the aftermath of an explosion that ripped a Samsung smartphone apart,” Lee Moran reports for The New York Daily News.

“A Redditor claims his Galaxy S3 blew up by the side of his bed as he was sleeping — and says these are the pictures that prove it,” Moran reports. “User Vizionx1208 posted snaps of his obliterated device on the social news site. He said he fell asleep after setting the phone to charge but was suddenly woken up by ‘a loud noise and a weird squeaking sound.'”

Moran reports, “His room quickly filled with smoke and a chemical smell. The phone, still plugged into the wall, was on the verge of catching fire. The mini blast also burned his mattress cover.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Shoulda bought a real iPhone instead of settling for a cheap plastic knockoff.

And, what’s good for the goose is doubly good for the goose’s illegal clone.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “TM” for the heads up.]


  1. 2 additional thoughts:

    1) Galaxies don’t explode. They collide or merge. Hmm.
    2) Perhaps this poor user isn’t a fanboy (get it? fan: cooling the hot battery? Well, I thought it was funny!)

  2. This is what happens when cheap plastic meets cheap battery.

    Probably all the viruses running around inside meant that the phone CPU was constantly engaged running at high temperatures. Throw in a cheap battery in the volatile mix and the battery overheats during the charging process coupled with the hot always running CPU, you get an explosion of melted plastic parts.

    Samsung fanboy, the perfect definition of a total cheapskate.

  3. People need to learn not to leave their electronic devices on an insulating surface (bed sheets, pillows, blankets, etc.). This is user error, not a fault of the device. Yah, I’m all serious, but its true! haha

  4. Seeing as Apple has had to deal with bad batteries overheating and causing problems, I’m going to wait and see what was the actual cause.

    (Sony was the prime source of overheating batteries on a large number of devices for several years. This was one reason Apple bought the lithium battery division of Mallory and have been making their own batteries ever since).

    Reserving my gloating…

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