Microsoft’s cheap shot at Apple’s iPad actually spotlights exactly why Windows 8 tablets suck (with video)

“A brand new Windows 8 ad pits the iPad against Microsoft’s Windows 8 tablet, in an attempt to show how much more versatile the Asus VivoTab is vs. the iOS device,” Darrell Etherington writes for TechCrunch.

“Microsoft uses Siri’s voice (which isn’t difficult, given that it’s a fairly generic computer-generated female tone) to highlight what the Windows 8 tablet can do that the iPad can’t,” Etherington writes. “The problem is that not only is the Siri construct weak and her actual lines poorly written, but the abilities Microsoft chooses to highlight show exactly why it doesn’t ‘get’ the tablet market. People aren’t looking for multitasking PowerPoint slide deck-creating machines; they have computers for that.”

Etherington writes, “The closing bit here is maybe the worst part; showing that Apple’s iPad can easily provide a remarkably realistic experience for playing Chopsticks on the screen is not the way to trash your competition, especially if you noticeably can’t offer up an equivalent experience on your own hardware.”

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  1. Old advertising rule:

    #1 in the market never talks about #2. Microsoft is admitting they’re #2 by even mentioning another brand. (also why Apple almost never does direct comparison ads)

  2. Correct, Apple uses Keynote to play Power Point files because Microsoft’s software is not required to do that. And yes, Apple chose to use Push vs. run multiple apps to conserve battery power and add speed to the app you are using at the time. And yes, Apple’s iPad does not require the same amount of RAM to hold unnecessary spaghetti code of a Windows 8 OS that the tablet does not require.

    These are the many things that are wrong with Microsoft’s concept of a tablet! Has Steve Ballmer considered what he will be doing after the Microsoft board cans his dancing monkey … Ok, that isn’t nice to say about special needs people or socially unacceptable (uncool) CEOs.

  3. look i went to the windows store and looked at this thing a salesman actually picked it up and handed it to me as if lifting the thing would convince me of its value . what i did notice was it was thick and heavy there was even a goofy square ridge on the back that made it actually thicker in the middle the screen looked like the border made usable screen size actually very small. i would not give them ten bucks for the thing and judging by the numbers of customers in the store at the time nobody else will either. get ready for a lot of wasted mall rent for microsoft (bye bye retail stores) and i personally have never had a microsoft upgrade go smoothly i would not bring that subject up to users who have had days of calls to tech support to get stuff working after the typical “update “

  4. I think that was a very good ad and very good targeted, If I was a complete ignorant and poor and low self esteem, I will definitively fall for that ad and buy a Windows tablet… even a android one because people who buys those things from microsoft are so dumb that they can easily confuse it with an android tablet.

    Sent from my iPad 🙂

  5. I couldn’t watch a movie and read emails simultaneously even if I had a W8 tablet that was technically capable of it.

    That leaves Live Tiles, which I’m not sure anybody on planet Earth likes, and PowerPoint, which is horribly inferior to Keynote.

    Yeah, this is a winner of an ad right here.

  6. In the end, people will stick to the iPad. Apple is about what it’s products do, how people use them and how they enhance their lives. Simple and to the point. Microsoft has to struggle to get its message across. This is the free market at it finest. However, I very much love the Mircosoft Luima commercial “Wedding Fight”. It’s one of their best yet!!!

    1. It’s a rehash of the old “iPads are for consumption, not creation” meme, a bit of the old Blackberry PlayBook “Amateur hour is over” message, and a slap at ordinary users, making them look like dilettantes who waste valuable time playing around (not even getting the music right), in contrast to smart, engaged, style-aware young adults working as actuaries and accountants

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