Apple tells court: Samsung’s Galaxy S4 infringes on 5 patents

“Samsung’s Galaxy S4 infringes on 5 Apple patents, according to a court filing by Apple,” Loek Essers reports for IDG News Service.

“Apple wants to add the new Galaxy S4 to an ongoing case involving Apple and Samsung being heard in the U.S. District Court, Northern District of California, San Jose Division, according to a filing with that court on Tuesday,” Essers reports. “‘Apple obtained the Galaxy S4 on April 27 and immediately began its infringement analysis, including Samsung’s customizations of the Android Jelly Bean platform, covering the eight asserted patents,’ Apple stated in the filing, adding that it tested S4’s sold by AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. ‘That analysis revealed that the Galaxy S4 infringes five of Apples asserted patents in the same ways as Samsungs already accused products,’ it added. The S4 allegedly infringes on two patents related to user interfaces, two Siri related search patents and a data synchronization patent, according to the filing.”

Essers reports, “Apples infringement analysis focuses on Google functionality that Samsung incorporates into its devices, Apple said in the filing. The two Siri-related patents are infringed by the Google Now search application on the Galaxy S4, according to Apple.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: With bated breath, we await the final outcome of this trial or the exhaustion of the Sun’s core hydrogen, whichever comes first.


  1. With bated breath, we await the final outcome of this trial or the exhaustion of the Sun’s core hydrogen, whichever comes first.

    Or North Korea overruns Seoul.

    1. I think North Korea would settle for just a tactical missile strike on Samsung’s smart phone R&D skunks (Kimchee) works and maybe for good measure a couple smart bombs lasered into corporate headquarters. And one more thing – why does the USA provide 40,000 troops to protect a bunch horse thieving IP wrestling SOB’S.
      Yup – no more Mr. Nice guy.

  2. Why am I not surprised by this? At this point, it would actually be hilarious if it weren’t so pathetic. We all know that Apple will win, because they were first! Innovators win, and copiers lose.

  3. I’m still flabbergasted as to why Americans continue to tell people that Apple innovated nothing and defend Samsung. They base that argument at the fact that Apple has used Samsung parts to build the iPhone. What the hell does that have to do with Apple not innovating anything when the iPhone was introduced? lol

    1. I’m still flabbergasted by people who think Apple invented the smartphone. What about the LG Prada from 2006? Those PDA/Cellphone hybrids from the early/mid 2000s decade? We can even go deeper into history and look at the IBM Simon from 1992.

        1. I didn’t say Apple invented the Smartphone. Lloyd is the perfect example of reading what he wants to read and come up with nothing but “stupid”! LOL…. thanks BillyJackBlack for the comment that may help him understand….well maybe.

          1. Jubei, look at the hierarchal indented list of replies,
            BillyJackBlack replies to Llyod not you. If he was responding to your post, it would be flush left to Lloyds comment.

            I do not believe Lloyd is reading what he wants to read, Llyod coined your statement with a spin. He is right, Apple never invented the smartphone, only improved and made it smarter all around.

      1. Absolutely no person or organization “invented the smartphone”.

        The smartphone as it exists today was an evolution of several smaller, discrete inventions.

        Apple personnel invented many of those discrete items. Apple patented those inventions. No one can legally use those patented inventions without permission from Apple.

      2. Try harder. The Prada was a concept not released after the iPhone was shown to the public. This has been debunked by many times and only idiots like you still repeat it.
        Who said Apple invented the smartphone ? Oh nobody did including Apple. But they made the first mass market popular one.

      3. let wiki tell us:

        reference 1 – offered to the market

        “BellSouth Cellular had planned to begin selling Simon in May, 1994, but due to problems with the device’s software, the Simon did not become available to consumers until August 16, 1994. ”

        reference 2 – not a great success

        “BellSouth Cellular sold approximately 50,000 units during the product’s six months on the market.”

        reference 3 – it is noted as being the first smartphone

        “Although the term “smartphone” was not coined until 1997, because of Simon’s features and capabilities, it can be referred to as the first smartphone.”

        reference 4 – the Newton – 1987 predates Simon

        “Development of the Newton platform started in 1987 and officially ended on February 27, 1998.

        reference 5 – reminds me Samsung was offered a deal to iOS

        “Most Newton devices were developed and marketed by Apple (this includes the whole MessagePad line and the eMate 300), but other companies — Motorola, Sharp, and Digital Ocean — also released devices that ran the Newton OS.”

        reference 6 – pen computing predates PDAs

        “Historically, pen computing (defined as a computer system employing a user-interface using a pointing device plus handwriting recognition as the primary means for interactive user input) predates the use of a mouse and graphical display by at least two decades, starting with the Stylator [1] and RAND Tablet[2] systems of the 1950s and early 1960s.”

        what we learn is – the evolution of the portable computing device has been around for many years, as technologies in processing and manufacturing improve, companies will take a chances at innovating and bringing their products to the market… it also shows that many companies are truly thinking along the same terms – and that convergence of technologies makes for new leaps in products. And lastly, call it whatever you wish, yet its really all the same. However, Apple truly hit a trillion dollar home run with iOS and iPhone. A slick mobile OS, a UI so easily to use at any age, a solid product with solid stylish design, software apps to support it, and a way to leave the need for pens and keyboards.

        For Tim Cook to state Apple doesn’t believe in product convergence – is a bad thing; its the natural evolution of products in a whole. The iMac is over the years has slowly matured and mostly due to convergence of technologies, not shrinking of hardware. iMac mini has been around for years. And the iMac is merely that – a mini souped up in the slimmest monitor. One can say it appears to be the biggest iPad ever. Hmmmmmmm.

  4. This is meaningless, by the time the court case moves forward, the Galaxy s5 will be out.

    Apple needs to just keep making great phones and they won’t need to worry about Samsung at all, getting outdated products banned in court won’t do anything.

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