Apple retail revenues per visitor reach new record

“In the US, on a sales per square foot basis, Apple retail continues to perform twice as well as Tiffany & Co., the second best retailer, and three times as well as lululemon athletica, the third best retailer,” Horace Dediu reports for Asymco.

“The latest quarter showed a 7% growth in visitors and a new record revenue of $57.6 per visitor,” Dediu reports. “As a result, the average revenue per Apple store per quarter reached $13 million, the highest level for a non-holiday quarter.”

“Profit per visitor [is] holding steady at about $12/quarter,” Dediu reports. “Retail performance remains constrained by store size (hence maximum number of visitors) and the number of stores. The strategy seems to be expanding US stores while opening new stores outside the US.”

More info and the usual excellent charts in the full article here.

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  1. Another way of looking at Apple’s sales, customer loyalty and market share is to compare it to product reliability.

    It is obvious to me as a long time Apple user that reliability has ramped up since 2000 to the point where an Apple laptop is just assumed to last well beyond 3-4 years and still be highly functional.

    1. @BoC

      Apple computers have ALWAYS been reliable well beyond 3-4 years. The only problem in recent years is Apple dropping support for older OS versions, which is particularly an issue with security related updates. My daughter is still using my old “sunflower” iMac circa 2002. The only thing that ever went wrong with it was a failed hard drive. It still works fine running the old version of Office and web browsing.

      I’m sure you can find lots of people here running even older macs.

      However, I think that reliability of iOS devices seems to be a problem the last couple of years. I base this only on things that friends are complaining about. Most seem software related, so I hope Apple fixes some things in the next major iOS revision.

      1. Currently upgraded to a Mac Mini Certified Refurbished in order to be able to run iTunes to support my iPhone 4s. Was not able to add music as I was on Tiger on a G4 about 10 years old. Use my 2001 iBook as a “remote disk” also running Tiger.

        Mac life expectancy >10 years for the hardware but you eventually need to upgrade as the OS cannot be supported that long.

      2. Should have said reliable before I have to fix them the first time. I’ve had to do keyboard, trackpad, hard drive and memory upgrades over time which I consider to be somewhat normal when you use a laptop hard and sometimes abuse them.

        Indeed I have Pismo PowerBooks that still work but I won’t use given the old OS, as the prior poster replied.

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