Tim Cook: ‘Made in the U.S.A.’ Mac will utilize ‘many’ US-made components

“Late last year, Apple boss Tim Cook said in an interview that the tech giant intended to bring some manufacturing jobs back to the US in 2013 with the opening of a production facility for a line of Mac computers,” Trevor Mogg reports for Digital Trends.

“Since then, Cook has given few details of the project, although in an interview with Politico this week prior to his appearance in front of a Senate committee regarding the company’s offshore cash pile, he confirmed that the computer set to roll off Apple’s first US-based production line in nearly 20 years will be a refreshed version of a current Mac product,” Mogg reports. “‘We’re going very deep in this project,’ Cook told Politico in the interview, which took place on Thursday.”

Mogg reports, “Interestingly, the Apple CEO added that not only will the computer be assembled on US soil, but also many of its components will be made in the US. States coming up with the goods include Arizona, Texas, Illinois, Florida and Kentucky, the report said.”

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  1. This is good news and also quite brave of Apple. Lets hope Apple has a plan to keep the prices at Apple reasonable levels. We all know that when it comes to labor cost, we just can’t compete with the Chinese/Asian countries. If Apple can pull this off, it will be impressive!

    1. Hasn’t anyone been paying attention.

      Labor cost is not the issue. Taxes are. The highest corporate tax rate in the world is the US.

      Note that the States producing the US provided components have no to very low income taxes. Further they are all Right-to-Work States (which means employees do not have to join a Union to get a job). Further the cost of living in those States is lower than in non-Right-to-Work States.

      Taxes are the #1 issue for sending US jobs overseas, but only those jobs where the product is sold internationally, as well as domestically.

      Labor is becoming less and less of an issue, as Chinese labor has increased nearly 5 fold in the last 13 years, and automation is replacing repetitive assembly labor here (and in China).

      By 2020 Chinese middle class will out number the total of US population.

      1. Taxes are absolutely NOT the issue here.

        Items manufactured in the U.S. then shipped by perfectly legal means to non U.S. entities for sale by those entities in non U.S. venues create profits that are not taxable in the U.S. Therefore the U.S. corporate tax rates are 100% irrelevant.

        Items made in non U.S. venues then shipped to the U.S. and sold in the U.S. generate profits that are taxable in the U.S.

        The issue is jobs and, to an even large degree, perception.

      2. Corporate taxes in the US are not “the highest in the world” and the effective tax rate (i.e. after deductions) puts us on the low end of developed countries. Also, beacuse of corporate welfare snd lobbyist loopholes, companies like Facebook, for example, net billions in returns while paying nothing to the federal government.

      1. Actually, I do believe Steve would have gladly given up a half hour of his time for someone to donate to charity.

        Steve gave more to charities than most believe he did. He just did NOT flaunt it as much as others. (Gates, I’m looking at you.) Steve was just very adamant that his personal dealings were personal and NOT public. Additionally, he never, to my knowledge, allowed any charity to trade on his name (i.e., “Steve Jobs gave us $100k. You should too.”)

    1. No you wouldn’t…but maybe, just because he hasn’t yet earned his due, he’s deliberately laying soft and being diplomatic and biding time. Maybe he knows a lot more than anyone what the game plan is and what’s cooking up at Apple…

      Maybe huh, BLN?

    2. Is this really about the Mac Pro and not the Mac Mini. Is anyone actually buying Mac Pros anymore? Can Apple really make any money from selling them? Mac Pros are exorbitant in cost and selling maybe as many as 200,000 of them a year doesn’t even seem reason enough to set up a production line. Apple is only interested in profits and there’s no profit in Mac Pros in today’s personal computing industry. I’m sure the Mac Mini is the likely candidate for the U.S. Most consumers can afford a Mac Mini and they’re very unobtrusive in a home setting.

      1. The only reason Mac Pros are not flying off of the shelves is that Mac Pros have not had a significant update in nearly 5 years. Yes there have been processor bumps, but it still ships with USB 2 and no thunderbolt. What kind of flagship product is that?

        1. While I fully agree with your overall sentiments and have repeatedly on this site and several others taken Apple to task for having the Mac Pro be as much as three full generations behind the current blealding edge technologies, the current Mac Pro is not anywhere near 5 years old. Three, maybe. Two for sure. But not five. The USB 3.0 spec is not even 5 years old and systems shipping based upon that spec are less than four years old. Similarly with Thunderbolt. The released spec is barely more than two years old.

          Apple does deserved to be smacked, and smacked hard, over the far out of date Mac Pro, but everyone should do so with the proper facts in mind. Exaggerations just give the iHaters a post to which they can point (and they will — “See. Even the Mac Faithful say the Mac is five years out of date!”). Similarly, such exaggerated posts allow Apple to easily post the real message since the facts are just plain wrong.

          1. The latest Mac Pro is from mid 2011. I know because I bought 3. Didn’t want to but couldn’t wait any longer. I have four others that are even older. Even the newer ones are just a miserly update of an older generation. So they are old. Very, very, very old. Especially when you’re using them to make a living, not just surf the net and send emails.

      2. Professionals still use Mac Pros. It’s what we need. We have to have it. The Mac Mini and the iMac and MacBook Pro are great. We use them all. But we need the heavy lifter. We need the dump truck. We need that 16 wheeler. We need our Mac Pros. There is no substitute.

  2. Been predicting this for a half decade as robots, miniaturization, ever more integrated ICs and designing for manufacturing takes hold in the engineering department.

    There is no guarantee of ultimate stability in China. Take a look at its history of violent overthrow of its governments. If too many people become unemployed and starving, those people have nothing left to do but revolt.

            1. Cheney, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft & Rove were doing their best to defend the country as best they could.

              Right now I see people trying to deliberately tear this country apart and failing to support our citizens both inside and outside this country in violation of their oath of office.

              I don’t see the equality you make with Neremburg.

            2. It wasn’t Me that brought up Nuremburg…

              I agree, a hostile rabid congress that says NO to everything our president wants is indeed tearing up this country.

            3. botvinnik posted:
              “your president’s hatred and repeated avowals to destroy the Bill of Rights and US sovereignty will eventually be what unites this country.”

              Got a *SINGLE* documented statement by the current U.S. President that states this? If you claim he avows to destroy the Bill of Rights or U.S. sovereignty then prove it. Show the reference of a properly documented quote saying this. Not rumor. Not third or fourth or fifth hand “information”. Not “common knowledge” that has no factual backup. Not inference from a set of completely unrelated statements taken out of context. Give the reference to the exact, word-for-word quote where the current U.S. President has said this is his position. If you say he has avowed this, prove it.

              You say he has *repeatedly* done so. Just give one accurately documented quote with appropriate references to back up your statement. You don’t need to give several — even though you state he has *repeatedly* done so. Just give one.

            4. Cheney and co were bleeding this country dry to the tune of $9B a month straight into haliburton’s pockets. Don’t you dare claim that was to protect anything.

              Obama immedietly canceled those ridiculously overpriced no-bid contracts and replaced the same goods and services for only $2B per month.

              Cheney and bush also had our interior deptartment giving away our national oil reserves for pennies on the dollar while the department heads were doing cocaine together with the oil execs. Anothe debacle that Obama ended from day one. Our justice department prosecuted many for it, but Obama was too classy to make a public spectacle. Rolling stone did a cover story on the prosecution.

              I wish Obama hadn’t swept bush’s crimes under the rug. You scum want to rewrite history after raping the country.

            5. “I wish Obama hadn’t swept bush’s crimes under the rug.”

              That’s because he was too busy committing his own. There is absolutely no difference between the policies of Obama Messiah, Dubya, Billy Boy and CIA George..the point of controlling both sides of the two-party system is to create division. Boy, has that worked well.

          1. get a grip, botvinnik. The current sitting president is acting with almost complete consistency with the past 30 years of presidents. None of them have been “liberal” or “conservative” — they have all been puppets to the corrupt parties that have taken over the electoral process of the nation. When you dismiss the BS rhetoric and look at the actions attempted and accomplished, neither party is any better than the other. Except perhaps one thing: dumbocrats waste money on US projects, whereas the repugnants blow money on foreign military over-reach. Neither knows how to balance a budget. Both are too busy scoring petty political points to bother doing anything to your sacred bill of rights — which, as you should know, are AMENDMENTS to a document that could be further edited at any time, and is long overdue for some updates. #1 overdue change: corporations are NOT people.

  3. I bought a new maxed out iMac and was pleasantly surprised it was branded with the Made In USA. I figured this was only the base models from what I read several months ago on MDN.

  4. I’m not sure the accuracy of the line about “many” of the components being made in the US. Made by US owned companies maybe, but I doubt you could make more than a few percent of a computer with what is actually manufactured here. In order for a manufacturing or assembly business to succeed here in the US, it must be almost entirely automated, unless it will be given huge subsidies or tax breaks. Hey, but every little bit helps.

  5. Utilize? Folks when did the memo arrive that reads: we will now utilize utilize rather than utilize use. Using the word utilize does not make you sound more educated. Actually, to those in the know it shows how stupid you are.

  6. 1) talk, talk talk
    2) believe it when I see it. Like the new Mac Pro
    3) I dont care if its american made unless its the best product available. If I have to buy second rate american made goods I dont want it. If I can buy first rate goods made in america then great.

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