Samsung shamelessly photoshops Galaxy S4 into iPhone model’s hand

“A professional model for stock image site,” John Brownlee reports for Cult of Mac, “once did an entire set of images called ‘Pretty Woman Lying On The Sofa Holding Her Smartphone.’ And that smartphone in question is clearly an iPhone 3G/S.”

“Okay,” Brownlee reports. “[Check out this] recent Samsung ad, and what do you know?”

Brownlee reports, “The model’s iPhone has been artlessly photoshopped into a Samsung Galaxy S4, even though that device features a 5-inch display that is so large, the phone’s tiny size in the model’s hand implies a woman who is over eight-feet tall.”

Shutterstock model with Apple iPhone in original shot (left) vs. Samsung's ad (right)
Shutterstock model with Apple iPhone in original shot (left) vs. Samsung’s ad (right)

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Here’s an idea for Tim Cook: Take the entire executive staff at Apple for a ride in the Gulfstream. Fake your deaths in a tragic plane crash. Wait the requisite 15 minutes for Samsung to copy you and then say, “Hey, nope, all wrong. Sorry, we landed just fine. A-OK! Minor miscommunication. AT&T iPhone, you know (sheepish grin). But, seriously, thanks for your concern. Our hearts go out to our slavish copiers from South Korea.”

[Attribution: Samsung Copies Apple. Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Arline M.” and “Jeff” for the heads up.]

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        1. …coining words like Samdung or Samsiht feels juvenile to me.

          Rating survey.
          Which of the following, well deserved Samsung insults do you find to be juvenile? Check all that apply.

          [ ] ShameScam
          [ ] ScamDung
          [ ] ScuzScum
          [ ] SleezeScrape
          [ ] ScabSponge
          [ ] ScurvySquid
          [ ] ShillShite
          [ ] ScatSkunk
          [ ] SewageSyrup
          [ ] SneeshSnake
          [ ] SomnifacientSow
          [ ] StinkScat

          “Put down your pencils! That’s enough vulgarity for today children.” 😉

        1. Exactly. Think about that nasty bitch in Dr. Zhivago when he returns home and finds his house is now the residence of parasitic communist vagrants. The bitch laughs at Zhivago as he trudges upstairs to the one room left to his family.

          Just kidding. But botvinnik often comes off as a throwback to that attitude.

  1. I am not in the LEAST surprised. We all knew darn well that ShameScam would do something like this. But this is common in the lamestream media. Knowing how big the Illuminati media emperor is, you would know that this is….UGHJ! This is why I hate the mainstream! Always go with indie movies, music, foreign tv shows, and indie tech companies like Apple, and the many individuals who make the different Linux distort. I personally use Tin Foil Hat Linux, but for phones, it defiantly the iPhone.

  2. Wait. If Samsung did this without permission from Shutterstock or the photographer (whoever owns the rights to the picture), can’t they face legal consequences?

    Oh, wait. Right. Samsung. Never mind.

  3. To be fair, that image was bought by an art director of from which ever agency was creating the ad for Samsung. I doubt anyone but the AD or designer working for the AD knew about what was Photo-shopped out.

    It obviously wasn’t an important ad or there would have been a photo-shoot with the new product and actual models.

    That said, Samsung/Google still suck for a variety of other reasons.

  4. as the writer said if samsung paid for the shot they can do what they want with it…

    BUT it’s weird that a company that just made 5 billion bucks off phones would use STOCK PHOTOS instead of hiring a pro (like annie leibovitz) to shoot their ads. Steve Jobs got Ridley Scott to shoot their superbowl ad.

    Using stock photos means ANYBODY can have the same photo, imagine a company selling anti diarrhea pills has that girl holding a bottle of their finest and their ads appear near Samsung’s…

    samsung is cheap or what?

  5. ok – i think i get this, the proportion at which the S4 was placed into the picture – calculates to the woman being 8 feet tall – why because Samsung placed the phone in inaccurately.

    1. ok – not only does Slamdungers shamelessly cover over an Apple image, it does their own product, a major injustice, because they placed their phone in the image much too small.

  6. After reading the comments on this site for the past couple of years or so, I can safely say Apple fans are the most angriest of the tech fans. If Apple makes such quality products, why are you guys still angry?

    1. Angry about what Larry boy?

      Apple makes quality products, the products may not be perfect in every way, yet they are a heck of a lot better than the dark side with Windblows. You tell me what’s another alternative, Linux?

      The anger might come from the state of the stocks and the sarcasm directed at one another? But for the most part I’d say we ain’t angry at each. But the competition weasels getting away like Windblows got away with copying before Android and Slamdung.

      Oh an one last thing, if you don’t like the fun we have here you know where you can go right?

          1. quibble, dribble, scribble no matter what you do someone will find it offensive – oops yet – dang, another thought – whats that – yup ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh and another brain fart too – what to take a whiff? ta hee, now how juvenile will I be rated here?

            NO worries, its Just a regular day of good fun that we have here at MDN, Larry.

    2. Do you think your tiny little self survey constitutes judging all tech fans whom are Apple faithfuls as truly being the most angriest? I challenge you to prove that.

      1. I found refuge right here at after too many blistering excoriations at, a peculiarly humourless collection of hormone-poisoned basement-dwellers, Infotech and Peoplesoft casualties, dark mages of the Internet, security alarmists, jaded IT managers and help desk slaves; all of them angry, all of them male, all of them Experts, may God help us all.

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