Apple should still fire Tim Cook, one-trick pony claims

“A few weeks ago, the ‘fire Tim Cook’ bandwagon appeared to be gaining steam. Then Apple followed through on lame promises, spewing the most hollow of band-aid approaches — an increased dividend and stock buyback,” Rocco Pendola scribbles for The Street. “Shares popped on the rumors and maintained steam on the official announcement, adding roughly 16% since April 19. As far as most critics and cynics go, everything must have changed.”

“The ‘can Cook’ talk mysteriously ceased,” Pendola laments. “Yet nothing really changed at Apple. The story should have remained the same — dividends and buybacks do nothing other than provide temporary relief for the stock price. They provide a lift and some sort of relatively shaky floor, but they do nothing — at least nothing we should perceive as a tonic — to alleviate the root issues at Apple. Matters dealing with long-term innovation — the ability to do something other than improve (or so we hope) existing products and services — under Tim Cook.”

This is, Pendola claims, “a time littered with uncertainty that hasn’t existed in years as Steve Jobs rolled out hit (iPod) after hit (iPhone) after hit (iPad).”

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MacDailyNews Take: iPhone was released 5 years, 7 months, and 19 days after iPod. iPad was released 2 years, 9 months, and 5 days after iPhone. Tim Cook has been Apple CEO for 1 year, 8 months, and 19 days.


  1. this Pendola guy is mad at Tim Cook because at the same time that Eihorn was making a big scandle about apple’s share price , pendola was doing it to. Apple did reply to Eihnorn but didn’t give a shit about him. So he decided to insist and make this his reason to live.

  2. Any CEO who is running his company based on what Wall Street analysts say he should do should be fired. That’s not Cook.

    These analysts are amazing. They act as if every March Apple just walks onto stage and pulls a new product out of its magic hat. “No big deal, we worked on this in our spare time.”

    There are many, many many more companies which should lose their CEOs before Apple fires Cook (like almost all of them). Why isn’t Pendola clamoring for the head of Sony to be fired, or Microsoft, or GM, or Dell? Because Pendola needed hits today, so of course, pen a silly article about firing Tim Cook.

  3. I was going to write here: “where do all these sh!t for brains, dumba$$ arrogant over critical son of a sausage mugger fudgers come from?!” But then I realized I’d be wasting my time, so I went went to find a lost fart in a perfume factory instead.

  4. The “root” of Apple’s problems are blogger-journalist-analysts. (said with a foul taste left in month). Maybe we should really just get rid of them. I’m guessing that Australia has closed off that particular import, right?

  5. Seems like he cherry-picks his timeline. Instead of asking, “What changed at Apple to cause all the ‘can Cook’ talk to cease?” he should have asked, “What changed at Apple to cause all the ‘can Cook’ talk in the first place?” Answer: Nothing. In both cases: Nothing. Ergo the whole premise of his soapbox is false.

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