iPhone stops the bleeding at T-Mobile USA; 500,000 iPhones sold in first month

“Deutsche Telekom said Wednesday it stopped losing U.S. customers in the first quarter after it dropped conventional two-year contracts, the German company said Wednesday,” David McHugh reports for The Associated Press.

“While reporting a modest increase in first quarter net profit, Deutsche Telekom said its T-Mobile USA division saw a small increase in customers under its own brand for the first time in four years,” McHugh reports. “The company, which had been losing contract customers, switched to a new ‘un-carrier’ approach in March and started selling phones on installment plans. Branded customers rose by a slight 3,000; overall, the company added 579,000 customers to its base of 34 million in the U.S. market.”

McHugh reports, “It said it is getting a further boost from adding the iPhone to its lineup; since the quarter ended, the company began selling the iPhone April 12 and has sold 500,000 since then to new and existing customers.”

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MacDailyNews Take: iPhone, savior.

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  1. why would so many buy a smartphone Bill,
    if they are so frustrated with a virtual keyboard
    and the lack of microsoft office?

    no one cares about windows 8 Bill
    its a wow factor of (-8)

  2. Used iPhone 4 is still selling like crazy for over $200 on eBay then making it’s way to T Mobile…

    Not bad for an obsolete ‘problematic’ phone…huh?

    1. As a follower of Jesus (some would say Jesus freak) I don’t see any disrespect in your comment.

      The iPod was a saviour to the music industry, the iPhone it seems to carriers, the iPad to millions of clunky laptop carters and Jesus alone for the soul 😉

  3. Despite the continual cries by the tech-heads that the iPhone is completely outdated in hardware and OS. Most consumers do not think like tech-heads. Even a two year old iPhone is pretty advanced for most users. I just don’t get this nonsense about all consumers needing cutting-edge devices especially when most Android users have smartphones still running Gingerbread. There’s really nothing wrong with that if it works for those users. And this is on a platform where new Android smartphones are introduced on a weekly schedule.

    Some dicks are claiming Apple should introduce new iPhones every six months to keep up with Android vendors. What kind of retarded reasoning is that. Doesn’t any analyst have a clue what it takes to ramp up production for such short cycles? How could companies ever recoup R&D costs spitting out new models twice a year. Carrier contracts are for two years, so even new models every 18 months is somewhat safe. Yearly cycles work well for every other industry, so why should smartphones be any different.

  4. Some Very Interesting stats from T-Mobile:
    Sold 500k iPhone in a month
    first net customer additions since first quarter of 2009
    ARPU rose 11.3 percent to prepaid customers

    This will make other operates (China Mobile) jump into the iPhone bandwagon sooner rather than later. Think about it, in the U.S. alone, the iPhone saved three network operates; AT&T, Sprint, and now T-mobile. The iPhone is the first phone ever to improve the fortunes, and maybe lifespan, of mobile network operators.

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