“While not as big as the launch of a fully new Apple device, there have been reports of lines forming in front of T-Mobile retail stores ahead of the iPhone’s launch,” AppleInsider reports.

“BTIG Analyst Walter Piecyk tweeted an image on Friday of about ten people in line waiting for the device,” AppleInsider reports. “Likewise, TechCrunch reports that its own intern saw a small line outside of a New York T-Mobile Store.”

AppleInsider‘s calls to a number of T-Mobile stores were unable to get an exact figure for the number of iPhone 5 units sent out, with one attendant saying only that “we have quite a few in both colors.” Multiple T-Mobile retail outlets contacted, though, did verify that they saw small lines outside their locations before opening, and some reported a “full store” some time after opening for business hours,” AppleInsider reports. “Internal documents obtained by TmoNews revealed that T-Mobile had prepped more than 240,000 iPhone 5 units for dispersal to company-owned retail stores for sale on Friday.”

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