New T-Mobile USA iPhone 5 ad ‘Pipes’ blasts other carriers’ networks as ‘overcrowded’ (with video)

T-Mobile USA has debuted a new TV ad, “Pipes,” on U.S. broadcast and cable networks.

Opening on an shot of an Apple’s iPhone 5 on a pedestal between two pipes, one large and one small, the ad’s voiceover states, “This is the revolutionary phone people do more with. And, while overcrowded networks can slow your data, our network has the room to let data flow freely. Introducing iPhone 5 on T-Mobile on our nationwide network with 50% more bandwidth per customers than other carriers, only T-Mobile let’s your iPhone 5 be as great as an iPhone 5.”

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: This concept would also make for an excellent Flomax commercial. It’s enough to make Jesus cry.


    1. if I was the art director of this ad, I wouldn’t use that visual analogy…it is too evocative of a sewer/effluence pipe; maybe two glasses under a simple water tap in a kitchen sink would have been less a negative connotation, with the T-Mobile glass being filled first.

    2. Everyone in the know, knows AT&T is starved for bandwidth. Sprint is not too far off. These are network wide probems for them. They went out and got customers and never built the infrastructure to support the next generation products. That is why they are charging so much for data and tethering. T-Mobile will have the same problem if they get too many customers. They have no monopoly on bandwidth they are just under-utilized.

      1. I switched to Verizon from AT&T and reception and bandwidth are great, at least where I live. My phones actually work as advertised – what a concept! I suffered with the anemic Cingular/AT&T connectivity for like 20 years. It wasn’t until Verizon got 4G networks installed in the area that even they came up to snuff. Oh but AT&T kept promising and promising just never delivered. Too bad so sad. We’ve happily moved on.

      2. I switched to T-Mobile last month and have been very happy with them. They practically trip over themselves to give you good customer service. Service with 4g in LA has been admirable. Solid service at 1/2 the rate for my family. Buh bye ATT f-tards your strangle hold over me has finally been broken. Never going back.

  1. I think that the ad is pretty good. T-Mobile wish to get across the message that they deliver 50% more throughput than rivals, so it would be dishonest to portray the rival pipe dripping slowly. By showing the rival pipe as a reasonable flow and their pipe as a very strong flow, they visualise the concept of comparative bandwidth in a very simple and memorable manner.

      1. the sewer concept is in your mind not the mind of the creator of the ad.
        what i saw was a difference in the strength of the ‘flow.’ the flow of data, the flow of creativity, the flow of accomplishment.

        elevate your thoughts.

  2. On AT&T in Sacramento, I can get 30Mb/s down, 5Mb/s up, around town, on LTE. Even though my work has GigaBit to the Internet, my downloads on AT&T are faster, when I turn off Wi-Fi.

    Seriously stop saying AT&T is simply crapy, and say where you are so we get a better picture. It should be obvious that there is inequity when it comes to available services throughout the country.

  3. I have nothing bad to say about AT&T that wouldn’t also be true with the other carriers. I admire T-Mobile’s effort but it isn’t enough to get me to switch. I get great reception form AT&T and never needed to call for customer service. If T-Mobile can offer a shared data plan, then I would consider switching.

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