Apple’s new MacBook Air’s graphics will be powerful enough to drive Retina display

“It’s no secret that new MacBooks are coming at WWDC in June, but they’ll just be spec bumps, featuring a small ~8% performance boost thanks to Intel’s new Haswell processors, and a gain to battery efficiency. Nothing to get excited about, right?” John Brownlee asks for Cult of Mac.

“Actually, no,” Brownlee reports. “Haswell’s hiding one super beefy update in its silicon: Iris, Intel’s super-charged integrated graphics that will boost Haswell’s polygon by 200% compared to the last generation… not to mention make the MacBook Air’s graphics beefy enough to support a Retina Display.”

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MacDailyNews Take: And we will buy immediately!


  1. Mostly happy user of an original 11 Inch Air, ready for more speed and power for photo editing on the road. I know that even the current Ivy Bridge models will give me plenty more, but is it too superficial to ask for some cosmetic changes too, to make me part with my money? Because that’s just the way I feel about it.

  2. Pro’s for the current 13″ Air
    -1/2lb lighter
    -Angle of the Airs body style

    Pro’s for the current 13″ rMBP
    -2 thunderbolt ports
    -HDMI out
    -faster processor
    -more standard RAM 8GB vs. 4GB
    -Smaller footprint than Air
    -Black border around display (some may prefer the silver)

    So what is it people want… a cheaper 13″ rMBP or is the 1/2 weight reduction really that big of a deal?

  3. Come on now.
    I am not even going to read this article…

    iPad runs a retina screen of 9.5 inches.

    Am I to believe that the Mac book air doesn’t have the graphics power for a retina screen?

    1. It has the same graphics capability as the MBPr13. So of course it already has the chops to run a retina display. I thought the same thing you did when I saw the headline. Stupid article.

      1. How about the battery?

        Just because the current MBA has the same graphics processor, doesn’t mean that the MBA has ALL that it takes to drive a retina display.

        Haswell processors will be more energy efficient. Perhaps they will stick the balance between light weight, retina and battery life.

    2. “not to mention make the MacBook Air’s graphics beefy enough to support a Retina Display.”

      Ugh I read it… this means my iPAD has a better graphics card than INTEL. hahahaha ok so why should I buy again?

    3. Believe what you want. Driving the screen is one thing – the content can be an issue, too. iOS behaves differently when it comes to anti-aliasing text. There are probably other things that iOS does to make it easier to drive a Retina screen, while Mac OS X is more open-ended.

  4. As much as I would LOVE a MBA with Retina (and believe me, my fingers are crossed) I gotta say, I’m not holding my breath. All things being equal, a MBA with retina would compete too directly with the MBPr13 (as it comes now). The only distinguishing characteristics would be slightly faster processor, and two extra ports (Thunderbird and HDMI). So I just don’t see Apple doing that. UNLESS, they also do something to the enhance the MBPr13.

    1. … fact that the MBP is half again as heavy, that the HD on the MBP offers more than twice the storage of the SSD on the MBA, and more.

  5. Call me when Apple makes a RETINA at 27 inches. thx.

    My 27 inch iMac offers far more resolution then my 60 Inch tv.

    funny in a matter of minutes the Haswell processors from intel has offered 2 x the graphic capabilities and 10% performance over the last processor… now down its down to 8%.

    Why would I want this? MErely cos its a Retina?

  6. Yep, I’m spoiled now and won’t buy anything less than a retina display. Having the ability to drive an external monitor is a plus, but I’m so spoiled I’d want a 27″ retina monitor (if that is even possible to create).

  7. Great news! Retina displays are game changers. They should be rolled out as fast as possible across the range.

    … which is a long-standing gripe. Why is Cook not offering superior graphics options for the Mac mini, iMac, or Mac Pro? Why are the desktop machines not packed with SIGNIFICANTLY more GPU and CPU power than the portables?!?!?

    Once again we see where Apple could demonstrate clear technical leadership but Cook instead chooses to pander to Wall Street traders.

  8. The 2012 MB Air 11″ is their greatest creation but with a Retina display wow. Prefer this machine to iPad by far. Same form factor almost but infinitely more useful.

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