Analyst: No Siri for Mac in Apple’s forthcoming OS X 10.9

“Apple’s next version of OS X will probably not include Siri, the digital, voice-activated assistant embedded in the iPhone and iPad, an analyst predicted,” Gregg Keizer reports for Computerworld. “‘Siri would require hardware modifications as well as software,’ noted Ezra Gottheil of Technology Business Research on Monday. ‘I expect that Siri will show up in some future edition, but I don’t think it’s urgent at this point.’ But an expert very familiar with the insides of iOS devices disagreed.”

Keizer reports, “Aaron Vronko, the CEO of Michigan-based Rapid Repair, an iPhone and iPad repair service, said there’s nothing precluding Siri from running on current Mac hardware. Most of the processing workload is done on Apple’s servers, not locally, Vronko said, and Macs have audio processing chipsets — and in the case of the Retina-equipped MacBook Pro, multiple microphones — to match what’s inside the iPhone.”

“Even Macs with a single microphone could handle Siri, although with less accuracy, Vronko argued. On the iPhone 5, Siri relies on three mics (the iPhone 4S, the first Apple device to support Siri, sported two) to strip out background noise and produce a higher-quality audio signal,” Keizer reports. “Yet a one-mic Mac wouldn’t be a deal breaker. ‘You’d expect a Mac to be in a quieter environment,’ Vronko noted. ‘When you’re talking [to Siri] on an iPhone, you’re often in a car or in a crowd.'”

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    1. I’m using dictation presently to enter my comment.
      Yes, the dictation is apart of Siri and Mountain Lion has that.
      The full beta of Siri, well if not available that’s ok.

  1. I always have classical music playing softly in the background when I work on my Mac. I imagine the signal-to-noise is never optimal regardless of device.

    1. “My Mac is currently playing classical King in the airport express. We’re listening to the volleys bassoon Concerto in E flat RV 483 as I’m replying here.”

      That was what dictation picked up. The only word it got wrong was “volleys” = Vivaldi!

  2. Siri for the Mac would be even more pointless than Siri for the iPad. It could be argued that Siri promotes hands free use of the iPhone so there is some sense in installing Siri for the iPhone.

    Although to be honest, I consider Siri to be that retarded step-sister better hidden away in the basement behind locked doors. I have disabled Siri by default on my iPhone and iPad.

    I find it more irritating to use Siri than not use it so to keep my blood pressure at a reasonable level, I’ve banished it to the basement.

    1. I love Siri. My five primary uses for it are reminders, alarms, telling my phone to call someone, searching for nearby businesses, and launching applications. I use it on both my iPad and my phone. On the iPad I primarily use it for search and launching because there’s no phone.

      I have used it for texting, mostly as a novelty, but I would love the ability to do the same things with it on my Mac that I use the mobile devices for.

      It’s either something you’re going to like or not like to do though. Kinda surprised Ballmer doesn’t like it.

      1. Really, apart from turn by turn directions, I don’t see the utility of Siri. I prefer the built in voice recognition software when I want to ask the iPhone to dial someone – Siri just takes too long to respond because every command has to go through the cloud and back again and if you have a spotty Internet connection, you’re done for.

        As for setting reminders, calendar events, etc. I prefer to manually input those myself using the onscreen keyboard. Much easier, and I don’t look like a dork sitting in my cubicle looking as if I’m in a relationship with my phone, talking to it.

        As for entering text, etc. on the iPad, I just pair it with an Apple wireless keyboard. Done and done. No Siri needed anywhere on the horizon.

  3. Why would an analyst be predicting this type of stuff? I don’t even see how it would fall under their realm. It’s not something that would make or break product sales.

  4. I think this ANALyst is talking completely out his arse. I’ve been talking to my mac since the Quadra Days… and maybe even MacPlus, but I can’t remember back that far. There has always been either hardware or software DSP in MacOS and MacOSX.

  5. I use Dragon Dictate for Mac and really do not see the need for Siri on my Mac.

    BTW- Google Now is now available on iOS via the Google Search app in the store.

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