Jony Ive, iOS 7, and what Apple learned from MySpace

“While we don’t know when iOS 7 will make its debut, here’s what we do know: it will be the biggest reinvention of Apple’s flagship OS in years — perhaps ever,” Ben Parr writes for CNET.

“If Scott Forstall was skeuomorphism’s biggest advocate, then Jony Ive is its biggest opponent. Ive is well known for his appreciation of simplicity and flatness — neither of which describe iOS. But if recent reports are accurate, Ive is putting his stamp on iOS in a big way,” Parr writes. “iOS 7, which should make an appearance at Apple’s WWDC in June, will feature a flatter, ‘de-glitzed’ interface. It’s such a big overall that Apple is pulling additional resources to complete iOS 7 on schedule.”

Parr writes, “With iOS 7 set to take the iPhone in a completely different direction, the big question is this: how will users react? As Facebook has taught us, major changes to a popular user interface will always cause controversy and dissent. There’s no doubt that users will question Ive’s decision to drastically change a familiar interface with a foreign one. The initial backlash will not be pretty. MySpace taught us a more important lesson, though: if you don’t evolve, you die.”

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      1. Absolutely – bang on answer.

        Apple Inc. became the new companys’ name as iPhone was rolled out. The direction of the company was to embed its system on regular devices to enhance our lives. There is lots still to come.

    1. The concept of “Flagship” is not about numbers. It’s the ship that you are most proud of, the one that carries the most powerful armament, the one that often carries the admiral, the one that is most special, and for Apple, that’s the Mac.

      The flagship of the US Navy is the USS constitution, a wooden frigate, launched in 1794 still in active service.

      OS X is the flagship operating system of Apple. Only a moron analyst would call iOS the flagship OS.

      1. The word ‘flagship’ originates from the days of the wooden masted sailing ship that flew the flags of the Admiralty. Ships of the line would obtain their commands for battle from the flagship which would be relayed from ship to ship by a system of flags hoisted on the mainmast that would be tall enough for all the surrounding ships to read the message conveyed by the flags.

        Using the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 as an example, Admiral Horatio Nelson’s ship, The Victory, was the flagship of the fleet because the commands originated from that ship and not from any other ship, despite the fact that there were other ships in the fleet which carried more guns and were heavier than The Victory.

        Nelson’s famous series of flags hoisted just before battle commenced said, “England expects every man to do his duty,” which has gone down in the annals of history as the most iconic message before a sea battle.

        A flagship OS for Apple would be the one where the most cues were taken and that remains OS X as iOS is an offshoot of OS X.

        1. Wow, I am duly impressed. Actual knowledge spewing from BLN.I’m retired Navy myself, and was about to post how ships became designated a flag ship.

          In modern parlance, Admirals have their own flag called a pennant. It is flown on the top most mast aboard the ship the Admiral is posted to. That ship is chosen for its living quarters and fleet command/control infrastructure. In today’s Navy that means a carrier.

        2. IOS may have originally come from OSX, but now OSX is getting features that came from iOS. IOS is where the fierce competition is. The days are gone where some new feature is a strong driver of Mac sales. But the fierce completion with Samsung and Android means than iOS is the flagship for Apple’s latest ideas.

      2. in business its about revenue and profits

        MBP’s are the best development workstations these days and the Acura/Lexus choice for consumers. but computer purchases are like washers and dryers these days. its something you buy for the next 5 years or more.

        iOS is what everyone is talking about these days

        1. Sadly, Apple would not have survived long, if not for iOS.

          The devices completed the idea of the Apple ecosystem. The need for a desktop in order to connect to your video camera or iPod meant OSX was very important.

          Now that iOS can has been freed from the PC connection – things are going to get very interesting.

      3. “the one that carries the most powerful armament” – are you telling us this wooden frigate of 1794 is still the US Navy most powerful ship? OF course you aren’t – It was the Flagship of its time and is still regarded in honour of the US Navy as the height of the fleet – with all due respect.

        One can consider OSX as the flagship… however, iOS has been the turning point.

        It provided the power to change the minds of the world and aided in the decline of the PC. Not only is it about the power of its numbers but the aim of the company itself moved towards.

        Apple Inc. is no longer Apple Computer.
        It remains strongly a Software & Hardware company offering the complex package.

        1. *complete package

          The business model is been the same…
          insanely great products inspired to think difference.

          The quality of hardware is one factor, the beauty of its software is the difference.

          This time around iOS is the software making the differences here at Apple.

      1. Yes by all means we should go back to the 50’s. Before Civil rights, women’s rights, the Leave it to Beaver, when everything was right in America. That is, if you were WAP.

        We should forget teaching evolution in our schools as well. Forget moving forward to ensure everyone’s rights including the LGBT’s.

        The conservative movement is killing itself. They are all afraid of being beaten in a primary election by the far leaning right of the Tea Bagger’s. They have done it to themselves and I can just sit back and laugh.

        1. Be very careful what you wish for; enjoy the current moment, for it will leap up and bite you soon enough. Rejoicing in one’s political views that exclude (in hate for) others in their “rights” leads to anarchy, pure and simple!

      2. Good saying! Though I hope that is not the case this time. I have to agree a little, so far I vote the OS I find most productive to be Snow Leopard. The Lion Family isn’t doing much for me, yes it has some improvements but many “Why did they do that” moments as well. Snow Leopard’s strong point is logical bells and whistles and not a lot of stuff that just gets in the way.

        Lion was the first OS ever, and I’ve used them since ’85 that I just didn’t fall in love with. But I use it.

    1. Well said. Personally, I’m extremely nervous about this major shift. Jony and Steve J. worked together many years. I’m wondering why Steve never previously put him in charge of software design?

      1. I think Steve was smart enough to see people’s strengths and value. iOS has always been a prime example of great UI design, the gold standard for many years. It’s only now that it’s starting to look a little long in the tooth.

  1. It’s not as if Apple’s culture is facing such change for the first time. As a previous story posted on MDN noted, Apple went from System 9 to OSX, three CPU changes and several major Mac hardware changes (no floppy, no CD-ROM, from SCSI to Thunderbolt, HD to SSD, etc.) Jony Ive has already put his stamp on the hardware, albeit with a lot of monitoring from Steve, and we’ve seen his handiwork for more than a decade now. It will truly be interesting to see what he comes up with.

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        By the way, as far as “blot on this forum” goes — you may not reeeally want to use that on other people.

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            3. re “hypocrisy”

              My name-calling towards you, bottvijerk, is an extreme behavior in response to a pervasive negative presence. I don’t engage in name-calling with any “normal” posts, where I may, for example, disagree with someone’s views on the use of faux-leather.

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