Why Apple will win the battle for your wrist

“At some point, Apple is widely expected to release a miniature computer for your wrist. Assuming the rumors pan out, you, dear geek, are going to hate whatever is released — because it’s not going to do many of the things that you think such a device should do,” Brian Ford writes for ReadWrite. “Your favorite tech blogs will reaffirm your skepticism by releasing scathing reports about how underwhelming Apple’s newest gadget is, at least when compared against the hype they created about what Apple’s newest gadget should have been. Apple will be doomed, yet again. Tim Cook’s got to go! Cue the sad trombone.”

MacDailyNews Take: Well, the truth of that that depends on which blog is your favorite.

“Ignore all of that. An Apple watch, if it is released, is going to be a big deal,” Ford writes. “In the end, Apple will release a product that looks great and works like it’s supposed to, even if it’s not exactly what we expect, or think we want, out of a smartwatch. And we’ll buy it. The peripheral market for accessories will quickly materialize, at which point the competition, left dumbfounded, will be forced to go back to the drawing board in an effort to mimic Apple’s vision of wrist-based computing. In a few years, you’ll either be wearing Apple’s smart watch, or something remarkably similar to Apple’s smart watch. Not long after that, some anonymous commenter sporting a Samsung Galaxy W will feel clever and point out that Apple didn’t really do anything all that revolutionary.”

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  1. There is no battle for the wrist. If Apple chooses to make an iWatch, it will be everything more than a watch and seamlessly integrate and unify all personal Apple devices, because Apple has a plethora of devices and they all speak Apple OS.

    1. Still it’ll be amusing to see what Samsung will think is a step up in the only “innovation” they know (size) and come out with a 10″ watch flailing about. Someone needs to make a parody stat! “The Samsung Galaxative Armblet 10.” (“Buy one for each wrist and fly & glide off perilous cliffs Sister Bertrille style in relative safety and comfort.”)

  2. I’ll take a tablet over a stupid watch any day.

    I never wore a watch until I served in the military and have not worn one since the day I was discharged 8 years later. I do not plan on wearing one again.

        1. Thank you. Nevertheless, I already wear a silly iPod nano 6 with a god awful case on my wrist, I can’t wait for Mr Jony’s take on a what a smartwatch really should (could) be. I’ll be buying one for sure.
          Go Apple!

  3. And within two years of that release when every company out there has a copycat the Android-lovers out there I see on so many tech sites who don’t seem to have a memory prior to 2007 will say things like, “Apple did not invent smart watches. There were tons of them before Apple. Can’t believe Cupertino is suing again,” maddeningly oblivious to the fact the thing on their wrist will look remarkably similar to Apple’s offering.

    We’ve seen it with computers, music players, phones and tablets. Why would it be any different with watches?

  4. The best part of the article? The last two sentences:

    In a few years, you’ll either be wearing Apple’s smart watch, or something remarkably similar to Apple’s smart watch. Not long after that, some anonymous commenter sporting a Samsung Galaxy W will feel clever and point out that Apple didn’t really do anything all that revolutionary.”

  5. Why Apple will win the battle for your wrist… is that because Apple will hire a bunch of ‘jerk offs’ from Google? Wrist… Jerk offs… you getting me people?! Maybe they can get Eric Schmidt?

  6. I also remember when the iPhone was launched many tech blogs and comments on them poninted out that the iPhone wasn’t anything special because they already had such phones in Japan… Clearly that wasn’t the case because Apple went on the revolutionise the world and Google and later Goosung copied everything they could get their hands on.

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