Decoding Apple’s cryptic WWDC 2013 invitation

“Apple on Wednesday announced its upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference, which is expected to play host to our first look at iOS 7 and OS X 10.9,” Ashleigh Allsopp writes for Macworld UK. “With the announcement came the unveiling of a brand new logo, and, in typical Apple fan fashion, we’ve taken a closer look at the logo and its design to speculate over possible clues hidden within it.”

“Apple is known for its cryptic event invitations, in which the company has previously hidden hints about what to expect during big keynotes,” Allsopp writes. “We won’t find out for sure until the event kicks off on 10 June, although Apple has confirmed that we’ll be treated to an “in-depth” look at the future of iOS and OS X, but for now, we can puzzle over the WWDC 2013 logo in an attempt to uncover some clues.”

Allsopp writes, “The shape of the logo is familiar, with the rounded square resembling iOS icons. We already know that iOS 7 is likely to make an appearance at WWDC this year, so this could be an indication that we’ll be seeing some new iOS functionality… The shape is also shared by the Mac mini and Apple TV, so we could be in for an update of one or both of those Apple products.”

WWDC 2013

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    1. I am hoping that the thin font used in the image is a sign that iOS will have been written to accept stylus input.

      I know there are those that drone on that we don’t need a stylus when we have fingers but for me the true killer app would be a Pages app that treats the screen as a sheet of paper (allowing typing, sketching and note taking on the same document).

      Back when I first switched to Macs and used AppleWorks, I was amazed how easy it was to combine documents of different elements. I feel Pages has moved us away from this ideal, although I understand the trade offs, and like Pages for what it can do.

      I would seem that Apple is working on it, and that it will take time (like the copy/paste implementation) but I have so many ideas that I would like to create with on an iPad that just don’t work well in its current implementation.

      I hope I don’t have to wait much longer.

  1. It is plain as day! The colored squares are like the windows on the old microsoft logo, but only with Apple colors. So it is pretty obvious that finally MS and Apple will be merging as one. It is about time (not the iWatch) these two innovative giants merged as one to be Applesoft.

    Hope to see you soon,

    Belvue Sanitorium

  2. It may just be wishfull thinking but the title the wait is almost over, what apple product line have people been waiting the longest to have updated, the Mac Pro. So maybe just maybe we will finally get a new Mac Pro after all WWDC is where they used to unveil the new towers.

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