Decoding Apple’s cryptic WWDC 2013 invitation

“Apple on Wednesday announced its upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference, which is expected to play host to our first look at iOS 7 and OS X 10.9,” Ashleigh Allsopp writes for Macworld UK. “With the announcement came the unveiling of a brand new logo, and, in typical Apple fan fashion, we’ve taken a closer look at the logo and its design to speculate over possible clues hidden within it.”

“Apple is known for its cryptic event invitations, in which the company has previously hidden hints about what to expect during big keynotes,” Allsopp writes. “We won’t find out for sure until the event kicks off on 10 June, although Apple has confirmed that we’ll be treated to an “in-depth” look at the future of iOS and OS X, but for now, we can puzzle over the WWDC 2013 logo in an attempt to uncover some clues.”

Allsopp writes, “The shape of the logo is familiar, with the rounded square resembling iOS icons. We already know that iOS 7 is likely to make an appearance at WWDC this year, so this could be an indication that we’ll be seeing some new iOS functionality… The shape is also shared by the Mac mini and Apple TV, so we could be in for an update of one or both of those Apple products.”

WWDC 2013

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  1. They point out that they have ditched the Apple Logo…

    Squint a little and you see an apple shape with the bigger chunk/bite out of the right hand side. It even has the top and bottom indentations and a fuller round side on the left.

  2. It’s the iWatch…er…iRadio!!! Black in front…nano colors behind it.
    Correct shape for four icons…hope it is curved slightly, but that might be expensive.
    To release a hardware product at WWDC, it can’t drown all the attention to software, so a lower end consumer product fits this. A colorful iWatch/iRadio/iPod will appeal from age 10-25 and the black one beyond if it does something revolutionary different. Also, a device that keeps your iPhone in your pocket has a halo effect to buy more iPhones…etc.
    A iWatch/iRadio is the only consumer device that can create attention flock in the summertime when most people are thinking about vacation…etc.
    HD radio with skipback appeals to me. Bluetooth and readable text and email messages will keep my phone in my pocket until necessary. SIRI can’t hurt. WiFi?…a distant dream.
    The latest iPod nano changed shape for a reason to not clash in distinguishability.
    I am sure icons are not going to be that color if coming from Jonathan Ive…Roman font a la the first watch…what else could it possibly be?

  3. It’s a representation of a watch – the numerals are akin to the numerals on a sundial or a rotary watch with I, II, III, XII and so forth denoting time.

    The multicolors are the colors of a rainbow or white light broken down into its components which could signify the colored bands the watch will come in or colored bezel that snap on.

    As for the reduction in the font width, that’s a representation of an analog watch’s hand going round its face. The multicolored bands around the face of the watch could be radio waves emanating from the watch communicating via Bluetooth 4.0 BLE with the iPhone.

    I think they’ll announce the iWatch at WWDC.

      1. Jony had nothing to do with the Art Direction of this.

        In deed the shape of the graphic is relating purposely to iOS icon, however, it is 100% geared to iOS offerings for Apple TV. Behold, games and other apps are soon to be made available for purchase on the tiny black box.

        And one more thing, sorry, there no iWatch to be seen at this show.

    1. When seeing the numerals thats immediately what I thought… hey I’d even go so far as to say that ‘D’ is iWatch body and overlapping ‘C’ represents wrist clasp!! Be very surprised if no watch is mentioned!

    2. I concurr… However I thing the round colored squares represent the apps for the iWatch..
      But totally, roman numbers indicate a watch… And also the headline…. The WAITING is over… Representing time again…

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