Why Apple pushing their new mobile products to fall could be a good thing

“Tim Cook dropped quite a bombshell during today’s Q2 FY13 earnings call when he talked about Apple’s product pipeline… ‘I’m just saying we’ve got some really great stuff coming in the fall. And across all of 2014,’ [Cook said],” Jason D. O’Grady writes for ZDNet.

“Some pundits have been speculating that an updated iPhone 5S could be released in the summer (June, July or August) and some have even suggested that an iPad refresh could come as soon as this month,” O’Grady writes. ” It’s easy to see why people would be disappointed to hear ‘fall’ after rumors have indicated ‘summer’ (or even ‘spring’ in terms of the iPad) — but this is why rumors need to be taken with a grain of salt.”

O’Grady writes, “While Cook’s comments could be a decoy to divert attention from his real road map, or a page out of Jobs’ classic ‘under promise and over-deliver’ playbook (he could release products in both summer and fall, after all) let’s take his words at face value for the moment. Not releasing an updated iPad or iPhone until the ‘fall’ actually makes a fair amount of sense and would probably be a good move for the company… Apple is at a crossroads and it needs to step up or step aside, and I hope that it’s using the extra time wisely.”

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      1. Mac Pros are gorgeous machines, but let’s face the facts, hardly anyone wants to buy one. Why would Apple rush a product they can hardly sell? Does that even make any sense at all? Apple needs products they can sell in the tens of millions of units. 500,000 Mac Pros a year (if they’re lucky) isn’t going to cut it. Even iMac sales were down, so think of how poorly a 12-core Mac Pro is going to fare.

        1. You are correct, there aren’t that many of us that use Mac Pros every day. But we have no substitute for the Mac Pro. It’s what we truly need. We were there when Apple was on the skids. We have never wavered in our loyalty as customers for Apple. We didn’t just come along in the last 10 years as Apple supporters. We’ve been there forever. So it’s not about revenue or even margins, it’s about perception for Apple. It’s about PR. And you can bet that there are plenty of folks at Apple who would never consider deserting the professional’s segment of their market. The Mac Pro will come along, it’s just taking an awfully long time for those of us who have been waiting several years. Apple won’t pull the plug on us.

  1. Good article until the “Apple is at a crossroads and it needs to step up or step aside, and I hope that it’s using the extra time wisely” remark…..then it falls back into stupid anal-yst tripe.

  2. We will see mid year (WWDC) as a software and services focus so they can get it right before holiday hardware is released.
    The Mac will shift to a january/ february release and summer refresh after WWDC July/August.

    This leaves iOS devices to be the latest and greatest issued in October/November. (And maybe refreshed semi annually in 2014 April/may).

  3. Lets hope Apple products are amazing in the fall–could be strike three for Tim, Jobs was stubbornly unyielding regarding execution and Apple lately has looked anything but, refreshes need to be ON TIME and spaced out accordingly throughout the year, not all in one month–wake up Apple !

    1. No one hear likes to hear the truth here — FYI I’ve been long Apple for many years, however my faith is being seriously tested with the upper management lately. Even TC himself said that the iMac should have been announced and released in the new year–big oops Tim !

  4. I don’t want live flickering tiles, moving heads and dancing crap on my iPad and iPhone. I want a non-intrusive, rock stable set of functions that aren’t dumbed down so much. I like being able to drag apps onto one another to make “folders” on the iPad and iPhone. I can put them where I want, I can create the hierarchy I want today using multiple pages of the desktop. Just make the apps and the hardware more capable, and more like OS X. Make it so the next iOS and OS X can run on the same piece of hardware like Parallels does with Windows on the Mac today. I want to be able to connect and share with all of my Apple devices (iOS and Macs) like I do with OSX. All that other crap that these people think we need from other flashy BS OSs is nonsense. It’s not boring if it does everything you want it to do and there’s minimal limitations on any one device. I don’t want in-my-face, I want full functionality, stability, and flexibility.

  5. Apple needs to do this. Apple needs to do that. Apple does what it does and ignores the pundits. Their approach has made apple the immensely monster success it is today. Everyone wants their opinion aired but non have an ounce of experience in success remotely close to apple.

  6. does anyone really think that Apple should be releasing iPads and iPhone twice a year – and in the middle of the school year? I’d like my iDevices on August 15 – in time for back to school shopping, thank you.

    Releasing a new tablet in the middle of the school year makes ZERO sense and I don’t even go to school – but sync up and we’ve got gold.

    1. Apple should stick with a yearly cycle, but Apple is going to be literally crushed with bad press by staying with that cycle. I’d say a yearly cycle is the best way to hold up profit margins. However, all the news media is going to constantly talk about is how far behind Apple is falling to every Android vendor out there. There is a constant introduction of new Android products every week and that’s the standard Apple is being made to compete against. That’s how Apple is being valued. Either keep up with Android devices or become a bad investment. The yearly product cycle keeps Apple’s share price in the toilet.

      1. ‘There is a constant introduction of new Android products every week and that’s the standard Apple is being made to compete against.’

        Yeah! Because there are ANDROID products coming out every week by multiple companies, Apple needs to keep pace with EVERYONE and release a phone every week as well to keep pace.

        Samsung came out with a new phone? Apple better put out the iPhone 5S. HTC came out with a new phone the week after? Apple better put out the iPhone 6. Oh wait, Samsung put out another crap phone? Apple releases the iPhone 7.

        You know how ridiculous you sound?

  7. Hopefully they’re not using this extra time to figure out how to make a desktop “thinner”…

    Hey look! It’s the “thinner” Mac Pro… as if anybody really cares.

    As the late Chick Hearn would say: “This game’s in the refrigerator: the door is closed, the lights are out, the eggs are cooling, the butter’s getting hard, and the Jell-O’s jigglin’!”

  8. New product in the fall guarantee Apple the holiday shopping season to itself again and deprive the copiers of any chance to steal and present their stolen derivatives in retail’s prime time.

    As usual, Apple will set the time tables and models that everyone else follows in relatively slow following quarters.

  9. I think Tim Cook is a man with integrity and would not use his words to play around. I take his word exactly what it meant, there will be amazing stuff coming out in Fall through 2014.

  10. Yea, I think that people forget that it is rumors. But since they get nothing from Apple they threats it as fact. How ever, this plays in Apple’s favor most of the times. Creating excitement and buzz.

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