Brightcove’s Jeremy Allaire discusses Apple television potential in-depth (with video)

“Our Executive Chairman, Jeremy Allaire, has written at length about the potential for an Apple connected television or television-like device, and despite his Christmas wishes, the future of this device still remains a mystery,” Jeff Whatcott blogs for Brightcove.

“Perhaps more than any other technology initiative in recent memory, the potential for a game changing device from Apple has created a ton of buzz and excitement,” Whatcott writes. “With Apple’s well established pedigree of market-changing innovations, it’s not a stretch to believe the company is in the best position to succeed in revolutionizing the living room television and create massive disruption within both the broadcast and gaming industries through a proliferation of TV apps.”

“In the spirit of fun speculation, Jeremy Allaire recently sat down with VideoNuze Editor and Publisher, Will Richmond, who has also written extensively about an Apple television device, to share their visions for what this product from Apple will be and when it might be expected,” Whatcott writes. “Jeremy and Will also discussed at length the risks and challenges that Apple will face in trying to bring a potential television to market and the implications for the broader online video and television market.”

Direct link to video here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Apple Consultant TekBasics” for the heads up.]

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  1. It is about the content and not the TV. Get the content you want when you want as affordable as you want. iAds when well targeted will pay for the service unless you want to pay to have it without ads.

    1. It’s about the entire experience, top to bottom, it’s about the Apple ecosystem, every tiny detail. Not just the content. Content is important, but it’s only a piece of what Apple delivers.

      1. The ecosystem for iOS is the apps and the ecosystem for TV is the shows. Although many will play or want to play games on their TV, the big screen is a social device and is best suited to family watching. Games are almost always designed for single or perhaps dual use and monopolize the big screen as well as the entire living room. Games are better played in private rather than in the family spaces.

        1. Every detail. You’re fixated on what goes on the tv. Apple is fixated on everything that surrounds the tv, hardware, software, content, user experience. Your comment that it’s about the content and not the TV is myopic.

          1. I agree that the experience is what counts and the hardware and software should disappear into the background and the shows that we want should be there as if by magic. We shouldn’t be wowed by the flashy software or the special effects. We just want the device to know what we want to watch and present it for us.

  2. So much potential. And with entrenched content and content providers playing hard to get, it just opens the playing field for a brave new world like how the advent of mobile computing that allowed new players such as Google, Apple and an army of young entrepreneurs to leapfrog Microsoft.
    We see this happening with Netflix offering their own content. We will see this happening with websites optimizing their web content for TV just as they did for mobile phones.

    With or without entrenched media players, this is happening. The content part of the equation is the LEAST of it. I actually hope that no content deals are cut with the major players, to easier allow new players emerge with new content.
    Entrenched players are fighting Aero tooth and nail from allowing it to stream their content, it’s a foolish losing proposition, but more power to them in fastening the noose around their neck.

  3. By means of innovation (not to be confused with the definition of “invention”) Apple dominates the way we get music, the smartphone market, and operating systems (if I have missed anything else I was in a hurry, sorry). Eventually, it will dominate the biggest prize of all, TV.

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