“Myriad issues have held back the new Apple TV, from complex dealings and integration with established broadcast cable providers to hardware design and supply issues to the necessary evolution of iOS SDKs — but we won’t be kept waiting forever,” Jeremy Allaire, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Brightcove, writes for AllThingsD. “There’s every reason to expect the new product to launch in 2013. When it does, we’re likely to see massive disruption of the broadcast and gaming industries, the rise of an age of TV apps and an even stronger leadership role for Apple in software, media, communications and consumer devices.”

The new Apple TV will be defined by three key values for consumers:
1. The best way to consume broadcast TV and any online video
2. The ultimate game console
3. The best way to experience all of your apps

Apple needs a two-pronged strategy:
1. A new companion device for TV that starts at $149, attaches to nearly any existing TV, and does not require customers to buy an expensive new monitor
2. A new family of ultra-thin TV monitors that bundles all of the capabilities of the companion device and includes beefed up computing power

Much more in the full article – recommended – here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Rich Wolfert” for the heads up.]