iPhone 5 debuts on T-Mobile USA to lines, crowds

“While not as big as the launch of a fully new Apple device, there have been reports of lines forming in front of T-Mobile retail stores ahead of the iPhone’s launch,” AppleInsider reports.

“BTIG Analyst Walter Piecyk tweeted an image on Friday of about ten people in line waiting for the device,” AppleInsider reports. “Likewise, TechCrunch reports that its own intern saw a small line outside of a New York T-Mobile Store.”

AppleInsider‘s calls to a number of T-Mobile stores were unable to get an exact figure for the number of iPhone 5 units sent out, with one attendant saying only that “we have quite a few in both colors.” Multiple T-Mobile retail outlets contacted, though, did verify that they saw small lines outside their locations before opening, and some reported a “full store” some time after opening for business hours,” AppleInsider reports. “Internal documents obtained by TmoNews revealed that T-Mobile had prepped more than 240,000 iPhone 5 units for dispersal to company-owned retail stores for sale on Friday.”

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    1. I agree… i could have sworn seeing a guy order more than 2 for himself… the line i was in was just about 20… nothing to tell Apple about… But a store that usually no one would bother to visit even during regular business hours… with people their since 5am.

  1. I’m with T-Mo and finally the iPhone and a reasonable rate plan after all this wait… Remember what the first phone and data plan included and it’s cost and look at them today. But year after year, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, I’m waiting a little longer for the summer revision of the next iPhone before making my purchase. Hope time flies and people have great things to say about T-Mos equipment upgrade and user experience.

      1. Apparently some like to get their Phone the same day they buy it…. At least that’s what some told me while i stood in a line. And while at that T-mobile store, the store workers kept saying how their system was overwhelmed… Those that stood in line mentioned that they tried to order their phones online and tried to call in, but they kept getting bumped as well.

        Good for T-Mobile…

  2. Why would anyone want tmobile? They have horrible coverage compared to Verizon and AT&T. There have been so many places I have been that t mobile does not cover. Thier 4G coverage is not that great and really only covers major cities.

    1. Maybe for them, the difference in price is worth the coverage (which, if propaganda is to be believed, is always increasing)? I mean, if T-Mobile offers a significantly better deal and continues bettering their service, why wouldn’t someone want T-Mobile?

      (I’m part of a family plan on AT&T that my father’s office pays for, though, so what do I know?)

  3. Marketing. It’s all about marketing. When people line up outside the Apple stores it’s news. It’s great coverage on TV. T-Mobile isn’t stupid. Millions and millions of dollars worth of free advertising. It’s all a plan. And it worked. Good for T-Mobile. I will certainly be looking at them when it’s time for me to upgrade. Oh wait, I can do that now! I can leave AT&T now. But I’m waiting for a larger iPhone. I have the 4S now. The iPhone five or 5S are not what I am looking for. So it looks like I’ll have to wait until next year. That sucks! And it’s killing AAPL.

    1. Don’t engage in hyperbole, GM. The lack of a phablet is not “killing” Apple. Apple is still selling huge numbers of units and making incredible profits. AAPL is not reflective of Apple’s performance. It is responsive to vague fears of ongoing or future decline combined with the slow progress of Apple’s legal action to dissuade “slavish copiers” from their illegal activities.

      I do happen to agree with you that Apple would be well-served to expand its iPhone lineup a bit, similar to the manner in which Apple evolved the iPod. People want different things from a smartphone, and some of them are seeking something that is more computer/tablet than phone in form and function. That is one reason why I believe that Apple should make all of its mobile devices fully connected.

      I believe that Apple will release an iPhone with a larger display to complement its “standard” iPhone 5-type form factor. But I don’t pretend to know when.

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