RBC cuts Apple Q113 estimates, price target; expects number of catalysts in the 2nd half of year

“Analyst Amit Daryanani of RBC cut is price target for AAPL stock from $600 to $550, while reducing his projected sales for the March quarter,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider. “He has modeled for Apple to sell 35 million iPhones and 18.3 million iPads in the three-month span.”

“His new March projections of $41.2 billion in revenues and $9.59 earnings per share are below Wall Street expectations of $42.7 billion in revenues and $10.08 earnings per share,” Hughes reports. “Daryanani has also cut RBC’s estimates for Apple’s in-progress June quarter, when he believes the company will earn $37.3 billion in revenues and $8.72 earnings per share. Those numbers are also below market consensus, as the analyst believes Apple will be affected by product transitions during the quarter.”

Hughes reports, “Daryanani believes Apple could see some of its momentum return in the second half of calendar 2013. He sees a number of catalysts on the horizon, including anticipated debuts of iOS 7 along with a next-generation ‘iPhone 5S’ and a more affordable new iPhone model.”

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    1. If only the analysts used fuzzy logic, their projections might be better. Fuzzy logic is used to good effect in increasing the IQ of all kinds of machines, smart appliances, electronics gear, even drones. Not sure if it could compensate for neural damage through smart prostheses, but I believe the Army is working on that too.

  1. Yeah I believe whatever anyone at RBC says these days. After all they are the intelligent ones that dump their long term employees AFTER getting them to train their cheap, imported Indian replacements.

    Shameful and stupid.

  2. When Apple releases a new product = worry over its production problem \ margin decrease
    When Apple release a cheap iPhone = the cannibation problem
    When Apple has no new product = the production cut worry / bigger competition \ Market share is low due to no cheap iPhone .

    Any other reasons ? U say it .

    I wonder HOW AND WHAT can make Apple rise back !!!!

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