How Apple’s iPhone makes it difficult for Microsoft, Nokia, HTC, And BlackBerry to sell their new phones

“What’s going on in the crazy world of smartphones? Yes, Apple set the bar pretty high with the iPhone’s unique user interface. And, Apple continues to advance the state of the art with better and larger screens, higher resolution, faster graphics and CPUs, and an attractive industrial design,” Kate MacKenzie blogs for PixoBebo.

“New smartphones from Nokia, HTC, BlackBerry, and to a less extent, Samsung, have hardware and basic software that rivals Apple’s iPhone,” MacKenzie writes. “That’s ‘rivals,’ but does not advance the state of the art much. In other words, they’re gaining parity on hardware, and moving closer on software. Close is only good in hand grenades and horseshoes.”

MacKenzie writes, “Apple’s rivals continue to skate where the puck is, and not where it’s going to be. That seems to be Apple’s forte. While you can find many smartphones at lower price points than Apple’s iPhone 5, the prices are not sufficiently low to disrupt the leader. Apple marginalizes lower priced smartphones by keeping the iPhone 4S and 4 around at discounted prices, but with a similar user experience by installing the latest version of iOS.”

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  1. get off the icrack, apple hasn’t led innovation since the iphone 4. They have an old OS with a boring UI. The hardware is about the worst you can find in a premium smart phone. The iphone 5 has less RAM and a slower processer than most, no NFC and a small 4″ screen. I just had a iphone 4 but I upgraded to a Blackberry Z10 and it’s leagues above the iphone. Seriously, Apple is falling behind and that’s why their share price has gone from $705 to $425 since the iphone 5 launched. Investors know that unless Apple really does start to innovate again, they will be in Blackberry’s shoes in a matter of 2 or 3 years.

        1. Damn! Those were great commercials. Now Samsung is doing the same thing to Apple. Apple needs to put someone in charge of their advertising. Because they haven’t done shit for two or three years. The ads that they have been running are lame. And not just lately either, but for quite some time. Tim, do you have a PR department? Do you have an advertising budget? Hello. Hello Tim are you there?

    1. Ouch. Gheeze.I stand corrected. Hope you enjoy your superior experience. Better iCal this comment for 2015 or so. See if my iPhone3 is still kicking your ass.

    2. Are you a clown? A circus clown? You sure sound like a total dumb ass.

      A BB Z10 better than an iPhone 5? You’re kidding me right? That piece of trash isn’t even up to the level of an iPhone 3GS. Jesus the shit that comes out of your mouth.

      I ought to put you down for some rabies shots because you’re clearly infected by being bitten by the chimpanzee in the circus.

      1. And that’s the level of maturity I expect from a dip shit who has fallen hook line and sinker for Apple Marketing. Unlike you, I have had both so I can speak from experience. There is a reason why approximately 22% of people buying the Z10 are switching from Apples Iphone. It is a new technology and is a generation ahead of iOS. That is a fact,

        1. “That’s a fact, Jack!” /s

          Opinion is not fact. Boring is an opinion, these days expressed by the apparently endless swarms of tech geeks without jobs, convinced that things have to change as fast as they can channel surf. Apple hit a grand-slam with the original iOS and iPhone. Changing to be “like” Sammy & Co., would be like going backwards; but apparently there are plenty of people interested in going backwards, kind of like driving by looking in the rear-view mirror instead of the forward windshield.

          1. BlackBerry hit a home run with its BlackBerry OS 1999. Then Apple did come out with iOS and it set the new standard. But if you think that is the standard for all time than you are very misguided. The BB10 OS is the new standard

        2. The BB Z10 is totally copied from the iPhone. The onlything added was a swipe feature and a hub feature that is an unorganized mess.
          Look at the iOS notification system. It is organized by type of event and can be customized by where and when the alerts show up.

          The Z10 lacks native apps, financial and brokerage apps, sports apps, and Netflix, Logmein, and nomOutlook sync support for PC users.

          The battery life is still being complained about on th BB forums. No cloud functions for syncing music, data, contacts, email, calendars, reminders, broswer favorites, notes, photos, etc….with your computer, iPad and iPhone

          Your 22% figure must have come out of thin air. I work with clients and the last BB user switched to th iPhone months ago and no one has even inquired about the BB products. My business associates have all switched to the iPhone and there is no reason to switch back to an unfinished and unproven OS.

          The Apple platform of hardware software and ecosystem is still unmatched.

          Just check out a company called Good Technology who is offering MDM to the millions of list BB subscribers., even the Air Force have switched.

          1. Almost everything you just said is a flat out lie and because it’s you I will provide you with some facts. The BB 10 OS is completely different than iOS so therefor it can not be a copy. The core architecture is completely different. BB 10 is a micro kernel which makes it extremely stable. As for apps, Blackberry 10 has over 80,000 native apps (80%) and it grows by almost 3,000 total apps a week. There are many apps on iOS that you can’t get yet on Blackberry 10 like Netflix but that is because more people use iPhones. Apple didn’t make the apps and as more people move to Blackberry than the apps will follow. as for financial, sports and outlook sync support, I have all of those on my Z10. As for syncing music and things, that does work just fine thank you. I buy music on my phone and then I can sync to my computer and my tablet. Cloud service, box is on BB 10. It doesn’t do as much as icloud but last I checked that didn’t work very well either. Now for the biggest bunch of BS In your whole rant. The 22% of Z10 buyers coming from iphone number came from Mr. Heins (CEO of Blackberry) at his Q4 earnings call. He can’t make that number up or he risks going to jail so no, that number didn’t come from thin air. The OS is finished, that’s why it was delayed several times because they couldn’t release another unfinished OS like they did with the playbook. There will be updates and bug fixes but incase you didn’t notice, apple does that with iOS all the time. Your blind to anything that isn’t apple and that’s obvious so don’t pretend that you know anything about the Blackberrys because you definitely only think you know things that you read on a site probably like this one by people who hate anything that might be better than your precious iphone.

            1. you say its good, the other guy says it’s bad

              that’s just opinion. At the end of the day its sales that will tell the truth.

              fact is after the little rush at the start from geeks Z10 sales suck when compared to iPhone. Rim says Z10 sales are good but they are only referring to Z10 compared to other BBs (which have totally sucky sales) NOT the iPhone. Rim only sold 1 million Z10s last quarter and now analysts (which Rim is denying) are saying z10 returns are very high.

              blackberry phones also only sell well in countries where apple has little presence like India and Indonesia. Where iPhone has good distribution people throw BBs into the trash and switch to iPhone (this is a fact from sales numbers and marketshare).

              If Z10 is such a groundbreaking wonder object as you described surely with Rims massive infrasture (it’s on practically all carriers — hundreds — around the world vs one for the first iphone) Z10 sales should be huge?

            2. Who said the Z10 sales were so bad? Blackberry sold 1 million Z10s in the first 33 days but it was only available in one country for the whole time (the UK). It was available in Canada for 3 1/2 weeks. Then It was released in the UAE the next week. The biggest market it hit during the first 33 days was India and that was on Feb. 25 and that is not a big market for premium priced phones. Apple sold 5 million iphone 5 on the first weekend but it was in all major markets for it’s launch. That being said, there was no expectations that the Z10 was going to out sell the iphone but it will start to take back some market share. There are way to many people out there, like many on this site, who don’t think that anyone can ever make a product better than apple. That attitude takes some time to change. The iphone as a product has fallen behind, now it will take a few years before the masses get fed up with them and start to switch, just like what happened to BlackBerry in 2009.

            3. “The 22% of Z10 buyers coming from iphone ”

              22% from how many sales?

              if you sold a handful of phones even a small number of switchers give you big a big percentage.

              If I had a new Pc OS and I got one sale to a windows user I can say 100% of my switchers is from Msft.
              Can I say I’m killing msft?
              Ballmer and Gates will be laughing their head off…

              Also did the rim boss tell you at the same time how many BB users switched over to the iPhone?
              say a hundred thousand iPhone users switched to z10 but 2 million BB users might have switched to the iPhone…
              ever thought of that?

            4. There were about 220,000 Iphone users switch to the new Z10 in the month of February. BlackBerry lost 3 million subscribers in the forth quarter from December to the beginning of March. No data has been released as to how many of them switched to iphones but if you go by the market share it would be about 600,000. The thing is that the new Z10 was only out for the last month in the quarter. I don’t spew false information, it’s all fact. If blackberry owns 5% market share at the end of the year than they have taken it from Android and Apple. Apple will start loosing market share this year or next if they don’t come out with a new OS.

            5. Or you do the math. BlackBerry lost those subscribers over a 3 month period. The gains were only one month with the Z10. That would indicate that if BlackBerry had the Z10 for the entire 3 months, they would have had a net gain of 60,000 subscribers at apples expense. And to boot, the Q10 starts going on sale at starting at the end of April in some places and should hit the US market in May.

    3. opinions are like assholes, we all have them, of course. now sometimes, the orifice is clear, yet other times, it is filled with shit. IMHO, what I read falls right into the shit end of the array.
      btw, enjoy the blowberry and keep on envying.
      happy trails

    4. I’ll give you your point on the larger screen. iOS is the best. It’s safe and that’s the way I like it. Apple makes the best hardware. Hands down. Re: NFC, I have no opinion. Dunno? Not having a larger screen iPhone has obviously hurt the stock price. Anyone can see that. You’re no genius. But Apple will be rectifying that eventually. When it does the stock price will kick up. Innovation is not something you do like deciding to go for a ride in the country. They’re working very hard to come up with new ideas. As are other companies they are competing with. We’ll see who comes up with the “next big thing”? iTeleporter Tim.

        1. Yes, but they design it. I realize they don’t assemble it. And as someone who uses it to make a living, not just to surf the net (nothing personal), I value and appreciate that hardware greatly.

          1. BlackBerry makes a better work phone. It come with Docs To Go (that’s a blackberry program) and the keyboard is second to none, even on the Z10. As for hardware, the processor Apple designs and Samsung builds it. Every thing else is off the shelf. I phone 5 has a 1.3 Ghz Dual core, Z10 is 1.5 duel core. Both products are vertically integrated so the advantage is BlackBerrys with the faster processor and twice the RAM.

            1. BB had to use the 1.5 duel core to give them a fighting chance at survival.

              Docs to Go on the BB is worthless compared to Numbers, Pages, and Keynote.

          1. Apple is moving a manufacturing plant to California to make Mac Computers, not iphones. And by the way, how long has it been since Apple, the second richest country in the world, actually made a product in the US?

    5. So Jamiey is a smarty pants huh?

      I own and iPhone and the BB Z10 (love it). Do you use NFC today? You’re just regurgitating the same crap from tech media.

      WHY should Apple add a “NFC” component into a device when the utility of NFC is not widely deployed in any commercial sense? So…are you waving your Z10 at some store to purchase stuff? Uh, yeah, I think not. Apple is not going to do the “swiss army” like Samsung and the gang for the sake of “feature marketing”…if there is no commercial application, WHY ADD IT and then why should I, the consumer, PAY FOR SOMETHING that has no use?!

      Get off your high-horse boy. Apple isn’t sitting back — they tossed out one dude for Ive’s cleaner view on UI…let them deliver and stop whining about the share price going down because a bunch of people cashed out to make money and wait for the next wave of product roll-outs.

      This isn’t amateur hour.

      1. If Apple had NFC every ifan on this site would swear it is the best technology and would criticize any phone without it. People with BlackBerrys are using their phones to make payments at stores already. Only BlackBerrys system has been approved by visa. Apple hasn’t led the way for 2 years now.

    6. Ahh someone with a Z10. Maybe you can help me. What does the blue spinning circle on a black screen mean? That’s what I got after trying to use the Z10 at the AT&T store for 30 seconds. A minute later it was still spinning.

        1. It might be but I couldn’t get it off the spinning blue circle so would i know. I was sharing my experience with the Z10 and asking a question. Did the Z10 crash or did i need to wait longer for it to do whatever it was doing. I HAVE to use a Blackberry for work and wanted to know what I was in for. Based on MY experience I am dreading the ‘upgrade’ day.

          1. Sorry about that, I have gotten so many nonsensical replies that I assumed you were trying to trash the Z10. I don’t have that problem with mine. It didn’t crash because the new BB10 won’t crash ever. Apps might crash but the core OS will remain stable. I don’t know what the phone was trying to do when you were using it but I have never seen that blue circle for more than a couple seconds

    7. Jamiey, you posted some pretty foolish comments, but your final sentence was the worst. Apple has so much money that it could stop producing anything and just feed off of that ~$140B or so for the next decade. And that won’t happen because Apple is still making huge amounts of money and will continue to do so for years, even if it does not manage to maintain its leading position in mobile device technology.

      Thanks for playing…try again next year.

      1. Apples cash position has nothing to do with what I was talking about. I was referring for market share. Do you think BlackBerry is broke? They have 3.9 billion in cash and 0 debt. That is very far from broke.

    8. So the Z-10 has a worse map, voice control, battery then the 4S, how is that better? It is has a walled garden and a proprietary message service, yet the Android fans arn’t slamming it for not being open. There is no integration with a tablet, or a plan for one. Yes it has a few good ideas, but not enough.

      1. Typical. The battery lasts longer than the Iphone 5, the new blackberry has better specs in every way than the 4s except that they both have 8mp rear cameras and it integrates with a blackberry PlayBook better than any other phone tablet combo. Don’t say anything unless you know what your talking about

          1. The Blackberry Playbook came out 2 years ago and yet the sales have started to go up. In the last quarter they sold 370,000. Not bad for a 2 year old tablet. Oh and the user reviews on websites like Best buy are higher for the playbook than the ipad.

      1. I owned 2 iphones before my BlackBerry, I’m no troll. I am a X Iphone user who used iphones because they were the best. BlackBerry 10 is now the best so now I use the Z10.

        1. Wait- don’t tell me: but you’re a “lover of Apple products”, right?

          Oh, and excuse me dumbass, but “Docs to Go” (“Documents to Go”) is a program made by DataViz, and simply comes pre-installed on BB’s by RIM (the company now re-named Blackberry). RIM has been pre-installing D2G on BB’s for some time, but they DID NOT make it. I know because I had the program on my Treo’s, my iPhone 3G, 3Gs, 4, 4S, and now on my iPhone 5 and iPad.

          I actually thought twice before bothering to even respond to your string of posting drivel because of the sophomorically huge amount of spelling errors they contain, which makes it virtually impossible to take any of your ramblings seriously.

          Did you get a Z10 because your Daddy passed down the one he received from work to you, as he already has and uses his iPhone for work-related needs?

          Come on- fess up, will you? Quit trying to put one over on all us “fandroids” on this forum.

          1. Before you get fired up you should check your facts. BlackBerry bought D2G, I never claimed they made it but they do own it. Did you know that Apple bought Siri? That’s right, Apple didn’t invent or make Siri. D2G can still be put on other platforms but blackberry comes with the premium version for free. By the way, I have had 2 iphones and still own a Mac book pro and an apple tv, like them just fine.

            1. We all know that Apple bought Siri. And you needn’t try to bolster your credibility with Apple ownership stats. That doesn’t work, even if it’s true.

              Protest too much, and the large men in the back of the casino begin to take notice.

            2. So even though everything I say is true it doesn’t work? I pointed out Siri was bought by apple to point out that just because Blackberry didn’t develop Docs 2 Go doesn’t make it any less a Blackberry product today. Speaking the truth to a bunch of apple zombies is exhausting. I have owned Iphones, still own apple products which I enjoy so I am not a apple hater. The fact is that I enjoy the Blackberry Z10s features, they are in most cases better than the iphone 5. A large portion of Z10 buyers are like me, previous iphone owners and we like it. User reviews are very high for a reason. Now since 55% of Z10 buyers have come from other platforms (iphone and Android) than why do you suppose the user reviews are so high? Anyone who complains about the Z10 when they have either never tired it or never given it a real chance has no room to talk. I have used both, I can truly make an informed decision.

            3. Jamie. I wasn’t saying you’re wrong. I was saying that when you come blazing with Blackberry ammunition, the locals aren’t going to call a town hall meeting. They’re going to yell “Hey Rube”.

              This is not a tech forum. It is a society.

            4. Yeah I get that but I have been getting ridiculous comments directed at me that has forced me to defend my position. Technical points were only used to serve that purpose.

            5. I stand corrected:

              I guess I now look like the dumbass.
              The fact remains, however, that it is your opinion that the Z10 is better than the iPhone, NOT a fact. And, even if you are absolutely correct, RIM/BB has wasted too much time coming up with a response to the iPhone/iPad, and will never be able to catch up or return to their former dominant status. They will not be able to retain their current user base, and will eventually die out, IMO (and in the opinion of their stockholders, as reflected in their weak share price and current market capitalization). Their former business stronghold has lost faith and have been leaving in droves, and they no longer have the consumer mindshare needed for a comeback either. I’m afraid no mater how good the Z10 may or may not be is irrelevant, and to little, too late to save the company.

  2. Good is the enemy of Best! SJ, on a few occasions over the years, said (me, paraphrasing) that it is not what all you put into something, but what you leave out that makes it better. Another quote on leaders, which is similar: It is not what you say “yes” to but what you say “no” to that makes a great leader.

    Products, Leaders, simplifying by saying no and leaving out the un-needed! This is why the older models of iPhones still sell so well. Does what it is supposed to, does it well and is uncluttered. But techies and tech journalists don’t like that.

    1. It doesn’t matter if its original you idiot. It matters if its true. And in your case, looks like the truth hurts… just a little bit.

      So why are you trolling around this site?
      Not much intellectual stimulation over on the Android sites is there?

  3. Can we retire that Gretzky quote already? And that hand grenades/horshoes quote, too?

    Where’s George Bush when you really need him? I’m sure he could mash up those two quotes and add a spin to it no one else could come up with.

    That might make for a good game: “What Would George Bush Say?”

    My entry: “Close is skating to where the grenade will…er, the horseshoe counts, you know, where it will be.”

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