RUMOR: Apple to announce replacement for Mac Pro soon

Apple will announce its replacement for the company’s Mac Pro lineup this month, a source who has been correct about Apple product matters in the past has just informed us.

Our source offered no information as to whether the “Mac Pro replacement” would be a tower, mini-tower, or some other solution, but did caution that the announcement “could slip into May or even June, but currently April looks most likely.”

We cannot independently corroborate this information, so this item has been categorized as a rumor.

We’ll bring you more info if/when we get it.

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    1. I don’t believe it.

      And seeing how the Mini is 3 times more powerful than my mid-2005 Mac Pro and 3 times cheaper, I am just going to get 3 Mac Mini’s and operate 2 with Remote Desktop.

      I feel sorry for those that really think they need a MacPro

        1. And we’re sorry every time we have read a comment like this.
          ‘Because I don’t need a Mac Pro, neither should you’.
          How narrow minded is that??

        2. And honestly, minis are such a let down compared to an iMac. By the time you get the peripherals monitor etc you just should have bought an iMac. From experience. And they are by no means for professionals. You can always tell a novice or amateur by senseless posts against pros. In the meantime avid releases pro tools advances and final cut not-so-pro x (x, like my x wife) still is just silly. Sucks. Cannot be used and by no means an industry standard. That was when apple slipped.

        3. Look I know you want to test the latest and greatest audio and video hardware in your Mac even though the drivers are not fully tested. And for that, I feel for you.

          But the rest of us realize that the video card in the latest mini is more powerful than last year’s top of the line NVIDIA graphics card and is more than sufficient for our needs.

        4. If you feel the HD4000 that is in the current gen mac minis then why would Apple put discrete graphics cards in the 15″ macbook pro lines that also have the hd4000 on the cpu? Yeah you have no idea what you are talking about as the above mentioned.

        5. There are really very few internal pro audio cards left. Most manufacturers have bailed to usb, firewire and Thunderbolt audio interfaces to get out of the noisy EMF inside computers and it’s so much easier to hook up an external card and be able to move it as you switch or upgrade computers.

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  1. I just hope its something with the ability to be rack mountable with redundancy and at least 8 HD’s. But I highly doubt any of those will come true.

      1. Many are no doubt holding off buying new Mac Pros, not because the product line itself is a bad value or idea overall, but because the last major update to it was over almost 3 years ago (so they’re rightly expecting a new one soon), and it’s easy to get a self-fulfilling conclusion of a market that’s “too small”. I suspect the report doesn’t take this into consideration.

        1. It’s the only option. There is nothing else to replace it. A Mac Mini, a MacBook Pro or an iMac won’t cut the mustard. We need new Mac Pros.

    1. rack mountable with redundancy and at least 8 HD’s?
      That’s a server not a workstation
      (and with redundancy it’s a enterprise level server) so, if you are serious (questionable) you will most assuredly be disappointed. It will be a workstation, whatever form it takes (apple had an extremely nice 1U enterprise server, very few recognized it’s greatness and therefor was discontinued, I don’t think they are going down that road again)

        1. When every “server” software component was straight from Open Source the only advantage that XServe had was OSX’s administration tools. However, I suspect they had difficulty competing with Linux admin tools and Linux support in VM infrastructures.

          It’s sad, but it seems Apple is wise to stay out of that server market.

          Now.. “Home” servers, with OSX Server running on a Mac Mini is a perfect solution and is my next purchase for my home.

        2. You my friend, would have to be completely clueless.

          You have apparently never been around (or administered) enterprise level hardware. The xserve was a flat out stunning piece of kit (both hardware and software (That it could run -anything- notwithstanding)).
          That it was not more successful is mostly due to apple hate rather than any real shortcomings.

        3. You have me there! I am clueless. I must admit that I have never seen an Xserve and have never had the opportunity to compare it to a our Linux or Windows servers.

          I will grant you that the Xserve was a beautiful machine as I know not otherwise. If it was half as beautiful as my Mac Pro, then it would be a stunning machine.

          And, that machine could run Linux, Windows, or OSX.

          So.. Again… This is about software not hardware.

          You say “because of hate”… Not sure I 100% buy that argument. But I suppose there is some truth to that.. Or perhaps it’s just ‘uncertainty’.

          Mac Pro
          “General purpose server” like the mini

          All different purposes.

          And Apple appears to be targeting consumers and not the enterprise.

          Perhaps this will change in the next few years.

        1. The problem is the mini is a personal computer.
          A workstation needs to be able to sustain 100% loads for hours (or days) on end in “uncontrolled” environments.
          Try pegging a mini (or an iMac FTM) in a 75 or 80° room and you will quickly see what I mean. (the same goes for most any windows “PC” as well)
          I see this all the time with “windows PC homebuilders who often compare consumer level components in a cobbled witches brew PC to the MacPro’s as proof of greater value. It just aint the same class of machine. PC manufactures make workstations too and they cost as much or more than the MacPro’s (but arguing that with the typical PC gamerz is a waste of breath)

        2. Comparing a custom gaming PC to an iMac, though, is fair game, since they’re both consumer-class machines. But you can’t even customize graphics card unless you start with the highest-end model, starting at $2000.

        3. Ah, I see we have a PC Gamerz-boy visiting…
          No you can’t compare a consumer level PC to a workstation just because they are both in a big box.
          Again, they aren’t even in the same class.
          If you compare real windows PC workstations to MacPro’s you will find the macs are very competitive (and are better designed & built) and are often less.
          Comparing Mac pro’s to box consumer PC’s because “both can switch video cards” is beneath stupid.

        4. Your entire comment didn’t address anything I wrote.

          How did you even get “Mac Pro” from “iMac”? You didn’t even finish (or at least comprehend) the first line before foaming at the mouth. You can’t even *get* a new Mac Pro for the $2000 I mentioned, never mind the high end one.

          My main computer, the one I’m typing on right now, is a 2012 Macbook Pro. Thanks for playing, try again.

          FFS, I didn’t even disagree with anything you wrote :rolleyes: You context-switched from servers and “personal computers” to Mac Pros, I context-switched back since I was *only* making a point about consumer hardware comparisons, which you yourself imply is a valid comparison (since neither gamer PCs nor iMacs are workstations or servers…).

          Try reading and comprehending before reacting, you’ll embarrass yourself and us rational Mac fans less.

        5. Simmer down there bucko…
          Yes I did think you were comparing the video card “customization” of a vanilla box PC to the Macintosh line.

          However… I don’t see your point. In Apple’s consumer line you simply purchase the model that you want. That you need to purchase a -better- model to get -better- video performance doesn’t seem counterintuitive to me. (and that is from nearly any customer perspective, having run large deployment schemes, I can tell you from personal experience that having scores of different “custom” configurations out there is a nightmare for enterprise customers and small business customers alike.)

        6. “and us rational Mac fans”

          And… BTW it’s kind of like being smart, cool (or a lady)…
          if you need proclaim it, it very likely isn’t so.

        7. And… BTW, if you need to use ad hominem attacks, you very likely have no argument. “Pc gamerz-boy”, eh? If you need to proclaim it when trying to discredit someone rather than their argument, it very likely isn’t so.

        8. My *point*, now that that’s cleared up, is that while gamers should not compare against a Mac Pro, if one is looking to get a machine for gaming then comparing iMacs to PCs based is valid, especially since you don’t even have the option to customize GPU til you reach the $2000 model. Sure it comes with a nice 27″ screen and the GTX 680MX upgrade is no slouch, but it’s still a mobile GPU. For 99% of games that won’t matter (nor would an i7 processor over an i5), but X-Plane can eat even the top of the line desktop GPU for lunch if you crank up the settings.

        9. Ad homonym?
          You are quite obviously a hardware/spec centric gamer.

          And as they say, If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

        10. “Correcting” ad hominem with the wrong spelling doesn’t help your case at all.

          I fly X-Plane, a serious flight simulator and engineering tool. It is extremely demanding on hardware, so yes, you have to learn all this complicated hardware stuff when getting a machine for it. So what if PC gamers do it, professionals need to know their hardware too.

          I have a brain and memory. I can analyze stuff and think things through logically. I can put myself in other people’s shoes, that’s why I can put myself in the shoes of Mac Pro users and hardcore PC gamers (quacks like a duck) even though I don’t use one and am not one (look at that, I am not a duck after all). If you think those qualities disqualifies people from remaining primarily a Mac and iOS user… well, you’ve gone from insulting me to insulting the entire Apple community. Congratulations.

        11. Cost:$1295. Mac mini “server” option sold separately starting at $999.

          It is *a* solution, it’s even a novel one from an engineering standpoint, but it doesn’t mean it’s a *good* solution, for the reasons Tesselator covered.

  2. I think it will be designed as components.

    The “base” component is the main logic board (CPU, video, RAM …), primary drive (hard drive or SSD), and power supply. It has all the expected ports. This is “the Mac” and many users will not need anything else.

    The “storage” component provides four drive bays. If you need more drive bays, add another one.

    The “expansion” component provides space for expansion cards, with three slots. If you need more, add another one.

    The components stack using built-in sockets, which are basically Thunderbolt connections. Or, if not stacked, they can be connected with Thunderbolt cable.

    No optical drive. Users needing an optical drive can simply add an external USB drive of their choice.

    1. Thunderbolt thunderbolt thunderbolt, Everyone keeps bettting on Thunderbolt to be the interface between everything. One problem It’s TOO damned slow!!! If Apple cobbles together anything like that it’s performance will suck

      1. Was this sarcasm?

        Other World Computing posted test results on their website showing that SSDs can’t fill a Thunderbolt pipeline so how slow is slow and how fast is fast?

  3. Another rumor.

    Normally when there is going to be a product release, Apple sends the press invitations.

    Or doesn’t Cook do public product releases anymore? His track record indicates that AAPL stock plummets each time he speaks in public.

      1. Jim, Jobs didn’t preside over a 40% slide in stock value.

        Apple’s long-term trend under Jobs was always up. That was because of constant _obvious_ innovation and new products that offered unique value compared to the competition. Jobs didn’t wait forever to launch a full family of iPods. Cook can’t seem to figure out the same strategy for the iPhone.

        MDN, despite many of its followers giving Cook enormous amounts of leash with which to sit and do practically nothing except hoard cash. Instead of new products, we see Apple pour money into a failed iCloud and a ridiculous “space ship” building while Samsung nibbles away at Apple’s potential mobile customers and Microsoft Windows miraculously maintains a 90% market share. Why the hell is Apple standing pat while MS flounders? Does Cook intentionally not want to gain PC market share?

        MDN gave this accurate assessment not long ago:

        Has Tim Cook become a liability at Apple?

        Moreover, the Mac Pro damn well better be a marquee product. A lot of people expect it to be the most powerful, best equipped Mac that Apple has ever offered — and an indispensable part of their businesses.

        How silly of Mac users to assume that despite constant CPU and GPU innovation, they should use a Mac Pro with 2+ year old technology, or an un-upgradeable, designed-for-obsolescence iMac / Mac mini / laptop or slowly turn iOS into just another ad-pushing platform.

        Cook doesn’t seem to remember that the Mac platform requires constant innovation to regain market long ago lost to cheap windows boxes.

        But rather than seize the opportunity, the rate of value improvement from a hardware, OS, and software standpoint has been in slow motion since Cook took the helm. All we’ve seen is a fumbled iMac intro, non-existent Mac software new releases, and 2 regressions in major Mac OS releases. I am not impressed, and the stock price shows investors aren’t either.

  4. EVGA got something for New Mac Pro

    EVGA GeForce GTX 680 Mac Edition 2GB

    Core Specs

    1536 CUDA Cores
    Base Clock: 1006 MHz
    Boost Clock: 1058 MHz
    Bus: PCI-E 2.0
    Texture Fill Rate: 128.8 GT/s

    Memory Specs

    Memory Detail: 2048 MB GDDR5
    Memory Bit Width: 256 Bit
    Memory Clock: 6008 MHz
    Memory Speed: 0.33 ns
    Memory Bandwidth: 192.26 GB/s

    Key Features

    NVIDIA GPU Boost
    Supports four concurrent displays; two dual-link DVI connectors, HDMI and DisplayPort 1.1
    NVIDIA CUDA Technology
    PCI Express 2.0 Support
    OpenGL 3.2 Support
    OpenCL Support


  5. I’ve got a 1.1 MacPro and it’s killing me!! I’ve been wanting to spend an insane amount of money on this computer for years but have held off. Now please update the cinema display to the new friction welds so I can buy two of these also.

    1. My 1,1 Mac Pro wouldn’t start up last week, and I replaced it with a 2.4 eight core system. Just upped the stock 6 GB ram to 20 GB. Enjoying my refurb Mac Pro.

  6. My 2009 Mac Pro is still pretty amazing, now with the Accelsior SSD card. The tower design is so clean and easy to customize, even the fastest PC is still a mess of cables and wires. I have no plans to upgrade anytime soon.

  7. Final Cut X…really? Look if people want that amateurish cr..p then let them have it, but how about a true 64 bit version of some real editing software, FCP 7, well…really FCP8! Cue the X defenders indignant defense, almost all of whom have never used 7.

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