Apple’s revolutionary iPad turns 3 – will it continue to keep would-be competitors at bay?

“April 3 marked the 3rd anniversary of the introduction of Apple’s iPad tablet. It was the beginning of turning yet another market on its head by the iconic company,” Mark Morelli writes for The Motley Fool.

“Just as it did previously with the iPod in 2001 and the iPhone in 2007, devices which radically altered how we listen to our favorite songs and talk, text and surf on the go, Apple has transformed the low end of the mobile (and maybe all) computing industry too,” Morelli writes. “So as the iPad goes into its 4th year of existence will it continue to be a big seller and keep the computing industry upside down? Or will it be another flash in the pan? And will Apple release another game-changing product soon?”

Morelli writes, “I’m going to put my money on Apple to continue to have success and keep the competition at bay.”

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    1. Suckers are born every minute who will buy on price and settle for something sounding “Kind” & “Gentle” like Kindle.

      Only people I know who bought Kindle, interestingly, own an iPad.

  1. I’d be fearful of the iPad’s future if Apple hadn’t been wise enough to design and release the mini. But now the sky is the limit. The mini is such an important strategic weapon (and a damn fine product to boot). Apple is ahead of the game, and with the rest of the industry still foolishly making 16:9 tabs they don’t even have a chance to compete for my money.

    1. The iPad mini is the derringer that Paladin concealed beneath his gun belt, with which he could turn the tables on an opponent even if disarmed of his Colt .45. Then he would return to his digs at the Hotel Carlton in San Francisco, settle in with a snifter of VSOP, and move the white knight on his chessboard in a symbolic checkmate of his latest victim.

    1. There are many people, who I work with, that will buy a Windows laptop PC every two years and never even think about getting a Mac.

      Almost everyone of them own and regularly use their iPads now. One of them has a Blackberry Playbook. It was free with his home cable TV service. He’s too embarrassed to use it.

      1. I get about 5 to 6 years out of my MacBook (Pro)s and generally wouldn’t think of upgrading every two years. I still have the original iPad and have not used it much because it was a gift to my children. Hard to believe that it was nearly 3 years ago.

            1. botvinnik excels at needling people. The things he says can have the faithful roaring with laughter after hours at an Akron sports bar, after Danika Patrick is bumped off by a real NASCAR driver, or when A-Rod (speaking of needles) dekes the infield with vocal misdirection. Misogyny, and hypocrisy, and cruelty are treated as humourous in some quarters, though it does not always translate well to a high-minded intellectual forum such as MDN.

              Almost forgot – /s

  2. Apple is on iPad (4) with an A6 and 128 Gb storage capacity.
    Do any of the competitor offer this? Come on. Apple is well ahead still. Plus, AndyBot & Winblows Tablets still ain’t selling well. This is a non-issue. iPad, still is the primo, numero uno – device to have and use.

    A iPad pro might knockout the competitors.
    Perhaps iOS 7 alone – will do enough to hold them off.
    Hoping a retiina iPad mini/phone — will render everyone finished.

    Where is the tablet that works exactly like a phone?
    Large enough to do some work – but – small enough to carry every day. iPad mini is the right size device — it needs telephone capabilities. Not Skype or Viber calling on my wifi OR cellular data package. A real phone – in iPad mini form factor with iPhone abilities out of the box. Retina screens rank highest overall with colour and clarity compared to Samsungs technology.

    This move would make Apple with the biggest best phone on the market. And the most used / useful mobile work station. Apple apps are best over all and play well to their counterpart apps with Apples’ desktop apps.

  3. Just had one of my beer sales reps walk in with his brand new iPad that replaces his laptop and handheld. Microsoft needs to be very afraid. He was thrilled at the ease of use and battery life.

  4. While we are all elated at the strong iPad performance in the marketplace, I would caution against overconfidence.

    Corporate IT schmucks have a nasty habit of forcing inferior hardware onto workers. Enterprise is still ~ 95% Windows, and iCloud is useless for fileserving and collaboration. There are now vendors selling cheap imitation iPads, so Apple needs to be very aggressive about defending its market share. Sadly, Cook is less aggressive than an overcooked noodle.

    Enterprises that can write their own apps can leverage the iPad’s flexibility right away — they will buy iPads. Consumers who merely surf/email/consume might be happy with the iPad’s connectivity & horsepower — they will buy iPads or whatever cheaper product gets the job done. But a hell of a lot of small businesses need one or two features more. Apple needs to narrow the price gap between the iPad and the MacBook Air.

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