Samsung pre-announces stronger than expected quarterly results

“Samsung announced preliminary results for the March quarter that were stronger than expected,” Chuck Jones reports for Forbes.

“Revenue of 52 trillion Won ($46 billion) is approximately 15% higher from a year ago,” Jones reports. “Operating profit of 8.5 to 8.9 trillion Won ($7.5 to $7.9 billion) looks to have increased 53% at the mid-point of last years 5.7 trillion Won ($5.0 billion) and was nicely ahead of analysts 8.38 trillion Won ($7.4 billion).”

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MacDailyNews Take: Moral of the story: Crime pays. Very well.

Great job so far, “justice” systems of the world. Wonderful job, as well, those who settle for cheap, plastic, insecure, second-rate goods and who have no issues at all with rewarding blatant thieves.

I don’t know which is worse: Samsung’s slavish copying or that there are tens of millions of dullards and/or morally-crippled consumers who would buy such obvious knockoffs. What kind of person rewards thieves, especially such obvious ones? What kind of person hands over their money to make sure that crime pays? What’s wrong with you people, exactly?

It makes me sad that there are outfits like Samsung Electronics on the planet, as I was with Microsoft before them. People who work for Samsung Electronics should be ashamed. It makes me even sadder to see people supporting blatant criminals, whether it be blindly or, worse, knowingly. To those people I say: Get some morals, will you, or how about at least acquiring a modicum of taste?

What you’re doing is supporting criminal activity. It’s like you’re buying knockoff Coach handbags, but you’re paying pretty much the Coach price! Not too smart, eh? Oh, sure, you might have “saved” a bit upfront on your fake iPhone (maybe you got one of those Buy One Get One or More Free deals), but you’re paying the same data rates – after a couple years, you’ve pretty much paid the same anyway! So, in the end, you’re saving little or nothing while:

a) depriving the company who basically inspired your inferior, fragmented product;
b) depriving yourself of the real deal and the real experience, and;
c) rewarding the criminal, encouraging them to steal even more.

Not a lot of sense being made in any aspect of your toting around that Android phone, is there? Oh, right it’s “open.” Smirk. And, yes, every one of us with the real thing knows that you’re carrying around a half-assed fake, you tasteless wonder.

Didn’t you people have parents? If so, what did they teach you, if anything? Sheesh.SteveJack, MacDailyNews, August 6, 2012

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    1. Steve – I agree with all your moral implications and rest assured like most people on this board I BLEED Apple colors.

      However I feel that part of the responsibility for Samsung’s success definitely rests at Apple’s door – If Apple had created a NEW broader range of iPhones targeting different stratified price points people would have bought iPhones in the same way that they continued to buy iPods (Nano, mini etc.)
      I feel in that respect Apple has been very slow to respond to changing market conditions and feel that this is one instance where the company has not been as reflexively quick to CHANGE it’s decisions and strategies when circumstances demand it.

      That being said, I think Samsung deserves to rot in hell (it will eventually), and look forward to the new iPhones coming later this year.

        1. No. Disagree. Apple has made huge innovations in its iPhones and iPads and has had its hands full ramping up production to meet existing demand, as well as continuing its product development. Apple is not responsible for the adverse consequences it has had to face due to wide availability of knock-off product permutations/variations running “stolen product” Android. Apple’s otherwise orderly plans to develop the iPhone and iPad markets have no doubt been disrupted by Samdroid. Can’t blame Apple.

          1. No. Disagree. Apple is the largest richest company in the world. Right? Okay, they were. It’s not like they’re short on engineers or marketing people. Same goes for research and design. Advertising as well. No shortage of enough money to have the best of everything. A larger iPhone has nothing to do with adverse consequences due to knockoff products. Nothing at all. Apple simply needs to make a larger iPhone that is in demand by consumers. Again, that has nothing to do with Samsung, knockoff products or stolen ideas. Nothing. It’s no one’s fault but Apple that they have not produced this phone by now. They just made a mistake. And now it is costing them in market share and in their company’s share price. And there is no such thing as an orderly plan to develop the iPhone and iPad markets. Apple knows this. In a business like consumer electronics you have to adapt to the market and your ongoing competition. They’re not making automobiles.

    2. Just read most of the posts.

      What a bunch of stupid cry babies you guys are. I’m no fan of Google, Android or Samsung, but trying to blame Apple for Samsung’s success is ridiculous in the extreme.

      Samsung is not a handset manufacturer. Samsung is a handset manufacturer, screen fab, processor fab, TV manufacturer, memory manufacturer, and who knows what else.

      Apple buys screens, memory and processors from Samsung, so if Apple is responsible for Samsung’s success, it comes from Apple’s own success.

      Moving away from Samsung will be most difficult, as Samsung has the scale that other manufacturers lack. That scale is extremely important to Apple, more so than price (although that scale makes lower pricing possible).

      Additionally, if any of you whining scientists had bothered to note, iPhone gained 3 points of market share from Android in February. This is a continuation of a trend that began in October.

      Samsung’s success isn’t coming from handsets, its coming from everything else it does.

    1. Short answer- yes. The justice system is a joke, just about anywhere- the patent system triply so. Any company that can afford a lawyer will either beat it or be able to draw any case out until it is irrelevant. Unfortunately, the criminal system is useless as well, and I speak as a family member of a murder victim.

  1. I picked up a Samsung 5″ phone the other day in the store, just to see what it felt like. It became instantly obvious to me that the only appeal in a 5″ phone is to people who can’t afford a tablet. What a clunky, cheap feeling piece of crap. I’d be embarrassed to be seen carrying one.

    1. The appeal of a larger screen iPhone has nothing to do with people who want a tablet. I have an iPad and an iPhone 4S. I love my iPhone but wish it had a bigger screen. People simply want a larger screen on their phone. And no, people don’t want to carry their iPad mini everywhere and try to use it as a phone. I too have tried several larger screen Android phones. The larger screens are great. As for the phone being made of plastic? Who cares? It’s what’s inside that matters! I don’t care if the casing for my iPhone is made of plastic, aluminum, liquid metal, wood, paper. Who cares? It’s just a case. And by the way, glass breaks. And for the few people who constantly complain that there’s no demand for the larger iPhone, don’t buy one when Apple makes it. And they will make it. But not soon enough to capitalize on the great demand. If they had it now the stock price would not be in the toilet. As it is today again.

      1. @Weekend: “It’s what’s inside that matters.”

        That’s what my mom told me when she tried to convince me to take a fat girl to prom. Like it or not, build quality does matter. I don’t want a fat phone in my pants any more than I want a fat girl there.

        1. Build quality and material are not the same thing. Your car is not made entirely of glass, steel or aluminum. Much of your car is made of fiberglass and plastic. Plastic. It’s not a bad word. And it’s much lighter than most other ingredients. And generally speaking, just as strong. The case doesn’t make it a better phone. I’m never happy or sad because my iPhone is made of a particular material. I would only be happy or sad due to it’s performance or lack thereof. I don’t want a fat phone in my pocket either. I simply want a little bit bigger phone than the iPhone 5. But I’m with you on the fat girls. I’ve never had to compromise there.

  2. They will probably use those funds to build more atom bombs so those supporting them are actually contributing to a destructive cause… Thanks, dumbfucks!

    1. It’s to maintain high visibility right up to the official launch of the GS4. In effect they’re telling the Samsung sheep that they’re backing the right platform because it’s ‘winning’ the mobile war with obscene amounts of profit.

  3. I love Apple. But I wonder if you people look at yourselves ever. You keep coming here over and over saying the same things.

    Are you misrersble? Failures? Why are you so emotional over Apple?

    The answer is that you are followers part of a cult-like organization. This breeds delusion and irationality.

    Did Samsung copy Apple? It appears that their first smartphone running Android partly was a copy of the original iPhone. But so is pretty much every multi-touch smartphone. Repeat that last sentence over and over. You don’t believe it. You don’t want to believe it. You can’t believe.

    The reality is that Google copied Apple with Android. I wish people would stop blaming Android OEMs.

    Remember this. Samsung’s S4 has eyetracking. Samsung’s S4 has a unique asymmetrical design that is unlike anything in the industry. If Apple comes out with these things you’ll all spin it in such a way that Apple was first and Samsung copied them.

    I’m a total Apple guy and I don’t like copycats. Google is the one to blame, not Samsung. The more we push it the more press and attention Sammy gets. You’re all just fueling their success.

    Anyway, all the behaviours of you guys are illustrative of cult followers. Deny facts. Be hypocritical. Refuse to believe what you follow may also be part of the problem you rally against. And so forth.

    Apple copies too. And sometimes they get caught. And sometimes they’re found guilty. They innovate a lot but they do copy. What is iOS? iOS is a multi-touch Retina version of the Palm OS.

        1. As for sfgh’s complaint that “You keep coming here over and over saying the same things,” you obviously never read my posts. Know what you’re talking about before you criticize. Go check out the chat forums at Apple’s competitor, and FAKE ‘competitor’. websites if you want to see clonal behavior.

          It is entirely typical of Apple users to be the MOST discerning technology customers on the planet. We are also typically a VASTLY diverse group of people with VASTLY different opinions. If you haven’t figure that you, you’re a total newbie to MDN.

          Wake up, get coherent, drink your coffee, whatever it takes. But get a clue about reality here at MDN and among long time Apple users please. You’re verging on troll idiocy with your vacuous comment. Seriously.

            1. I apologize. You obviously ARE a TROLL. Let me introduce you to ppeterson, our current PET TROLL. You two can share the rattle I bought for PeePee Boy last week. I’ll even get you your very own, if you’re a very good little troll and mind your manners.

              idiot alert!

            2. Such an angry little troll! I like it! Hopefully, I’ve made you even angrier. That’s the entire POINT of feeding trolls! Get GOOD and angry and rant rant rant little troll! I know you LOVE IT.

            3. Sfgh said:
              “Your post contributes nothing to this discussion.”

              Neither does yours.
              Other than to post on a iPhone enthusiasts forum and to call all of us stupid for being so.

          1. No, it didn’t. The Psion had the mobile OS grid of icons. It did NOT originate with Apple. Apple is not the inventor of the mobile OS or even an App Store.

            1. Sure it did. Psion’s grid of icons didn’t turn up until the 1990’s after they cribbed it from from Mac OS Finder, which cribbed it from Xerox PARC, who’s bosses in Rochester, NY had no clue.

            2. No, wrong.

              Psion had it before that and it came out with the popular Series 3 in 1991 with a grid of icons in a mobile OS and device.

              The Mac OS GUI/Parc is different. It’s a fluid desktop where things are dragged around. The concept of having a grid of icons on a mobile device in a mobile was not prevalent.

              Apple did not invent it.

            3. No, wrong. And on many levels.

              First off I never claimed Apple did anything first. Second, the Series 3 in 1991 had a single row of icons NOT a grid.

              If you are going to start qualifying it to mobile both the Newton and General Magic Device were much more advanced with respect to a GUI by the time the Psion 5 came out.

              Palm beat them all by designing their OS to fit the constraints of the time. It was also a grid of icons. Plus the Newton was in development long before the Psion.

  4. Yes, but I PRE-ANNOUNCED, years back that, SAMSUNG-IS-S0-SCREWED by their blatant parasitism of Apple. The fscked up US justice system [Judge Koh] isn’t much help. But all in good time! All in good time. BWAHAHAHAHA! 😆

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