Apple’s iPhone user gains again out-pace Android in the U.S.

“The comScore mobiLens survey for the US ending February 2013 shows continuing rapid expansion of smartphone usage in the US,” Horace Dediu reports for Asymco. “Overall penetration increased to 57% with nearly 2% of the population switching in one month. Using the average growth rate for the last six periods, the US could see 80% penetration in another 19 months or by Q3/Q4 2014.”

“The growth in smartphones has been driven by the two dominant platforms: iPhone (iOS) and Android. Together they now make up 91% of the user base with about 40% for iPhone and 51% for Android,” Dediu reports. “Android alone gained 17 million users in the last 12 months while iPhone gained 21 million users.”

Dediu reports, “iOS user gains have out-paced Android for the last four periods which resulted in a decrease in Android share of users. A reduction in Android share was also visible in the spring of last year but the current decline is not only longer but more pronounced.”

Read more, and see the excellent charts, in the full article here.

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  1. Please announce a huge buy-back on the 23rd Tim. I suppose it would have to be approved by the BOD or something, but I really hope you’re working on it.

    1. A buyback of shares and an increase in the dividend are pretty much a certainty. It appears that Tim is going to wait until earnings to announce these. This isn’t going to help the share price unless earnings come in good. And earnings are expected to be poor. It won’t be the streets estimates this time, Apple has laid out its own estimates. If there’s a miss there can’t be claims of manipulation on this one. Could be a hell of a ride after April 23. Watch out!

      1. I think it depends more on how the overall market is doing. Seems like more often than not, when the market is up, AAPL is down — and when the market is down, AAPL is up!

      2. I don’t really care what happens to the share price after 4/23. (I say that as a not-insubstantial shareholder, albeit one with time before I retire/am in a position to need to sell any.) I just want Apple to make a smart investment. I can’t see a better investment opportunity out there. (Of course, I could be myopic.)

  2. Dear Samsung Purchasers,

    Are you SURE you want a ‘SMART’ phone? You’re not using the ‘smart’ stuff. So maybe you should be buying a cheap little Nokia. Maybe Apple phone innovations aren’t what you really need.

    And yes, nearly ALL that Samsung ‘smart’ stuff you’re not using is from APPLE, whether ShameScam and Judge Koh are willing to admit it or not.

    Radio Shack has some great little cheap phones! Maybe try them instead. 😯

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