iPhone 5S casing photos reportedly leak

“The first images for what may or may not be the seventh-generation Apple iPhone have appeared online, kicking the rumour-mill into motion for another round of leaks and conjecture,” TechTV101 reports.

“Uploaded by the good folk at iPhone5Parts and picked up by the eagle-eyed Frenchmen at Nowhereelse, the snaps reveal what appear to be the inner and outer sides of the rear housing for the iPhone 5S (yep, we’re going with that) – possibly taken at an assembly line,” TechTV101 reports.

“From what we can tell, it looks exactly like the rear panel of the iPhone 5, but with a couple of minor changes on the inside,” TechTV101 reports.

iPhone 5S purported casing photo

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  1. I can see the THX lawsuit hasn’t had much if any impact…

    Thinking about it, if Apple lost, had to remove the audio “chambers”, it could leave more room for battery capacity.

    However what we see here, indicates no change to the speaker design.

  2. I would pay the contract penalty for a 5″ version of this phone with a retina display. My hands are big enough for one handed operation, I have lots of practice.

  3. From the look of the person’s hand holding the “leaked” iPhone5’s back panel, I can say the “leaker” is…
    (1) An light-skin Asian male
    (2) Age approximate between high 20 to low 40
    (3) Clean & Clean-cut finger nail indicates he is not a assembly line worker, most likely a Supervisor or Manager level
    my 2 cents…
    (4) Most likely located at far east location instead of Cupertino, CA USA

    my 2 cents…

  4. “From what we can tell, it looks exactly like the rear panel of the iPhone 5, but with a couple of minor changes on the inside.” – Yeah, that’ll do it! More tweaks like this and AAPL will head south into the $300 zone. WAY TO GO, Mr. Cook. Way to go.

    1. Of course it looks like the back of the iPhone 5 it’s going to be the iPhone 5 S. Thumbprint recognition apparently? I’m sure there’ll be some new wrinkles added. It’s a refresh of the current model. Just like 4 S was to the iPhone 4 and the 3GS was to the 3G. It’s a way to maximize production and increase margins on a product. I’d rather see a photo of a larger case. A case for a larger iPhone. That’s a way to gain market share and increase value to your shareholders. But I don’t think were going to see that.

  5. I think Apple should hold good negotiations with THX. Apple is a creative company and cares about sound and pictures. If THX claims are good, Apple should license the IP and continue as good friends. THX is one company Apple should work with and make alliance with.

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