Wedge Partners: China Mobile to get Apple’s coveted iPhone 5S this July; iPhone 4 will be Apple’s ‘low-cost’ iPhone

“Brian Blair of boutique research house Wedge Patners today opines that Apple will bring the iPhone to China Mobile, the world’s largest cellular operator, this July, with the introduction of an ‘iPhone 5S,’ without specifying what supports his confidence in the matter,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s.

“As far as an Apple-branded television set, Blair writes ‘we still see no supply chain evidence of an Apple TV nearing production,’ though he think the company is working on a prototype and that something will come to market in 12 to 18 months,” Ray reports. “Blair reiterates a view that rumors of a lower-priced iPhone are wrong, and that the iPhone 4 will be the low-cost offering after the iPhone 5S comes out.”

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  1. Hmm, the second most popular phone in the world could become Apple’s low-cost phone option? What an outrageous idea.

    Oh, right. That’s been their strategy all along.

    Keep their best and brightest working on pushing the state of the art forward (not designing cheap stuff), and leverage existing industrial design, technology, production capacity and marketing assets to get more out of a product that’s still a fair bit better than 80% of the competition (judging by specs) or 100% of the competition (judging by design).

  2. Still, isn’t Wall Street expecting some miracle smartphone from Apple? Investors start getting all nasty when they hear things like only a faster processor, a slightly better camera, same-size display. I can already hear the moans when the iPhone 5S looks almost exactly like the iPhone 5. What? No carbon fiber case or sat-phone chip? More complaints about how Apple can no longer innovate after Steve Jobs death despite the iPhone 5S was designed under Steve Jobs personal direction.

    When it comes to Apple products, no one seems to be happy with the end results except consumers, although somehow not enough of them. If Apple is able to move 55 million smartphones, I’m sure it won’t be enough to please anyone who is able to boost Apple’s valuation. I’m already prepared for bad news.

    Apple can set out to design the highest quality smartphone in the world and the news media will still favor the Samsung Galaxy S models with their larger displays even if the device is built completely out of plastic. Higher quality just doesn’t seem to be worth the cost of decreased margins to Wall Street. Just good enough seems to be the order of the day for companies to have the best valuations.

    Apple spent all that money on state-of-the-art CNC milling machines and what did it get them? Samsung can push out millions of compression-moulded cases in a tenth of the time and everyone is perfectly happy. I know Apple should follow its own ways, but I’m just saying it’s not being appreciated as having any value at all. It’s all about moving high quantities and nothing else matters.

    1. I think we’ll just have to wait and see how well the 5S sells. It appears that it will simply be another refresh like the 4S was for the iPhone 4. Maybe that will move the needle maybe not. But until it comes to market it’s only speculation. By everyone. I’m still of the opinion that they should have a larger iPhone available now. I do understand the reason for the 5S,4S and the 3GS, the ability to have two runs on one form factor. That’s just good business as long as the S model’s sell. But I believe that if they had a larger iPhone available today that it would be the model of the future. And I believe the public would make it the overwhelming choice if it was here now. If the 5S is a success I think it will be due to getting on China Mobile. I think Apple has lost a lot of sales by not having a larger iPhone. And I think this article is incorrect. I believe there will be a smaller iPhone for the emerging markets. And it will sell very well.

            1. Gosh, I didn’t know I had to ask your permission to speak. And I certainly didn’t realize that you speak for everyone. I’ll certainly keep you in mind the next time I have an opinion and feel like expressing it here. Okay? Prick.

            2. N O B O D Y, from every feedback you’ve ever gotten…but that wouldn’t deter a troll like you who’s so self infatuated and thick skinned, would it vaseliine boy?

      1. Phablets are a fad. The iPhone 5 is top selling in major countries such as Japan and the US. There is no inherent advantage to having a “larger” iPhone, but plenty of downsides, such increased labour for devs and hardware fragmentation. It really is about working out the details to create a relationship between China Mobile, not following the trends of the guys chasing Apple.

        1. You can’t say there is no advantage. That’s an opinion that reflects your needs and/or interests. Of course, there is an advantage. Easier to read. I love my iPhone, but I wish it were a bit larger. And that’s the advantage for Apple. To provide a product for those that want it, and the number of those that do want a larger phone is growing.

          1. I definitely can say that, as it is my opinion, just as GM can say that he believes that a larger iPhone would be the choice of consumers. I don’t agree with that at all and I list some disadvantages that I see with adding a larger form factor.

  3. I think this guy’s math is off. Unless Apple plans on offering 4 levels of cost, instead of 3, one would expect the range would go from top of the line iPhone “5S” to mid-range iPhone 5 down to the bargain basement 4S.

    1. I agree. The iPhone 4 didn’t have enough oomph to handle Siri. I don’t see Apple addressing any new market with an outdated design. Maybe a revamped iPhone 4S with a Lightning connector and other goodies, but the old form factor. I could like that phone a lot.

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