Move over T-Mobile USA, AT&T Mobility to bring HD Voice to iPhone later this year

“Among the announcements that T-Mobile made last month was its plan to deploy improved voice calling on the iPhone 5 it will start selling later this month,” Ina Fried reports for AllThingsD.

“The technology, known as HD Voice, requires support from both the network and the devices on each end of the call,” Fried reports. “Speaking on Monday, AT&T senior VP Kris Rinne said that the carrier will roll out its own support for the technology later this year, as it begins to route voice calling over its LTE network.”

Fried reports, “Voice quality, of course, has been a sore spot for AT&T in recent years, though Rinne insists that past issues with dropped calls and other issues are largely over. ‘I think we’ve taken that off the table in terms of a competitive challenge,’ Rinne said.”

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  1. The only problem with AT&T is they will probably charge extra for HD voice. Or you will have to have a shared plan which will cost you extra to get HD voice. Either way were screwed!

    1. What would make you think that? I don’t think they charge extra for the LTE like some companies do! AT&T haters move along. I’ve had them, went to T-Mo and went back to AT&T after working for the said company and I was amazed at how much they had improved their call quality and lack of dropped calls. That was nearly 2 years ago! AT&T is (with exception of LTE coverage) the best cell provider in US right now.

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