Chinese reports claims two more Foxconn jumpers at Shenzhen factory; Foxconn denies

“There are conflicting accounts over attempted suicides at Foxconn’s main manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China,” Electronista reports.

“On Friday, initial reports indicated that two people had jumped off a building; several stories said that in all, three workers climbed to the top of building G14,” Electronista reports. “One source suggests that the people were worried about their jobs.”

Electronista reports, “Despite the weekend reports, which included photos of the incident, a Foxconn spokesperson — Liu Kun — has denied any suicide attempts. There are no accounts of anyone dying, which may be attributable to the nets the company installed around its Shenzhen buildings a few years ago.”

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  1. Sounds like good wholesome stuff. Nets? Keep up the good work Foxxconn.
    And Apple, obviously this is the kind of company you want to be doing business with and invariably tied to in the media.
    At least the name Foxxconn instills a sense of trust and honesty.

  2. Until there is some *independent* verification of this story, I’m going to lump it in with all the other recent Chinese stories that have an anti-Apple lean to them. Anyone — literally anyone — can take a picture of a group of people on top of a building and then claim they were 1) on a Foxconn building AND that they jumped. Until this is independently verified, I have every reason to believe it’s BS.

  3. One million workers and only two *rumored* suicides? How does Foxconn keep the suicide rate so incredibly low? The overall suicide rate for the U.S.A. in 2009 was 120 per million…

    1. Incessant FUD manipulation of Apple stock price causes investor to jump off Empire State Building. Survivor is filing law suit against Citi and numerous other analysts who produce reports based upon nothing but guesses.

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