China state-owned film studio sues Apple for ‘selling unauthorized movies’

“A state-owned Shanghai animation film studio has sued Apple in a Beijing court, seeking compensation of 3.3 million yuan (HK$4.08 million), alleging the US company sold its movies without approval,” Daniel Ren reports for The South China Morning Post.

“Shanghai Animation Film Studio, which has produced blockbuster animated movies such as The Monkey King, accuses Apple Inc and Apple Electronics Products Commerce (Beijing), one of its Chinese subsidiaries, of infringing on intellectual property rights while providing unauthorised download services in its App Store,” Ren reports. “A senior official with the Shanghai company confirmed that it had filed the litigation with the Beijing No 2 Intermediate People’s Court, which accepted the case.”

Ren reports, “‘The cases are not good signs,’ said Dong Jun, an iPhone owner. ‘They convinced me of quitting Apple products later now that my phone has quality problems.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: So, is “Dong Jun” part of China’s government, mentally deficient, or was he looking down the barrel of a gun when he excreted that quote?

Regardless, the squeeze is still on. What did Apple do? Nothing. Why is this happening? Look no further than:

• U.S. House Intelligence Committee’s attack on China’s Huawei, ZTE could trigger major crisis – October 10, 2012
• U.S. House Intelligence Committee: China’s Huawei, ZTE should be banned in U.S. – October 8, 2012

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    1. Great…another case of a Chinese subsidiary having uncertain legal standing with respect to IP whenever the parent company (Chinese government) chooses to assert dominance. This crap has to stop.

    1. This being a retaliation against the US going after ZTE and Huwei it looks like Apple is just a proxy. Interestingly there seems to be widespread love and support for Apple in China and there’s a push back when the state goes after the company.

  1. I’m sure there are no pirated CDs of these movies and they aren’t in the Android store? Right? This is the country where 90 % of Windows OS is pirated and nearly all US movies.

  2. Did anyone not see any retaliation over the ZTE matter? Maybe this is not ALL retaliation for the ZTE matter, maybe a little bribery, but ZTE is what sent them over. The US lay a little blame here over paranoia.

  3. Aside from retaliation, another probable cause of attacking Apple is diversionary policy of Chinese government. China’s leader instigates attack in order to distract its population from their own domestic strife such as dead pig dumped into river of Shanghai’s water supply, poisoned food, etc.

  4. It’s just the Commies being Commies. It’s not exactly a democracy over there you know. Bad people doing bad things to everyone they can. Apple makes a great big fat target. Apple has deep, deep pockets. What’s Apple going to Pull their manufacturing overnight? Quit selling Apple products in China where the biggest percentage of their profits are generated? It’s called leverage. And the Commies are exercising that leverage.

  5. I live in China and you guys are nuts. Apple products are pretty junky and the whole “intellectual property” thing is ridiculous garbage. You keep sending two-faced Hillary around the world lecturing everyone else on earth and you’ll end up alone in the basement. Idiots.

    1. Okay jon b -what are you 12 years old – “Apple products are pretty junky”! no one believes that! – I know, you’re 12 and you live in your parents basement right? right! did I nail it people?

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