Apple debuts ‘Why You’ll Love iPad’ section to website

“In a follow-up to last week’s rollout of a special iPhone section on, the company has extended the ‘Why You’ll Love…’ campaign to include the iPad and iPad mini,” AppleInsider reports.

“The new page, titled ‘Why You’ll Love iPad’ includes many of the same features as its partner iPhone section, touting awards from J.D. Power and Associates, battery life, apps and more,” AppleInsider reports. “Unlike the iPhone campaign site, however, the iPad version bundles the accolades for both the iPad and iPad mini into one webpage. Instead of just focusing on one product, “Why iPad” takes into account the two devices’ unique properties such as the full-size iPad’s Retina display and the iPad mini’s portability. ”

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  1. I sold my iPad3 because of the atrocious battery life compared to the iPad2 and iPad Mini… I now rock the iPad Mini and love it, the size is perfect and the battery is phenomenal for its size, I get better than 8 hours use consistently. PERFECT!

    1. I have done all the updating to my iPad 3 and it continues to work beautifully with pretty much the same long battery life about a year later. Unfortunate you had problems with yours. I plan to buy the RD iPad Mini whenever it shows up but in no particular hurry.

  2. Now we’re talking! A special section on Apple’s web site to tell us what we already know. Boy, that’ll really turn things around. Better buy up all the AAPL you can get your hands on because this is going to cause the price to skyrocket! That Tim Cook – is he a genius or what?

  3. Why buy an iPad? Because it blows the “competition” out of the water. I can’t even remember the last non-iPad tablet that I saw. Kindles and Nooks and the like don’t count – they’re ereaders and not full-fledged tablets.

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