General Motors TV ad promotes Apple’s Siri Eyes Free (with video)

General Motors’ has debuted a new TV ad on U.S. broadcast and cable networks for the Chevrolet Spark:

After pushing the limits of pushing buttons, Chevrolet introduces the button to end all buttons. The Chevrolet Sonic is the world’s first car available with Siri eyes-free and hands-free integration through your iPhone.

Apple Siri Eyes Free Demo in a Chevy Spark:

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    1. Yes, the “American” Crapolet is produced in Changwon, South Korea.

      Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie & Chevrolet has become
      Foosball, Kimchi, Refried Beans and Crapolet.

      Today’s Government Motors is as American as a Yurt.

      1. If one more person comes up with that “Government Motors” nonsense…

        It’s ironic that your tag is Darwin Evolved, because your perspective is anything but. Why would you blame GM for manufacturing vehicles where it’s most efficient for them to do so?

        It’s so interesting how some people are all about free trade, until it bites them in the ass, that is.

        The Koreans produce cars cheaper than we do, and GM is a company just like any other, so it makes sense that they make them as cheaply as possible.

        Though this is by no means unique to GM, so I am not quite sure why your panties are in a bunch.

        1. GM has NOT repaid the funds used to clean up it’s mess and it was so appreciative of the US taxpayer bailing it out that it built 6 new plants in China- Communist China.

          We do not have free trade. What we have is a cartel that uses the term free trade in a twisted manner.

          If Hyundai can build in the US, why should GM import cars?

        2. Why would you blame GM for manufacturing vehicles where it’s most efficient for them to do so?

          Because We The People of the USA bailed out GM. The company would not exist if not for US. Therefore, HIRE US to build your cars. Total DUH Factor.

      2. Um, it’s made in the USA .
        The previous Aveo, was made in Korea, as is the Spark.

        But please, get it right if you make a stupid comment like you did.

            1. Odd, seeing as how you live in North America. Prick. Perhaps you would be more comfortable in North Korea or China? I don’t think North America would miss you.

            2. Man that really limits you then cause Toyota, Honda, VW and virtually all manufacturers build cars in North America.

              I’m not a big fan of GM cars, I’ve had nothing but solid trucks from them however.

        1. You made this statement 3: “Unfortunately, it is a GM and not a good car.” If you have never owned a GM then how can you make a credible statement about it? You can’t. Something’s are better left unsaid.

        2. In other words, you have no basis from which to compare any US automobile to any other.

          We’ve owned vehicles built on every major continent. Each had its strengths and weaknesses, but our experience with vaunted Japanese quality didn’t pan out. More recalls and glitches on the Toyota Tacoma than any other vehicle I’ve ever owned. YMMV.

      1. Wilker,

        I own two Tahoe LTZ’s and love them. A 94 Chevy CK1500 and it’s still going strong and just sold my 94 Red, convertible Corvette with 13K miles on it in perfect condition for $32K. That way I could buy a new one and smoke everything else on the road.

        I’ve not had a problem with any of my Chevys but I will agree that the mid-70’s to 80’s and early 90’s were not good for Chevy but you have to admit they are getting better and better.

        Oh, also just sold my son’s 68′ El Camino he had all through high school. He loved it and he was one cool cat if you ask him and it was a great project we started when he was 15 and its a life long great experience. It had a 350 bored, chromed out bad ass two speed powers-glide tranny with completely custom interior, exterior, wheels and one bad ass stereo.
        He smoked everyone on the road, the parking lot and with the chicks!

        OK haters, start your rant about environment and all your bullshit stories but unlike that cop in the other story, I know my son, I have a relationship with him. He’s a great kid, got great grades, was also an athlete and is now playing golf is sunny California on a sport and academic scholarship. Better then his old man, that’s for sure.

        1. In our family, we bought GM vehicles. Family members worked for GM. Family friends designed GM vehicles. Based on our experience with GM build quality and service, they are not as good as vehicles from other manufacturers. They last about three years then start rattling. Problems like windshield wiper failures occurred on the same model over several model years. Dealers took thousands of dollars and could not fix engine electrical problems. YMMV.

        2. That 94′ Chevy truck you have is arguably the most reliable engine and fuel injection system ever made.

          I’ve got a 88′ with the same TBI system and they just do not fail. Mine has racked up just over 300,000 miles now and the only maint on the fuel system I’ve ever done has been to shoot come carb cleaner down the throttle body to clean the throttle plate and a fuel filter.

          Contrast that to any GM made after 95′ with the ODB2 system which uses the integrated fuel pressure regulator and spider assembly. Those things go out like clockwork between 130,000 – 150,000.

          With care that truck will out live you easy! 🙂

    2. I recommend you take off the blinders, 3l3c7ro. Every vehicle deserves to be assessed on its merits in comparison to your needs.

      Blindly dismissing entire brands is indicative of a narrow mind that uses outdated info instead of objective evaluation. Your loss.

      GM, like most global manufacturers, offers a full range of vehicles including not only entry-level junk but also some world-class vehicles that outperform anything at the same price. And in the case of the Corvette, it outperforms some cars costing twice its price, by any measure you choose to use.

      Siri just adds another reason to take the GM vehicle for a test ride to see if it meets your needs.

      GM is wiser than most auto companies to avoid most of the overcomplicated infotainment crap in almost every other manufacturer thinks customers want.

      1. GM and Ford are always out of step with what the consumer wants and needs. When the gas prices are high, they produced gas guzzlers and when the price of gas was low, they moved to produce gutless underpowered cars. When the rest of the manufacturers were adding features, the North American cars were spartan. Now they are just getting into hybrid cars 5 years too late.

        1. Some people are never satisfied.

          Do you buy a new car every year to ensure you have the very latest technology?

          I’d also like a carbon fiber chassis on my next grocery getter, but your favorite few manufacturers refuse to sell one.

  1. Ford / GM…. good utlitarian cars; howeve, Siri will put GM way ahead of Ford (with Microsoft Connect). No comparison?

    Next on the chopping block….Samsung ‘Smart TV’. I bought one for the picture…smart I is not!

    1. The voice recognition with Connect is awful. It gets progressively worse as I get more and more frustrated and wind up screaming at my Explorer.

      Other than that I’ve been surprised at how good Connect works

  2. Is it me or is Siri sounding more computerish in her “voice” in the second video? Hello Dr. Stephen Hawking, Siri called and you gave her your voice! Eew!

  3. I can just picture the ad for the Ford Sync built by Microsoft.

    The camera pulls away from a tightly focused shot of a Ford Focus with a bent fender and smoking radiator. The girl driver is questioned by her boyfriend who is holding his bandaged head in his hand.

    “So why did you run into a tree?”

    The girl answers, “Well I pressed a button on the steering wheel to command the car to call my mother but MS decided to do a software update in the middle of the freeway at 70 mph and I lost the brakes.”

    Tight focus on boyfriend’s face. “I’m going to throw a chair at Ballmer when I see him.”

  4. Meh, Siri still needs to grow up more and provide quicker feedback and more information. “Waterfall” shouldn’t be rocket science. Siri should be able to work with the iPhone/iPad internal dictionaries and data bases and then go online to find info.

    1. Ironic handle you got there, I have a Chevy Volt and hope GM makes this backward compatible. If you think Ford or Chrysler was any better than GM think again. I used to like Ford when they decided to use Mac Monis in their factories for process control, but they totally lost me with Sync. MS still cannot make mission critical software.

      1. Crapolet Cobalt

        Percent of total value retained after 24 months: 36%
        Percent of total value retained after 36 months: 28%
        Percent of total value retained after 48 months: 23%
        Percent of total value retained after 60 months: 18%

        Any questions?

        1. Question here!

          Why is the Focus near the bottom of the quality charts?

          The Cruze (Chevy hasn’t made the bargain-basement Cobalt in years!) exceeds Focus quality ratings across the board by most independent reviewers. Visit Edmunds or JD Power for a nice primer on how Ford has really stunk up the quality ratings these last few years — even after benefiting from government underwriting of loans just like all the others.

          1. 1- Ford has taken no bail out money from the TARP program, GM, GMAC (now Ally Bank), Delphi (GM Parts Division spun off) all got tons of TARP money. Plus GM and Delphi’s bankruptcy dumped the unfunded pension liabilities on the US taxpayer.
            2-GM is still pimping the subsidized loans that go them into trouble in the first place.
            3-GM Quality is sh*t.
            4-Ford’s quality issues are almost entirely related to Microsoft S(t)ync.
            5-I drive a Volkswagen assembled in Wolfsburg, so my criticism of GM has nothing to do with bing a Ford apologist.

            1. 1 – wrong. Ford took $15.9 billion compared to GMAC’s $13.9 billion:

              2 – so? what auto company isn’t?
              3 – must be made on a case-by-case assessment. stupid to make blanket statements.
              4 – not that’s BS. any objective quality survey will reveal that MS is the source of only half of Ford’s problems.
              5 – good choice to drive a car manufactured in Wolfsburg. or Stuttgart. or Ingolstadt. or Woking. or …. any city where the company’s long-term financial success depends on quality of workmanship, not on how cheap the labor can be.

              Let’s talk facts instead of blindly badge-bashing, shall we?

            2. Ford Credit is not Ford Motor Company- it is a subsidiary company much like FileMaker is to Apple.

              The money credited to Ford in the article went to Ford Credit in relation to Real Estate loans- not automotive operations or loans.

  5. First, I hope you have to have an iPhone connected via Bluetooth for this to work… that Apple isn’t licensing GM software.

    Second, how annoying was that whole SEVERAL MINUTE endeavour just to send a text message? Apple needs to revamp Siri to abstract her out of the way… so the user can just say, “Tell John to suck it” and she’ll say “Sent”. None of the redundant feedback… in other words, we need some settings for Siri.

    And her voice… way too robotic. Samsung with the S4 and Android has a much better voice.

    Come on Cook, get with it.

    1. Come now, be fair. Watch the video again. The whole text exchange from reading the incoming to confirming and sending the reply was just one minute not several. The whole video covered a couple of other activities. I thought it was pretty efficient. I proof read my hand typed iPhone texts in case of an autocorrect laugher. I’d sure want to proof Siri’s interpretation of my speech before sending a reply to my boss…or wife.

    1. Yes it is. You have to dig it out, you have to make sure it’s pointing in the right direction, you have to find the button, you have to press the button. None of these are difficult, and you may not have to take your eyes off the road, but there are several tasks that take your concentration away from driving.

    2. …”but that’s no big issue”
      The people you crash into might be of a different opinion.
      And many states disapprove of your behavior, even to the extent that you could end up with a traffic ticket.

      1. Pardon me, but I do prepare before I drive. My phone is right there, no digging, no pointing and much easier than finding a radio station on the dial. One button with a nice, tactile feel.

        1. Yes, Walter has a excellent point. Plus why not have a third party make an adapter to attached to your personal iPad… a mere large BUTTON placed on the Dash Board… then prepare your device before you drive away – as Walter says.

          The benefit is; you can take your iPAD with you when you arrive… not leave it installed in the dash of your vehicle.

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