Gamco’s Haverty: Apple may boost dividend before June 30

“Apple Inc. may announce it will return cash to shareholders before the second half of this year as the company’s shares decline, said Lawrence Haverty, a portfolio manager at Gamco Investors Inc.,” Tom Keene and Alexis Xydias report for Bloomberg.

“‘My guess is it will be before June 30,” Haverty said on Bloomberg Television’s ‘Surveillance,'” Keene and Xydias report. “‘The pressure is just increasing because last week we had 700 stocks — an incredibly broad market — in the new high list in the New York Stock Exchange and here is Apple crashing into the new low list. Something is going to happen. It just has to.'”

Keene and Xydias report, “Apple shares have slumped 13 percent this year.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. So “Something is going to happen. It just has to.” is called reasonable thinking? Yes, Dipso. Something is going to happen, because if things don’t happen, nothing happens . . . and as an expert, you KNOW things happen.

  2. I speculate that there will be more speculation about things to speculate about by speculators…

    Also, in the news, the hippy dippy weather-man says that the forecast for tonight is dark with continued dark until morning when it will be light…


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