Google’s Android powered by remarkable new ‘Flawgic’

“Google’s Android platform is powered by a novel technology that transcends conventional hardware and software. And just as Android hardware and software has looked to Apple for inspiration, this compelling new ‘flexibly adaptive logic’ is also related to something that first originated within Apple,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for AppleInsider via RoughlyDrafted.

“Flexibly adaptive logic, or ‘Flawgic,’ allows the Android platform to terminate any sort of criticism before it can affect how the system performs. Flawgic is neither hardware nor software; it’s installed directly into public mindshare via a virus spread by talking heads,” Dilger writes. “While ‘being in beta’ excused some of the warts of Google’s freeware products and services, Flawgic takes this to the next level. Flawgic allows every new Android-based product (or anything else Google does) a pass in every respect: appearance, usability, features, reliability, a target market, even sustainable profitability as a product.”

Dilger writes , “Flawgic allows low end Android products to be hailed as volume sales generators, even if they are terrible products in every way. But it also does double-duty in allowing Google’s insanely priced devices, from Glass to Chromebook Pixel, to escape serious criticism of their inherently poor overall value or the likelihood of their ever selling in meaningful volumes. It’s really that powerful. Here’s a look at how it works.”

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  1. Someone other than apple could make a lot of money by getting Into the cheaper market, to bad google would no longer let a company that supported that idea use android if they tried to do that.


        Google said that it has nothing to do with keeping its partners from “participating in competing ecosystems.” Rather, it’s about the potential for OSes like Aliyun to “weaken the ecosystem.” The search giant also said, “All members of the Open Handset Alliance have committed to building one Android platform and to not ship non-compatible Android devices.”

    1. Oh yes yes yes, they could call it Strawgic or something like that. I like your strawgic, I like it a lot.

      That’s two smiles you’ve given me today, you are on a roll.

  2. It’s perfectly fair to point out that Apple fans (and even Apple itself) have a fair bit of “flawgic” going on too — but the article isn’t about that, it’s about Android. And what it says about Android is flatly undeniable in the reality-based community.

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