Ballmer must go: ‘Windows Blue’ won’t save Microsoft

“It seems absurd to call Steve Ballmer, the billionaire CEO of Microsoft, a failure. However, as billionaire CEOs go, it’s not all that crazy,” Rocco Pendola writes for TheStreet.

“Here’s a guy who gets a free pass from the media as well as shareholders. He never gets asked the tough questions. He rarely puts himself in a position to get asked the tough question,” Pendola writes. “The Microsoft board gives Ballmer a free pass as well. Is it because of the company’s massive cash hoard, seemingly endless free cash flow and Ballmer’s presumably close relationship with Bill Gates?”

MacDailyNews Take: Substitute “presumably close relationship” with “incredibly incriminating photographs.” At this point, it’s the only explanation for why Ballmer remains on the bow of the SS Microtanic.

“While I understand that companies regularly put out OS updates, this one, at least as presented in early media reports, sounds like little more than a do-over. Another Ballmer-led attempt to fit a round peg into a square hole,” Pendola writes. “To salvage the dying PC industry via an arranged marriage between the desktop and mobile. This is 2013, Balms, arranged marriages tend not to fly.”

Pendola writes, “So Ballmer continues to oppress MSFT shareholders and the rest of us just dying to see a company other than Apple bring something innovative to market.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Ballmer prancing, mincingWhy you’re “dying” to “see a company other than Apple bring something innovative to market,” Rocco, is an excellent question to pose to your shrink.

Now, hoist, for a familiar toast: “May Steve Ballmer remain Microsoft’s CEO for as long as it takes!”

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    1. It’s an Apple Hater thing and a call not likely to ever be answered. I saw someone on another site saying MSFT as a stock should be rising (after a stagnant decade) considering how much dough they make (sound familiar?) but Microsoft’s stock won’t rise until the day Steve Ballmer steps down. So pretty much never.

    2. I would.

      Good products are wonderful things. Right now, Apple is embarrassingly ahead of the pack on most items.

      I’d like to see some great work from somewhere else that pushes things ahead as fast as Apple’s iPhone/iPad work did. Apple seems to have their hands full – why do they have to do all of the work?

    3. Who besides Rocco is “dying” to see a company other than Apple release an innovative product?

      Hey, I am! It’s competition. It’s great for business. It keeps everyone on their toes and pushes the envelope farther and faster. That’s a great thing. Apple always requires competition.

      And no, the parasite dumdum copy machine companies, and you know who they are, do NOT qualify as competition. They only qualify as parasite dumdum copy machine companies. Swiftly may they rot and die. 😛

      Especially ShameScam.

      1. Um, MDN was right. They were saying:
        Why you are “dying” to see “another company…” is an excellent question to pose to your shrink.

        That’s correct grammatically and logically. It is equivalent to saying:
        An excellent question to post to your shrink is why you are “dying” to see “another company….”

        Perhaps you were thrown off by truncating the sentence at “dying?” It’s more obvious that it’s correct if you say:
        “Why you are dying to see….”

  1. Microsoft has never brought ANYthing innovative to the market. Microsoft has actively fought innovation at every turn in an attempt to preserve their ill-gotten market supremacy.

    1. I must disagree. Microsoft does bring a lot of innovation to the market, but their execution and user experience efforts are extremely poor, and they rely on the inherent problems in Windows to keep their users needing them.

  2. Microsoft must go! Or at least change. They need to shake everything down to the core and invent a new business model.

    They are still stuck in the 90’s!

    Unlike Samsung and Google which I boycott because of evil business practices, I boycott Microsoft for pathetic software.

    I hope Apple can take advantage of this void and create a suite of software that rivals Microsoft and Adobe

  3. Ballmer has done his job for Microsoft. Now he needs to take the reins of Samsung and execute the same plan all over again, and then over to Google. This man has a bright future.

  4. Every time I read an article about Microsoft/Baldyworld it strikes me as the world, or at least the idiotic fray that follow Microsoft, expects something more from this bargain basement garbage scowl. GIVE IT UP PEOPLE, there just isn’t anymore substance to be found with this company.

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