HBO mulls making HBO GO accessible to viewers without cable TV service

“HBO launched HBO GO in 2010 to let subscribers view its shows over the Internet on devices such as Apple Inc’s iPads,” Alistair Barr and Liana B. Baker report for Reuters. “The service has about 6.5 million registered users, compared with about 29 million for HBO’s main service.”

“However, HBO GO is only accessible for viewers who pay for cable TV service, plus an extra fee for HBO. This means monthly bills of $100 or more typically,” Barr and Baker report. “HBO’s Chief Executive Richard Plepler aid late Wednesday that HBO GO could be packaged with a monthly Internet service, in partnership with broadband providers, reducing the cost.”

Barr and Baker report, “Customers could pay $50 a month for their broadband Internet and an extra $10 or $15 for HBO to be packaged in with that service, for a total of $60 or $65 per month, Plepler explained. ‘We would have to make the math work,’ he added.”

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MacDailyNews Take: This sort of talk could bode well for Apple TV as well as the fabled “Apple iTV.”

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  1. Netflix. They’re all worried about Netflix. Doesn’t matter if it’s the greatest business plan, it’s growing consistently. And the cable companies and content providers are beginning to get their underwear in a twist. Good. Better for the consumers.

  2. It’s about TIME. Forcing its customers to subscribe to the antiquated cable TV method of streaming content is playing right into the hands of HBO’s competition. PLEASE make your service available so I can subscribe on my iPhone, iPad, and Mac!

  3. how about HBO and Apple negotiate a subscription through iTunes? Apple could reduce it’s 0 cut to 15 and HBO could charge 7.99-10.99 a month. then HBO via AppleTV would follow quickly. Apple could negotiate first rights for distribution for paid downloads of full seasons and individual episodes for the reduced cut initially for Go subscriptions. Go subscribers through iTunes could be offered future discounts for full season downloads and back-catalogue shows etc. Why can’t HBO talk to Hulu and get its head out of its ass? I’m tired of relying on a big-brother cable company for anything more than Internet. AND if mobile broadband continues to get better and the next gen tech (5G, LTE rev.2, whatever) can offer 50 Mbps down then I’ll pay whatever company can off that at $50-75 per month with no restrictions. THIS IS WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT!! The revolution may or may not be televised 😉

  4. I hope HBO makes this happen. HBO Go, Apple TV, NetFlix, and over the air Broadcast HDTV is what I would need to say goodbye to my cable company.

    If you think about it Cable TV sent us backwards about 10-20 years. It used to be that you bought a TV, plugged it in, and instantly got TV service. Wireless TV!, Wow!, it sounds so futuristic but it used to be commonplace.

    Today you need a physical coax cable to your TV and worse yet, a huge, ugly, and slow cable box that you need to pay a monthly rental fee on top of your cable service. Not to mention that cable TV used to mean no commercials. It’s just gotten bad on so many levels.

  5. YES!

    This would spell the END of the cable TV monopoly as we now know it.

    As an early cord cutter, I’ve been waiting for HBO and Showtime to make this happen.

    I’ll PAY!! I’ll PAY!! I’ll PAY!! I’ll PAY!! I’ll PAY!!

  6. I thought the people saw TV shows not channels.
    Isn’t this like the “albums” concept in music?
    I think we really want certain programs not the whole channel.
    Of course the record lab…uhhh I mean the Channels will say it is more expensive. But there are fillers, just watch History Channel, all the historical…I mean all the reality shows you would ever want to see

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