Beleaguered Nokia CEO Stephen Elop throws ’embarrassing’ Apple iPhone across floor (with video)

“Nokia CEO Stephen Elop thinks that Apple’s iPhone is embarrassing. So much so that he threw Finnish talk show host Hjallis Harkimo’s iPhone to the ground on live TV,” Alexandra Chang reports for Wired.

“Harkimo had Elop as a guest on his talk show Hjalliksen kanssa (which translates to With Hjallis) on Thursday. When the host brought up the rumored Nokia Lumia 928, asking when it would launch, Elop did as much as he could to avoid the question,” Chang reports. “At one point, Harkimo took out his iPhone. ‘Oh, how embarrassing!’ Elop remarked.”

MacDailyNews Take: Yeah, embarrassing for you, Flop.

Chang reports, “He took the iPhone out of Harkimo’s hand and threw it off camera. You can hear the sickening sound of phone hitting the ground. ‘There, it’s gone,’ Elop said laughing.”

MacDailyNews Take: Yup, gone – just like the 40,000+ Nokia employees axed since the beginning of Flop’s reign of abject incompetence. Old frogface makes Ballmer look like a business genius.

MacDailyNews Take: The stench of desperation reeks from every pore of the the world’s worst CEO, but at least throwing an inanimate device across the floor is better than Elop’s favorite move: Throwing tens of thousands of his employees overboard as he steams the SS Nokia straight for the iceberg.

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    1. He wanted to create a moment that would go viral and bring attention to his phone and with that move he succeeded, I’ve seen this video offered on a news headline more than just here at MDN. Will it create a huge wave of switchers over to his phones? Likely not.

  1. Well, first he playfully “tossed” it instead of “threw” it and it probably was okay on the rebound, but Harkimo obviously “wants” a Nokia instead of an iPhone. Maybe it’s a nationalist thing?

    Microsoft threw Nokia under the bus and Nokia still wants to continue with the Windows Platform OS. Wake up Nokia, wake up!

  2. The host should have picked it up and shown him that it still works even after the little temper tantrum of their national company’s eloping CEO.

    Bet it still works!

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