Yankee Group: Apple to gain additional U.S. smartphone share over Samsung in 2013

“Reiterating the lack of excitement surrounding Samsung’s ‘Broadway-style’ launch of the Galaxy S 4, Yankee Group research has stated Apple is likely to gain ownership share in U.S. smartphones this year,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider.

“‘While Samsung updated the internals and the software, the S IV is just another iteration on the Galaxy design to be slightly bigger, faster and with a few new apps,’ noted the firm’s VP of Research Carl Howe,” Dilger reports. “‘We fully expect the Galaxy S IV to be an excellent flagship phone for Samsung, but Yankee Group doesn’t see the S IV allowing Samsung to gain ground against Apple in the crucial U.S. market.'”

Dilger reports, “Based on data collected in the Yankee Group’s March 2013 US Consumer Survey, ‘only about 15 percent of consumers intend to buy a Samsung phone within the next six months, while 40 percent intend to buy Apple iPhones within that period,’ the firm reported.”

Much more in the full article – recommended – here.


    1. Remember when Tim Cook said that China will become a bigger market than the USA? China Mobile with 2/3rd of China’s mobile users that could not buy the iPhones, will be offering the iPhone later this year. It is easy to be the top dog when the better dog is blocked from that market. Samsung, iPhone coming soon to all the markets you are abusing with that knock off plastic crap!

    2. “Oh, oh, what happens when Apple releases the 5S?”

      Somebody will spot a tiny potential flaw and there will be an orchestrated feeding frenzy about it as though it was a significant problem. AAPL will take a hit.

      It’s part of the tradition for iPhone launches.

  1. I find it difficult to believe that the iPhone can gain market share over a half-dozen Samsung smartphones at every price point possible, with Samsung offering spiffs to salespeople and slashing prices with possible 2-fers if they get desperate enough. Samsung is basically going to flood the smartphone market and concede margins just to gain market share.

    Seriously, what can Apple possibly do to gain market share against Samsung? Apple isn’t going to make any concessions at all. I’m just looking at this realistically. I thought Wall Street had already concluded that those Chinese Android brands would be outselling the iPhone immensely at the low-end in the Chinese market, so exactly where does Apple gain market share. Google is still boasting about how many Android devices are registered daily. It must be around 10 million a day by now.

    1. Google is now claiming “Billions and billions…” of android “activations”. They are also claiming to have hired Carl Sagan as their new spokesperson, a claim only slightly more dubious than their “android activations” figures.


    2. Recent radio ad on KNBR ( SF area). Buy a Samsung SIII, get a second one free, plus $200 off purchase price plus, get a Samsung 10.1 tablet for only $199.00.

      (And, pay off the salespeople )

    3. Apple has already gained U.S. market share against Samsung by a large amount. Just not something you want to hear. A lot of people have taste in phones (geeks have none) and consider all the advantages and disadvantages and at the end of the day Android comes up wanting. Apple already covers from free on up in phones, what do you want? When iPhone 6 goes 5″ Android devastation will continue unabated. Fragmentation, huge malware issues and a weak ecosystem are not strong inducements either.

  2. The chart in the original article shows that twice as many people in the survey own iPhones than Samsung smartphones. That suggests to me that the sample is biased and that its conclusions can’t be generalized.

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