Why Apple traded in the red today

“Tuesday was a good day turned sour for Apple,” Meghan Foley reports for Wall St. Cheat Sheet. “The world’s largest tech company was off as much as 1.5 percent in afternoon trading after climbing as much as 2.7 percent on Monday.”

“In the absence of major catalysts, the surge seemed to be a function of optimistic speculation that Apple would increase its dividend in celebration of the one-year anniversary of its reinstatement,” Foley reports.

Here are several reasons why Apple is trading in the red:
• Apple’s dividend hike is looking increasingly unlikely
• The Starting of the smart-watch war
• Apple’s trouble in the EU

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  1. I can understand large shareholders seeing a benefit to a dividend, but as a small shareholder I would prefer Apple keep the flexibility their cash holding provides to create great new/updated products. I didn’t buy shares for an immediate piddling payout, but as a potentially growing savings account to cash in when I’m older.

  2. Apple was in the red today because it has been up the last three days and the market was exercising its ancient custom of profit taking. The fact that AAPL regained almost all the losses by closing is a positive sign. While there has been manipulation in the past, this was not one of those days.

  3. I don’t see how he can say a dividend hike “is looking increasingly unlikely.” Apple does things on its own timetable and could very well hike the dividend anytime. It has plenty of cash flow to do it without compromising its business efforts. As Tim Cook has said before, the company has a greater war chest than it needs, and that stockpile of cash keeps growing.

    1. I love that in just one day — and with no real insights or facts from anyone — we go from “dividend hike is a given” to “dividend hike is unlikely”.

    2. No one outside the company has a clue what Apple needs cash for or how much, but to assume that a company that lives and dies on innovation, taking big risks and buying up strategic assets in large volume has cash needs based on the current cost of business operations is so far beyond clueless and moronic that it deserves nothing but contempt and ridicule.

  4. just thought i’d work in all the underpaid, overworked assemblers of apple, samsung, et al products somewhere in this discussion/blog/website/interwebs/world consciousness

  5. Hmm… Ya didn’t notice that it was a down day on the markets? APPL was down almost exactly the same as the Nasdaq and S&P Composite Indexes. The markets closed with ARM, INTC, AMZN and CSCO all going lower than APPL. GOOG, FB, BBRY and MSFT were up but not as much as previous day ranges.

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