Woz’s former Los Gatos home can be yours for $4.395 million

“Down in Los Gatos, the former home of the other Steve of Apple – co-founder Steve Wozniak – is on the market for $4.395 million,” Jenny Pisillo blogs for The SF Gate.

“Designed and built for Wozniak in 1986, the architecture of the modern contemporary property reflect that of one with an aesthetic for the clean, Apple design,” Pisillo reports. “The 6 bedroom, 8 bath, 7,500 square foot home sits on 1.19 acres of prime Los Gatos property. A modern interior decor matches the contemporary exterior. Clean lines and graceful curves are integrated in the details inside the home. Wraparound terraces stare out upon lush green hillside views. There’s also an indoor/outdoor kids play area, koi pond and pool with waterfall.”

See the interior and exterior photos in the full article here.


    1. If it hadn’t been for Steve Jobs Woz would just be another obscure tech guy who probably never would have amassed the fame and fortune he did with Apple. Granted Jobs needed his expertise at the time, which really doesn’t extend far beyond a solder smoking circuit board. His way of amateur thinking about devices and marketing is not any better than most anal-cysts and unimaginative tech companies (now on the ropes), even though we treat him with affection for his contributions to Apple. Enjoy yourself Down Under Woz but let’s do it in silence and anonymity.

      1. Well, for me Wozzie was always number one – yes even greater than Jobs – prolly because Woz was the kinda guy that I looked up to in those days, he gave hope to us “sh*t ugly geeky nerds” that we could achieve something in life too.

        Woz could still become some kind of “front figure” for Apple, even I know he is not cut out to be a CEO/CFO/COO for Apple but perhaps a tailor made seat in the board?

      2. If it hadn’t been for Woz, Steve Jobs would’ve probably been selling cars somewhere. If it hadn’t been for Steve Jobs, Woz would have been working for someone else happy just to make a living. It was a mutually beneficial friendship. Although Woz never cheated Jobs out of any money. If they wouldn’t have stumbled onto each other there would’ve been no Apple. You should keep that in mind clueless.

    1. I mean I often see these homes with huge pricetags and wonder “What on earth justifies the price?” But not with that place. Goodness gracious, that’s a multi-million dollar mansion if I ever saw one.

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