How to use Siri Dictation and a Scroll trick to turn iBooks into audiobooks

“Even though the ability to use Siri to turn eBooks into audiobooks is a fantastic feature, it’s not a stock part of iOS and requires a little bit of fiddling with the Settings and this nifty scrolling trick,” Mark Hattersley reports for Macworld UK.

“Siri Dictation isn’t integrated directly with iBooks, but you can switch it on via the Accessibility settings,” Hattersley reports. “Few people know that it’s possible to use Siri Dictation to speak out the whole text from an iBook.”

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  1. nice! I have a online class, I have my book on my iPad and I have to read a lot of unnecessary shit! just did this (settings > Accessibility Settings > Speak Selection and/or Speak auto-text) and it works now I can listen and take notes

  2. You don’t need Siri for this. Text to speech does this already. Now, if you could get Siri to do this, then you could ask the intelligent questions before the exam.

  3. As some mentioned above, this entire article has nothing to do with Siri OR with Siri Dictation. It’s just the accessibility feature of iOS that existed before Siri.
    I tried to log in to post a comment on the article, but’s login feature appears to be broken right now.

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