Prominent Weibo users, Samsung spokesman paid to bash Apple

“Yesterday, CCTV, China’ state-run television network, ran an expose on Apple, generating to an outcry against the company on Weibo, a Chinese social media platform,” Liz Cater reports for Tea Leaf Nation. “News quickly broke, however, that CCTV had paid celebrities to post anti-Apple remarks. A slip up on the part of Peter Ho, a Taiwanese-American movie star and spokesperson for Samsung Galaxy, provided a glimpse behind the scenes.”

He posted: #315isLive# Wow, Apple has so many tricks in its after-sales services. As an Apple fan, I’m hurt. You think this would be acceptable to Steve Jobs? Or to those young people who sold their kidneys [to buy iPads]? It’s really true that big chains treat customers poorly. Post around 8:20.

“Ho was later updated his Weibo with a post claiming his phone had been stolen and that he hasn’t posted the previous message, but Weibo users had already noticed that he failed to delete the last sentence of the offending tweet, his instructions,” Carter reports. “Following this discovery, Weibo users began to copy and paste a comment onto 8:20 posts by Peter Ho, Mr. Liu, Zheng Yuanji, and other celebrities implicated:”

Everyone post this, if you post this it’ll be deleted: Tonight something big happened on Weibo: I’ve heard that CCTV asked several Weibo celebrities to post negative things about Apple around 8:20. As a result, Mr. Liu, Zheng Yuanjie, and their compatriots were outed by Peter Ho’s post at 8:20, so now Peter Ho is pretending his phone was stolen and someone posted on his Weibo, and deleting comments on his Weibo as fast as lightning. Tens of thousands of comments have been trimmed down to a couple thousand. It seems like it’s a race between Peter Ho and these commenters tonight.

More info and links in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Wholly unsurprising.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Steve” for the heads up.]


  1. Samsung, child labor brought to you by a convicted felon CEO the work of Apple shamelessly stolen and the hard work done in the US is shipped in dollars over to criminal nation Korea.

    1. China: Criminal Nation I can understand. It’s a communist hell hole that kills any options for personal incentives for creativity and benefits from one’s creativity.

      But WTF is going on in South Korea? It might as well be China Junior, for all the default criminal bad attitude toward the rest of the world. You’ve got a free country South Koreans! So you’re still a criminal culture? What is your PROBLEM?! Try COMPETING for a change!!! 😛

      1. Yes you are so right Derek. But I think what most people don’t realize is how despite what people may think the South Korean government and the North Korean government are actually quite similar in there behavior the government is very authoritarian and the county is not as free as it see,.

        A lot of the “criminal culture” sprouted from the crazy level of competition in the country. Corporate lying, cheating, bribery and espionage is common place here and expected. Korean education and culture kills of their creativity and incentives to innovate. Things like “losing face,” confucianism, and over reliance of standardized testing has created a lot of followers and yes men and people who generally to think about things critically.

        1. I sense a lot of importance being place upon APPEARANCE as well as the cultural expectation that beneath the appearance, everyone is crooked so why shouldn’t I benefit from crime as well. That’s a fracked up cultural problem. It’s interesting in that it kicks a big dent in my personal concepts about that fraud called ‘communism’ inspiring criminal behavior. If the culture to which it is applied is already inclined to be criminal, obviously the effect will be exaggerated.

          Time for some coffee and contemplation. People are a problem. 😉

          1. Your sense is spot on. Its all about “face.” Saving face, losing face etc. Another word you can use is “front.” Everyone in the culture puts up a front. We do too in the US and other countries but it is so much more extreme here in far East. People want to appear kind, appear thoughtful appear smart or appear to be good followers. Whether they are or aren’t just to maintain that appearance. We usually call these kind of people in the US “two-faced.” Here people will do almost anything to maintain that face/front. Lie, cheat, steal etc and thats where some of the problems come from.

            Just so I am clear to everyone I am not trying to say Koreans and Korea is a criminal culture But was mostly referring to Korean corporate(government) culture and behavior. However Most of their behaviors are a result of some facets of Korean culture. People taking advantage of the culture or hijacking it per se.

            1. As you’re pointing out, this is nothing specific to just Korea, or just Asia, or even just humanity. I expect it is something of an animal survival strategy. If someone is living at the level of worrying about their survival, I would think this behavior would be more prominent. But I can only speculate. I ain’t no expert.

  2. These criminals stole the life’s work of many american engineers. The media are a bunch of whores with no patriotism. They have turned against the american company , the innovator, the one who has done so much for education in this country. For what? For some korean criminal. If you are an american and support or own a samsung device u should be ashamed.

    1. Samsung has stolen nothing. Why do all of you fanboys keep blaming Samsung for stealing from Apple? What have they stolen?

      IT’S GOOGLE, NOT SAMSUNG. Samsung did not invent, create, nor distribute Android. Android is what is at the center here.

      I’m not defending Samsung on making “me too” hardware. But they’re just a third party hardware maker. Why not attack HTC, LG, and every other Android smartphone maker? Because that’s reality.

      I hate to say this, but imagine if Apple came out with eyetracking and touchless gestures on the next iPhone and that it gets a larger screen? Would all of you then blame Apple for copying Samsung? No, you wouldn’t, because you’re delusional fanboys.

      Apple never, ever invented the mobile operating system. It was invented in the 70s and 80s with PDAs. The grid of icons and applications on mobile devices that is. Had nothing to do with Apple. Then the Newton came out, and the Newton copied that look and feel and function of earlier PDAs. Then Palm came out with the Palm Pilot. iOS looks almost identical to the Palm OS.

      I love Apple but guys, this is getting ridiculous.

      1. Why not bash HTC? Because like Nokia, HTC already capitulated and signed a cross-licensing deal with Apple. Google, Motorola snd Samsing haven’t. Low sales numbers have made LG irrelevant. Besides, Samsung is copying everything — hardware designs, software, touch features, graphic icons, packaging. The hapless Koreans are being naive about this. If you’ve ever visited Korea, you know that the country idolizes everything about Western culture, and people there often are unable to recognize the sometimes subtle distinctions between good and bad Western art forms. Mimicry is embedded in the culture there and the resulting social disconnect is why Korean designers will never be able to crest great software interfaces for sophisticated Western audiences.

        Given the way Google set up the Android cabal, Apple had no choice but to sue the hardware vendors. On the books, Google makes no direct income from Android, but the hardware vendors do, making them the benefactors — and the required legal targets — of infringement actions.

        1. You typed a lot but you’re not saying anything.

          What specifically is Samsung guilty of right now? You claim that they copy Apple: what have they copied outside of what’s been in the trial? Their Galaxy S3 is nothing like the iPhone. It’s a completely unique design. There is no copying.

          Android vs. iOS? That’s another story, but even then, both Apple and Google can be accused of copying Palm and Nokia. Nokia had Symbian and an App store with large screen smartphones years before Apple had anything to do with smartphones.

          Wake up.

            1. It’s actually garble and I’m a North American white male that has a software company that develops software for iOS and OS X, you asshat.

              The difference between you and me is that I live in reality and am not delusional. You, however, are delusional because you’re a fanboy.

            2. So what software do you develop, I want to make sure I don’t purchase anything you design Mr.sfgh asshat, with that attitude failure is written all over you lying face, right boy!

              Really the difference is that you can’t hide your hate for Apple well enough to let that Fandroid slime spew out, I’m real surprise you didn’t boast about all the Apple gear you own and as such it can’t make you a Apple hater.

              What a joke.

      2. Being an old guy , I was actually alive in the 70’s and 80’s but I can’t for the life of me remember any of the PDA’s that you are referring to from that era .Please inform me about them . I bought my first Mac in 1984 and my first Newton in the 1990’s
        I got my first cell phone in 1985 but it certainly wasn’t a PDA and was about the size of a brick .
        Please relieve me of my suspense and tell me about the PDA’s of the 70″s

      3. -Samsung did have to use Android but they did.
        -Samsung didn’t have to change the icons to resemble the iOS icons but they did.
        -Samsung didn’t have to make their phones (GS1 & GS2) look like the iPhone but they did.
        -Samsung could have listened the use and many patented features but they didn’t. Even when Apple tried to offer them a deal to use the features they refused.
        -Samsung didn’t have to design head phones to look like Apples ear buds but they did.
        -Samsung didn’t have to design the box the phone to be of the same style as the iPhone but they did.
        -Samsung didnt have to use to the similar looking connecter on their Galaxy tab 10.1 to look like the iPad/iPod/Iphone connecter but they did.
        -Samsung didn’t have to use the same actor from Apples commercials in their commercials but they did.
        -Samsung didn’t have get the Korean government to delay the release of iphone in Korea but they did.

        Do you see a pattern here? Samsung consciously and deliberately made all of these choices to cash in on iPhones success.
        You say the GS3 looks different from the iphone. while that maybe true the GS3 could not have been developed if it not where for all the money Samsung got from selling a Samsung branded iPhone clone.
        If Apple does copy something it will mostly likely be by mistake not on purpose like Samsung. For example the ipad clock in iOS 6. They used a design that happened to be trademarked. Apple owned up to the mistake and made an agreement with the trademark holders. Was Samsung was made a similar offer they refused like a arrogant spoiled, stuck up child. Thats the best way to describe Samsung and everything it does as “childish.”

        Edward is that you?!?!

    2. Patriots in America? You gotta be kidding me. You hardly hear about any patriots in the news media. I doubt if any hedge fund manager is a patriot. The only flag they’re faithful to is a green flag with Benjamin Franklin on it. The way those analysts talk about bashing Apple and how it’s always going to be a losing company is closer to treason than patriotism. They’d just as soon support some South Korean country that’s barely the size of the state of Florida than promote one of America’s most premier companies.

      It’s rather retarded, but that’s how Americans are nowadays. These same people who think Apple should bring back jobs to America are supporting Samsung’s products. Does that seriously make any sense at all? American’s walking around waving the Samsung banner. What a sick joke. America’s foreign debt will only grow larger with that type of mentality from American citizens.

  3. The really interesting thing is to pick out the (likely samsung paid?) posters responding to the (original) article attempting to do damage control, saying there wasn’t enough proof, or that perhaps this was actually a complex plot by Apple to discredit samsung (no I am not kidding)
    Seem similar to the ridiculous statements & logic used by some here in the MDN feedback section. Mmmmm….. 😉

    1. And in case anyone needs an example of what I am talking about, (of attempted damage control for samsung using highly questionable facts and nonsensical logic) look at sfgh’s post just a few post up.

      Boycott Samedung!
      (which truthfully isn’t that hard considering that currently their products don’t stack up that well against their competitors anyway)

  4. I have 2 Samsung televisions. My washing machine just broke.
    I will not consider buying a Samsung product ever again.
    The behavior of this company is a disgrace.
    They have no honor. Embarrassment. Shame.

    1. We have almost eradicated our house of Samdung branded stuff. I must have diverted at least $5000 in the last year alone from what normally would have been Samsung products.

      If anyone at Bestbuy tries to show me stuff from Samsung I always say “No Samsung”. The look on their face….priceless.

    2. We almost can’t get American products in America, anymore. Nearly everything has been outsourced and foreign brands rule. The only good thing about it is there’s less pollution here in America now with most of the factories shut down. As large as China is they can support thousands of factories for a good number of years before they all end up sick and dying from carcinogenic-causing pollution due to unbridled electronics manufacturing. In that case, it’s better them than us. We’ve already had our share if it.

    1. There are different ways that stations with analysts are pressured in the USA. Not saying that the analysts are not directly manipulated (paid off), but I have watched TV commercials of products running on the same station that the analysts are pumping their stock for years now. Tell people to sell the stock and you will loose the advertising dollars. That is what happened with Blackberry (RIMM) ads and recommendations and MadMoney. It took forever for Jim Cramer to stop pumping RIMM on MadMoney.

  5. The really pathetic part is that these “celebrities” are too stupid (and/or lazy) to come up with their own anti-Apple post, so they need to sent the exact words to “post around 8:20.” Then, one is too stupid (and/or lazy) to leave off the “instructions.”

    Apple’s detractors around the world are truly pathetic…

  6. Samsung and anyone else involved in such smear campaigns should be responsible for the almost $300B of market cap loss that AAPL has suffered.

    I’m only half kidding.

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