Apple iPad controls driverless car

“Oxford University isn’t the only group working on an iPad-controlled car,” Kelly Hodgkins reports for TUAW. “As reported by Wired, a team of Russian hackers have also developed their own version of this Bond-inspired automobile.”

“The group took an old Opel Vectra and installed a handful of actuators and controllers in the car. These electronics connect wirelessly to an iPad that has custom software to pilot the automobile,” Hodgkins reports. “The new hardware effectively takes over the steering and the shifting, removing control of the car from the driver and putting it under the capable guidance of an iPad.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. Now, if there is an accident, Apple will be sued for millions because one of their devices was involved. It is amazing that someone has not initiated a claim against Apple for making devices that ‘forced’ them to text while driving.

      1. “feeling sorry for myself” ??? If you read my post, the only way you could make that conclusion is if you assume that I am Apple. Let me help you out here: I am not Apple and nor do I identify with Apple. Apple does get sued a lot for a lot of frivolous reasons because they have deep pockets if nothing else.

  2. It seems like their user interface is very non-intuitive because they are having a great deal of trouble to maneuver the car. They are controlling the turning with a virtual steering wheel rather than the accelerometer. I think it would work better if they sensed the rotation of the iPad and used that information to rotate the steering wheel while also counter rotating the camera view to keep the displayed image level.

  3. Try driving on the 5 or the 134 out here between Burbank and LA. 75% of the people might as well be using an iPad to drive because they’re not looking at the highway. It’s like a third world country. Sometimes I wish I had twin 40 mm Bofors mounted on the front of my car. Brrrrrrrrrt!

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